Calendars 5, NHL GameCenter, Cycloramic Pro

updated 12:52 pm EST, Mon February 3, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Calendars 5 5.3.1 ($7) - Calendars 5 is a mobile calendar app that features a built-in task manager for tracking a list of things that need to get done. Natural language input can be used to quickly enter tasks and events, while syncing functionality can keep calendars aligned across multiple devices. The latest release addresses several minor bugs. [Download - 21.5MB]

NHL GameCenter 4.0.121 (free) - NHL Game Center provides users with all of the necessary information needed for tracking the hockey league’s season. Live scores and stats are provided for every team and player, while subscribers can access live radio and video streams for all games. This release adds new information for the upcoming Olympics, allowing users to follow all of the tournament news, hockey team rosters, schedules, and stat leaders from within the app. [Download - 26.4MB]

Cycloramic Pro 4.6 ($2) - Cycloramic Pro is a photography app that can be used to create panoramic images on an iPhone. The app includes a guided mode for quickly creating images on an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, or 5C, while the 5S and 5C also receive an additional handsfree mode. When using the handsfree mode users simply need to place their device on a flat surface and hit go. The phone will then automatically rotate 360 degrees while taking multiple pictures. New to v4.6 are several additional language translations, as well as optimizations to memory usage. Several minor bugs have also been resolved. [Download - 26.3MB]

Infinity Blade III 1.2.1 ($7) - Infinity Blade III is the third entry in a series of popular battle games built on the Unreal Engine 3 codebase. All battles are performed via a series of gesture controls, while navigation is performed by tapping to move around the world. Along with various bug fixes and optimizations, the v1.2.1 update also adds some new customer care features. [Download - 1.8MB]

GoodNotes 4.0.5 ($6) - GoodNotes allows users to create and store handwritten notes on an iPad. Plain, ruled, graph, and music paper layouts are all included in the app, along with ten colored pens, five highlighters, an eraser, and lasso tool. Version 4.5 adds an image export option, integration with the palm rejection function from the Adonit’s Jot SDK, and stability improvements. [Download - 33.7MB]

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