Star Walk, ArtStudio for iPad, Meeting Book

updated 12:44 pm EDT, Tue September 4, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Star Walk 6.0 ($3) - Star Walk is an augmented reality astronomy guide that labels all the stars, constellations, and satellites that a user points their iPhone at. The latest release includes brand new visual effects, and rebuilt info displays that provide users with short facts, orbital and physical characteristics, planetary structure and more. An updated gallery for Picture of the Day is also included, along with a new Sharing button. [Download - 175MB]

ArtStudio for iPad 4.2 ($5) - ArtStudio is a sketching, painting, and photo editing tool that has been optimized for the iPad's display and touch controls. Version 4.2 offers new guidelines and grid options, as well as 160 new brushes and 12 additional color swatches. Opacity and spacing sliders have also been added to the smudge tool, and a number of bugs have been resolved. [Download - 18.9MB]

Meeting Book 2.1 (free) - Meeting Book allows users to import a set of PDF documents and share them with others during a meeting. The v2.1 update is now free for anyone who is invited to a meeting, while the ability to create meetings has been changed to a $5 in-app purchase. The update also features a new meeting library that lets users browse through all of the documents needed for a meeting, as well as an improved PDF viewer. [Download - 7.2MB]

Rush!Bomber 1.0 ($2) - Rush!Bomber is an adventure game where players must attempt to collect as many caps as possible while exploring a fantasy world. Players are armed with bombs that can be used to both attack a variety of enemies, and to blow up crates containing power-ups. Players can also use collected caps to buy upgrades and improve skills. [Download - 72.8MB]

The Tiny Bang Theory 1.1 ($2) - Tiny Planet is a game that takes place on a planet that was recently struck by a meteor. Players must repair a variety of machines and mechanisms, as well as solve puzzles in each of the game's five chapters in order to restore Tiny Planet. The game's graphics have been drawn entirely by hand, and the story is told without the use of any text. [Download - 164MB]


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