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Apple - Let's Talk IPhone : October 04, 2011

Introduction of the next iPhone, possibly the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S.
12:39 - Waiting for the event to start. Apple Japan has already slipped some launch details, but check our main news site if you want to see them; we'll avoid spoilers here.
12:43 - People are being let inside.
12:50 - Ralph de la Vega from AT&T is here, but Dan Hesse of Sprint isn't visible. Not surprising even if a Sprint iPhone is there, since he would be a giveaway.
12:55 - Playing Rolling Stones and other classic tracks; clearly Jobs' CEO exit hasn't affected the choice of music (Jobs is a fan of the Beatles and Rolling Stones).
12:59 - Apple's usual iPhone event crew is here: Eddy Cue, Bob Mansfield, Phil Schiller. Odds are Cook will only spend some time onstage.
1:02 - Tim Cook is on stage.
1:02 - Pleasure to host you today. "I love Apple," Cook says.
1:06 - Reminding us of the uniqueness of the innovations Apple has: OS, apps, services, hardware, and integration. iPod was unveiled at the town hall.
1:06 - [test post]
1:09 - Hong Kong store recap: largest in Asia. 100K visitors in opening weekend vs. 100K in LA in one month. More Macs on opening day than any other store. (Retail promo video starts)
1:10 - Our products are the core of what we do, and the momentum we have. Four product groups, Lion first up.
1:10 - [Note: our servers are under high strain, so please be kind and keep refreshes to a minimum!]
1:11 - Lion has been downloaded 6 million times so far. "Way ahead" of Snow Leopard. Took Windows 7 20 weeks to reach what Lion took in 2 to get install base.
1:12 - On the MacBook Air: customers love it, and our competitors are trying to copy it [referring to Intel's ultrabooks]. Just a part of our entire lineup of Macs, which are the best we've ever shipped.
1:12 - MacBook Pro and iMac are the number one bestselling notebook and desktop in the US. Mac outgrew the PC market by almost six times. "Incredible."
1:13 - Every quarter for the past 5 years, the Mac has outgrown the PC market. Almost 60 million users. At US retail, Macs are about a quarter of sales in the store.
1:13 - Those who followed Apple for awhile remember it wasn't long ago that it was in the mid-single digits [at retail]. Incredible ceiling here.
1:14 - Next: music. 10 years ago that the iPod launched. Revolutionized the whole music industry. Reminded us how much we loved music.
1:16 - iPod became the number one music player in the world. In the US, share has been above 70% for a long time. Sold 300m iPods around the world to date. In context: it took Sony 30 years to sell 230,000 Walkman cassette players. MP3 market is a "mature" market. Sold 45 million iPods in the last year ending in June. Almost half are still to those going to their first iPods.
1:17 - You cant talk about music without talking about iTunes. We started 8 years ago, we had 200k songs in our music library. We now have 100x that many at 20m songs. Its now the No.1 music store in the world, with over 16 billion song downloads.
1:18 - Two years ago they were still contending with Walmart and Target and Tower [records].
1:18 - iPhone: (why many of you are here today). iPhone 4 has sold over half of our total lifetime iPhones sold. Number one smartphone in the world.
1:19 - Momentum outpacing the industry. 93% of Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPhones. Rated #1 in every customer satisfaction ranking Cook can find.
1:20 - Numbers hard to imagine for any product. JDPower rated number 1. iPhone has 5% share of worldwide handsets. Could have shown much larger number if he just showed smartphones, but that's not how Apple looks at it.
1:20 - Over time, all phones will become smartphones. An "Enormous opportunity." More coming up on iPhone, Cook teases.
1:22 - iPad next: 95% satisfaction. Showing up everywhere. In schools, helping kids learn; every US state now has an iPad deployment or poilot. Not just classroom. Pilots are replacing 40 pound flight bags, making pilots more efficient, and planes more fuel efficient. Yes, that's true!
1:23 - 92% of Fortune 500 testing or deploying iPad. Less than 18 months. Passed 250 million iOS devices total.
1:24 - Scott Forstall up to recap iOS. Over 500,000 apps in the App Store. More than 140,000 are made for the iPad.
1:25 - More than 18 billion downloads Paid out over $3 billion to developers. Download rate is accelerating. More than 1b per month.
