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updated 09:12 am EDT, Fri August 24, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Facebook 5.0 (free) - Facebook has launched a major upgrade to its flagship social app for iOS devices, Facebook 5.0. The new version has been completely rebuilt to improve speed, and includes instant access to notifications, faster scrolling through news feeds, and a new banner for accessing stories quickly. [Download - 7.3MB]

Polamatic 2.0 ($1) - An updated 2.0 version of Polamatic, the photography app that creates Polaroid style pictures, is now available for download. Features of the update include a new Calligraphy Fonts Pack through in-app-purchase, user-interface improvements, and the ability to output images at a high 1050 x 1275 resolution. [Download - 29.9MB]

Cut the Rope 1.9 ($1) - Continue testing your puzzle-solving skills with the latest 1.9 version of Cut the Rope. The updated iPhone and iPad game now includes new superpowers that enable players to move candy around the screen, along with a new Spooky Box that provides 25 more levels to play through. [Download - 22.5MB]

Eufloria HD 1.1.0 ($5) - Eufloria HD is a strategy game where players conquer asteroids in space, and use their resources to grow creatures to do their bidding. The latest 1.1.0 version adds a wide range of improvements and bug fixes, as well as an option to view achievements, and both iCloud and iPad Retina support. [Download - 137MB]

Catan 3.0 ($5) - United Soft Media has announced Catan 3.0, a major upgrade to its strategy game for iOS devices. With this update comes the Cities and Knights expansion, which is available as a a free lite version, or a full version through in-app purchase. Additionally, multiple performance improvements are also included. [Download - 67.1MB]

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