Fieldrunners 2 HD, Totem Runner, iBank for iPad

updated 10:03 am EDT, Thu October 25, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Fieldrunners 2 HD 1.2 ($8) - Fieldrunners 2 HD is a tower defence game where players must defend their world from invasion. Over 25 levels that span across grass fields, deserts, and cities are included, as well as 25 unique, upgradable weapons. Version 1.2 includes a new Halloween themed tower that breathes fire on enemies. Loading times have also been reduced by up to 30 percent and many bugs have been fixed. [Download - 323MB]

Totem Runner 1.1 ($1) - In Totem Runner players take on the role of a shapeshifting hero that can transform between a human, rhinoceros, and hawk at will. The game's story is broken down into five chapters that challenge players to restore peace to the world and relight the stars in the sky. [Download - 63.8MB]

iBank for iPad 1.1.1 ($15) - iBank for iPad is a financial analysis tool for the iPad. Within the app users can manage various bank accounts and sort transactions into different expense groups. Support for monitoring stocks and other financial investments is also included. The v1.1.1 release includes numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements. [Download - 18.8MB]

Wizardlings 1.0 (free) - Wizardlings is an RPG game where players must defeat a dark curse that has overcome Skyland. The game includes 56 unique landscapes to explore, as well as many magical ingredients and treasures to collect. Players can also learn up to 50 spells to help them along on their adventure. [Download - 44MB]

Camera Awesome 1.1.1 (free) - Camera Awesome is an alternative camera app. The software includes direct sharing to a number of social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as a host of photo filters designed by a professional photographer. Version 1.1.1 adds native iPad support, as well as support for Facebook single sign-on in iOS 6. [Download - 46.1MB]

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