1:27 - New iOS app: Cards. Make "beautiful" cards from your iPhone or iPod touch. Print it on 100% cotton paper. Print it and mail it; you get a push notification when it's delivered through the USPS. Apple-made postage on it, even. $2.99 in the US, $4.99 outside. In the App Store October 12.
1:29 - iOS 5 recap now. Over 100,000 developers that "love it." Can't wait to get it everyone else's hands. 200 features, but 10 shown here. Notifications, iMessage leading off.
1:32 - Reminders. Twitter integration -- CEO Dick Costolo is in the room. Many built-in apps will have it. Photos, websites, videos, locations. Newsstand for background downloading of publications. Camera updates: home screen shortcut and HDR.
1:33 - Grid lines, autoexposure, on-device editing with cropping, rotating, and red-eye removal. [Again, mostly recapping here]
1:34 - Game Center: a "huge hit" with 67 million users signed up. Adding achievement points, photos, and friend recommendations. Safari: Reader [from the desktop] so it's formatted to fit perfectly. Tabbed browsing.
1:36 - PC-free: We have a lot of customers who want to use an iPad or iPhone as their only device. Now you can. Wrapping up.
1:37 - iOS 5 is a free update that ships October 12. Developers get the gold master today.
1:38 - Eddy Cue up to talk iCloud. Over a third of content is bought on iOS devices. Keeping it in sync can be frustrating, he says.
1:40 - iTunes in the Cloud recap: download songs, books, etc. again. Photo Stream: photo syncing between iPhoto and devices [1,000 most recent photos plus albums].
1:42 - Backups of iOS devices, restored right from iCloud. Contacts, calendars, mail, and an ad-free mail account. Find My iPhone.
1:45 - Family and Friends: you can find out where your family is [sounds like Google Latitude]. Set location sharing blocks of time: at the end of the day, location sharing stops automatically. Easily locate friends and family. Temporary sharing options for friends. Simple privacy controls and parental restrictions.
1:47 - iTunes Match recap: scans and matches songs. Upload what they don't find, and stream it out. [note: may just be downloads]
1:47 - iCloud goes live October 12, same as iOS 5. iTunes Match live at the end of the month in the US.
1:48 - Phil Schiller up to talk about the iPod. Started the iPod simply because we love music. We still love music, and we're still making great iPods.
1:48 - Two iPod updates today. First, iPod nano.
1:49 - New multi-touch dipslay that's even easier to navigate, with bigger icons.
1:51 - New Nike+ fitness experience: right out of the box, you can go on a walk or a run without adding sensors or devices. [sounds like more advanced pedometer or more] 16 new clock faces for those who like it. 7 colors, 8GB for $129 and 16GB for $149. Available today.
1:52 - New iPod touch. Our most popular iPod, and it's incredible. Not only the most popular music player in the world, but were excited to announce its now also the most popular portable game player in the world. [Apple just stomped Nintendo and Sony]
1:54 - iOS 5 on them. New white model. 8GB now down to $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. Available October 12.
1:55 - Now finally talking iPhone. It's a "breakthrough device."
1:55 - How do you follow up a hit product like the iPhone 4? The iPhone 4S. Looks just like it with the Retina Display, but inside it's all new. The A5 chip is now making its way into the iPhone.
1:56 - 2X faster in CPU tasks. 7X faster graphics than in the iPhone. One area you really see it scream is in games.
1:56 - Mike Capp from Epic Games [Infinity Blade] up for a demo. Showing Infinity Blade 2.
1:59 - Reflections, self-shadowing and other much more intense details.
2:00 - Will only run that way on iPhone 4S. Schiller returns. Infinity Blade 2 hits December 1.
2:02 - You'd think that you'd sacrifice battery life. No, it's gone up. Increased to 8 hours of 3G talk. "Fantastic battery life." New wireless system: "worked really hard to advance the state of the art thats never been done in a phone before. It can now intelligently switch between two antennas, between send and receive, to make even better call quality."
2:02 - Data is now up to twice as fast. Used to be 5.8Mbps up and 7.2Mbps down, now doubles to almost 14.4Mbps down. [Note: this is regular HSPA, but many carriers call this 4G]
2:03 - This is what our competitors call 4G, Schiller says. The iPhone 4S is just as fast as all of these phones, we think it's even faster with our updates.
2:03 - Also: it's a world phone. Dual-mode GSM and CDMA.
