Soundhound, Mr. Reader, Intro Thing

updated 08:52 am EDT, Mon August 27, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Soundhound 5.1 ($7) - Soundhound 5.1 is an updated version of the music recognition and discovery app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The upgrade offers new content and easier access to free songs from homescreen slides, along with a Classic-mode home screen option, and improved graphics and overall stability. [Download - 8.9MB]

Mr. Reader 1.10 ($4) - An updated 1.10 version of Mr. Reader, the RSS news reader for iPad, is now available on the App Store. Features of the update include support for Google Chrome, a new Article View, and the ability to send links by “Message”. Additionally, the upgrade provides various performance improvements and VoiceOver support. [Download - 5.5MB]

Intro Thing 1.0 ($1) - Intro Thing for the iPhone/iPad combines filmed motion, freeze frames, and music to create unique character introduction videos. The program comes with three intro styles to choose from, with more available to download within the app, as well as four custom music tracks composed by the company. [Download - 16.8MB]

Dwarf Quest 1.0 ($1) - Available for a limited time price of $1, Dwarf Quest is a new dungeon crawler where players take control the proud dwarven warrior Morrin Firebeard. The game provides fast-paced, turn-based combat, multiple Battle Cards that can be used to boost skills, and a total of nine levels to fight through. [Download - 137MB]

My Clock Station Pro 2.1.1 (free) - Game Scorpion has released a new version of its fully-featured clock app for iOS devices, My Clock Station Pro 2.1.1. With this update comes a new sound therapy item called Intimate Guitar, and a new theme known as Turquoise. The upgrade also adds a “Dimmer”, and fixes several font issues. [Download - 26.1MB]

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