City Maps 2Go, Camera+, Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD

updated 12:11 pm EDT, Thu August 1, 2013 | Posted in iPhone Apps

City Maps 2Go 5.0 ($3) - City Maps 2Go is a navigation tool that includes 6,700 interactive maps for around the world that can all be stored locally on the device. Version 5.0 is a major update that offers improved maps, faster searches, and better overall performance. The new map style is cleaner and easier to read than previous versions, while the updated search engine allows users to find POI categories and results with a different type order. [Download - 21MB]

Camera+ 3.9.1 ($1) - Camera+ builds on the default camera app by adding extra shooting features, editing options, and photo filters. Within the app users can set the exposure separately from the focus, as well as use a horizon level to eliminate crooked shots. The v3.9.1 update fixes an issue where iCloud wouldn't work for some users. [Download - 36.9MB]

Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD 1.2 ($5) - Kingdom Rush Frontiers builds upon the original tactical defence game though the addition of new towers, levels, and heroes. Three new stages with naval battles, pirates, parrots and sunken temples are included in this update, along with six brand new enemies and an additional boss fight. Additionally, two new heroes, Kutsao the monk and Karkinos the general, are also included. [Download - 324MB]

SoundHound Infinity 5.3 ($7) - SoundHound Infinity is a music recognition tool that can identify songs by listening to them for a few seconds. After identifying a song the app provides users with the song title, artist, lyrics, and a link to purchase the song in iTunes. New to v5.3 is a Music Map feature that lets users see what other SoundHound users have identified near a user's location and around the world. Also new is a tending list, and the ability to access search history across devices with a SoundHound account. [Download - 11.1MB]

Words With Friends 6.21 ($2) - Words With Friends is the iPhone version of Zynga's popular social word puzzle game. In the game players take turns placing lettered tiles onto a game board in order to create words and score points. A number of minor improvements have been made to enhance the overall app experience. [Download - 27.7MB]

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