2:04 - [Note: 14 hours of 2G, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 9 hours on Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video, 40 hours music]
2:05 - Camera system: now an eight-megapixel sensor. "All-new camera." Already surpassed every other camera out there on photo sites. Set our sights on competing with many great point and shoot cameras.
2:06 - CMOS, backside-illuminated sensor. Gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4, and a third faster. High-end IR filter for greater accuracy and more color uniformity.
2:07 - Amazing lens system with five lens elements. Now a wide f2.4 [aperture]. Compared to most point and shoots, we can let in a lot of light.
2:08 - Apple-designed imaging engine, which allows for face detection and auto white balance. Chip takes "super fast" photos.
2:09 - iPhone 4S takes 0.5 seconds to get to a shot. Rivals take 2-3X longer. "What do Droid Bionic customers have to do between taking pictures? Get coffee?"
2:10 - Showing photo examples. Next: video capture. Take stunning HD video, and for the first time [on an iPhone], 1080p video.
2:10 - Real-time image stabilization, real-time temporal noise reduction. Video demo goes up.
2:12 - [Clarification: 1.1 seconds to first photo, 0.5 seconds shot to shot]
2:13 - Quick talk of AirPlay mirroring [enabled because it has the A5 chip]. Recapping features.
2:13 - We left one thing out. It's a feature all about our voice.
2:14 - For decades, technologists have teased us with this dream that we can talk to our technology. But its never come true! Its such a letdown! What we really want to do is just talk to our device.
2:15 - Siri: the intelligent assistant to get things done just by asking. Demo going up.
2:16 - "What's the weather like today?" Schiller asks. Siri gives a forecast using natural language.
2:17 - Speaks back the answer. [very Star Trek-like]
2:19 - What's the time in Paris? Wake me up tomorrow at 6AM. Find me a great Greek restaurant in Palo Alto. Responds back with "I've found five Greek restaurants, and Ive sorted them by rating."
2:20 - Scott says he's been in AI a long time. "This blows me away," he says.
2:20 - You can get text messages in your notification queue read back to you through your Bluetooth headset without having to take the phone out of your pocket.
2:21 - [Other examples: do I need to wear a raincoat? Siri responds that it "looks like it will rain today."]
2:22 - Scott sets up a meeting with Phil on Friday, solely through voice. Just checked the calendar, scheduled a meeting and had it all read back.
2:25 - Instant Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha searches. To define a word, it's as easy as asking Siri. He asks "Define 'mitosis.'" Siri gives the results. How many days are there until Christmas? "82 days." Get shopping, Forstall jokes.
2:26 - Use it to play music; it shows a list of recent actions. "How do I get home?" Is one of them.
2:28 - Compose and dictate e-mail right in Siri. Set timers. Look up contacts, create notes, search the web, search Wikipedia. Who's Siri? Just ask: "I am a humble personal assistant."
2:29 - Phil returns. The coolest feature of the iPhone 4S. Siri does dictation. If you see a keyboard, you'll see a microphone. Talk to Siri, tap "done," and in the "blink of an eye" it comes back with your text. Speak with your natural language. [note: dictation is in Android 2.2 and up, but not as advanced]
2:30 - Recap of features. Works over 3G and Wi-Fi. Now you understand all the great new stuff inside the iPhone 4S. A5, new antenna system, new optics, HD video, and Siri. Playing a video to show the new features.
2:33 - Demo shows a woman finding Italian restaurants on North Beach. Booking meetings while you run. If you try to book a meeting while there's a conflict, it will move the new booking.
2:33 - Talks the tech of the phone: the dual-core A5, the new camera.
2:34 - [Note: while this is playing, Siri used to need Internet connections, and that's probably still true here given the 3G + Wi-Fi mention]
2:36 - Black and white, 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399. 8GB iPhone 4 will sell for $99. iPhone 3GS with 8GB will be available for free on contract. Pre-orders October 7, release on October 14.
2:36 - For the first time, coming to Sprint.
2:37 - Oct 14 launch includes US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan. 22 more countries by Oct 28. 70 countries by the end of the year.
2:38 - Fastest iPhone rollout we've ever had. Recapping what's been announced today. What sets them apart and puts them "way out front" is how they're engineered to work together so well.
2:44 - Tim Cook wraps up -- no "one more thing," though Siri could arguably be it. Launching in beta.

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