AirMusic, Plants vs. Zombies HD, SlowCam

updated 10:25 am EDT, Thu October 3, 2013 | Posted in iPhone Apps

AirMusic 2.0 ($3) - AirMusic can be used to steam music over WiFi to an Xbox, PS3, or any compatible DLNA device. Version 2.0 has been completely rewritten for iOS 7 and offers true background support. A real-time visualizer is also now displayed when using the microphone input. [Download - 4.1MB]

Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.9.7 ($1) - Plants vs. Zombies is a spin on tower defence style games where players must defend their home from invading zombies. The game includes 50 levels spread across a number of environments, as well as 49 different plants to use against the oncoming zombie hordes. The latest release has been optimized for the newest iOS devices and includes a number of small tweaks to improve stability. [Download - 154MB]

SlowCam 1.1 ($2) - SlowCam is a video capture app that brings slow motion video to older iOS devices. While the result will depends on the device's camera capabilities, the app can apply a slow motion effect by simply tapping and holding a "Slow Motion" button while recording. The v1.1 update adds iPad support, 60FPS on the iPad mini, and 30FPS on all other iPads, as well as a number of bug fixes. A new option that users toggle the slow motion button between tap to start or tap and hold has also been added. [Download - 0.8MB]

Terraria 1.0.1 ($5) - Terraria is an iOS port of the full desktop game that features exploration, crafting, construction and combat. The game includes more than 25 block types that can be used to create various weapons, armor, and buildings, as well as more than 75 monsters to battle and 5 bosses. A number of critical bugs that prevented users from getting past the main menu have been fixed in this update. [Download - 37.4MB]

Amplitube 3.1.1 ($20) - Amplitube is a guitar amp modelling app that can be used to play, practice, and record. The software includes a built-in four track recorder, as well as a variety of amp models and effects for capturing different tones. This minor update solves a number of reliability problems. [Download - 261MB]

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