GoodNotes, Blek, Meetup

updated 12:16 pm EST, Tue January 14, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

GoodNotes 4.0.3 ($5) - GoodNotes allows users to create and store handwritten notes on an iPad. Plain, ruled, graph, and music paper layouts are all included in the app, along with ten colored pens, five highlighters, an eraser, and lasso tool. The update includes several minor interface improvements, reduced photo files sizes, and various bug fixes. [Download - 33.6MB]

Blek 1.1 ($3) - Blek is a puzzle game where players must create a line that collects colored circles, while simultaneously avoiding black holes. Created lines follow a repeating path based on the players original gesture. Version 1.1 is now a Universal App that can be played on any iOS device. Level designs differ between the iPad and iPhone, therefore progress will not sync across multiple devices. [Download - 24.8MB]

Meetup 4.0.1 (free) - Meetup helps users to find local community groups, including running groups, book clubs, photography groups, and more. The v4.0.1 update has improved scroll behaviour when viewing Meetups lists, as well as fixed a bug where past Meetups still displayed on the upcoming list. Various crashes related to editing interests from a profile have also been addressed. [Download - 10.8MB]

Instapaper 5.1.3 ($4) - Instapaper is a tool for saving web pages for later offline reading. Optimized for readability on iOS devices, the software saves most webpages as text only and includes options for changing fonts, text sizes, line spacing, and margins. The latest release offers automatic fullscreen for pagination, along with swipe and tap page navigation for iBooks-style pagination. [Download - 18MB]

Hipjot 2.11 ($2) - Hipjot is a note taking app that features a unique keyboard. With Hipjot’s keyboard, notes can be entered by sliding a finger across multiple letters instead of having to press individual keys. A bug that prevented some users from creating notes has been resolved in this release. [Download - 11.1MB]

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