AfterLight, LINE, Cut the Rope HD

updated 10:47 am EDT, Tue July 30, 2013 | Posted in iPhone Apps

AfterLight 1.9 ($1) - AfterLight is a photography app that includes a number of filters and effects for editing images on iOS devices. Version 1.9 is now a Universal app with full support for the iPhone and iPad. In addition, a number of small changes have also been made to improve the apps sliders. [Download - 34.9MB]

LINE 3.8 (free) - LINE is a mobile messaging client for iOS devices that allows users to send messages and make free voice calls to other users. The v3.8 update introduces a new Brown theme, as well as new Emoji featuring LINE characters and other emoticons. Additionally, a new feature to download all stickers used on a previous device has been added. [Download - 26.9MB]

Cut the Rope HD 2.3 ($4) - Cut the Rope is the iPhone version of Chillingo's popular puzzle game where players attempt to feed Om Nom candy. The game includes 350 levels that are broken down into 14 boxes, each with its own theme and gameplay elements. Version 2.3 introduces a new series of levels dubbed the Cheese Box. These levels introduce a new character, the mouse, who will drag candy from hole to hole, forcing players to use agility to collect the candy for Om Nom. [Download - 117MB]

OmniFocus for iPhone 1.16.2 ($20) - OmniFocus is a task management tool that can help users stay organized. The software allows users to build to-do lists directly on their handheld and sync them with the OmniFocus desktop application. This minor update prevents misconfigured servers from downgrading the security of a connection. [Download - 16.2MB]

Airbnb 2.6 (free) - Airbnb is a community market place that can help users find space to rent around the world. On top of finding spaces to rent, users can also list their own locations and earn money by renting out the space. A number of stability tweaks are included with this update. [Download - 32.7MB]


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