Find My Friends, iBooks, Virtual Human Body

updated 01:00 am EDT, Tue October 30, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Find My Friends 2.0.1 (Free) - Apple's Find My Friends has been updated to version 2.0.1, which lets users and consenting friends or family track each other. The new version is mostly a cosmetic change, simply moving "temporary" friends and their notifications to be simply listed under "Followers" in the "Me" tab. [Download - 19.8MB]

iBooks 3.0.1 (Free) - The popular iBooks app has received a minor and free update, simply to fix a crashing bug revealed in version 3.0, released last week. The e-book reading and purchasing app incorporated iCloud sync, vertical scrolling, expanded sharing options and much more in its previous version [Download - 41MB]

Virtual Human Body 1.4 ($5) - QA International have updated the dynamic medial exploratory app Virtual Human Body to support compatibility with iPhone and iPod Touch devices rather than exclusively being iPad-only. The program illustrates in high-resolution images the various layers of the human body, including muscles, bones and organs. [Download - 196MB]

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