Delivery Status, Ticket to Ride, Espresso for Google Reader

updated 03:47 pm EDT, Fri October 19, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Delivery Status Touch 4.8 ($5) - Delivery Status touch is a tool for tracking packages from more than 30 major shipping services. Version 4.8 includes support for DPD UK and TNT Express Australia, as well as improved support for FedEx and Canada Post. Users can also now pull down on a list of deliveries to manually sync and update the status. [Download - 4.3MB]

Ticket to Ride 1.4.1 ($7) - Ticket to Ride is a digital version of Days of Wonder's train building board game. In the game players attempt to connect cities with various train routes, while competing for the same tracks as opponents. To celebrate Halloween, the latest release includes Halloween-themed screens, music, and sounds, as well as two new achievements. Native Facebook sharing support is also included, along with a new Settings panel for managing accounts. [Download - 141MB]

Espresso for Google Reader 1.0 ($1) - Espresso is a Google Reader app that presents all of a user's subscriptions and feeds in a simple interface. Users can swipe through pages to access all of the current articles, as well as blacklist anything that they no longer wish to see in their feed. In addition, support for sharing articles via e-mail, Messages, Twitter, and Facebook. [Download - 2.8MB]

Puffin Web Browser 2.3.2 ($3) - Puffin Web Browser is an alternative mobile browser that performs all processing on the company's servers. Because content is processed before being delivered to the device, Puffin can include Flash content as well as prevent any mobile restricts imposed by some sites. The v2.3.2 update lets users open an unlimited number of tabs and introduces a new cover-flow style tab switch to the iPhone version. App stability has also been improved. [Download - 8.7MB]

HDR3 1.0 ($2) - HDR3 is a photography app that automatically captures and combines three images when the shutter is fired. An HDR algorithm is then used to blend the photos, while avoiding the creating of halos and unnatural spots. Users are given control over saturation, temperature, sharpness, brightness, and contrast, and final images are saved at the camera's full resolution. [Download - 12.9MB]


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