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Cardiio, Hurricane, Dynamite Jack

updated 09:08 am EDT, Fri August 10, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Cardiio 1.0 ($5) - Cardiio transforms your iPhone or iPad into an accurate, touch-free heart monitor. The app is designed to analyze light reflected off a person's face using the devices front camera, and uses that information to measure the pulse. Additionally, users receive a fitness level rating based on their heart rate. [Download - 8.8MB]

Hurricane 1.0 (free) - Hurricane by American Red Cross helps iPhone and iPad users prepare for severe weather conditions by monitoring nearby storms and providing step-by-step instructions on what to do during emergencies. Users can also gain access to the location of open Red Cross shelters in their area. [Download - 7.3MB]

Dynamite Jack 1.0.19 ($3) - Hassey Enterprises has introduced Dynamite Jack 1.0.19, an upgrade to its action-adventure game for iOS devices. Features of the update range from full iPhone and iPod touch support, to improved performance. The new version also offers a decreased download size and multiple bug fixes. [Download - 45.9MB]

Kingdoms & Lords 1.0 (free) - Kingdoms & Lords is a new medieval sim and strategy game where players must raise an army and defeat the Dark King. Throughout the game players can expand lands, cultivate crops, and train various types of soldiers, all the while advancing their economy and unlocking new capabilities.A new 3.0 version of Deer Hunter Reloaded, the first-person hunting sim for iPhone/iPad, is now available from the App Store. The latest release features a Night mode where players use infrared vision to find animals, along with three new weapons, three new animals, and the ability to now use melee attacks. [Download - 39.5MB]

Deer Hunter Reloaded 3.0 (free) - A new 3.0 version of Deer Hunter Reloaded, the first-person hunting sim for iPhone/iPad, is now available from the App Store. The latest release features a Night mode where players use infrared vision to find animals, along with three new weapons, three new animals, and the ability to now use melee attacks. [Download - 240MB]

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Cirrus creates Lightning-headphone dev kit

Apple supplier Cirrus Logic has introduced a MFi-compliant new development kit for companies interested in using Cirrus' chips to create Lightning-based headphones, which -- regardless of whether rumors about Apple dropping the analog headphone jack in its iPhone this fall -- can offer advantages to music-loving iOS device users. The kit mentions some of the advantages of an all-digital headset or headphone connector, including higher-bitrate support, a more customizable experience, and support for power and data transfer into headphone hardware. Several companies already make Lightning headphones, and Apple has supported the concept since June 2014.

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Apple Store app offers Procreate Pocket

The Apple Store app for iPhone, which periodically rewards users with free app gifts, is now offering the iPhone "Pocket" version of drawing app Procreate for those who have the free Apple Store app until July 28. Users who have redeemed the offer by navigating to the "Stores" tab of the app and swiping past the "iPhone Upgrade Program" banner to the "Procreate" banner have noted that only the limited Pocket (iPhone) version of the app is available free, even if the Apple Store app is installed and the offer redeemed on an iPad. The Pocket version currently sells for $3 on the iOS App Store. [32.4MB]


Porsche adds CarPlay to 2017 Panamera

Porsche has added a fifth model of vehicle to its CarPlay-supported lineup, announcing that the 2017 Panamera -- which will arrive in the US in January -- will include Apple's infotainment technology, and be seen on a giant 12.3-inch touchscreen as part of an all-new Porsche Communication Management system. The luxury sedan starts at $99,900 for the 4S model, and scales up to the Panamera Turbo, which sells for $146,900. Other vehicles that currently support CarPlay include the 2016 911 and the 2017 models of Macan, 718 Boxster, and 718 Cayman. The company did not mention support for Google's corresponding Android Auto in its announcement.

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Apple employees testing wheelchair features

New features included in the forthcoming watchOS 3 are being tested by Apple retail store employees, including a new activity-tracking feature that has been designed with wheelchair users in mind. The move is slightly unusual in that, while retail employees have previously been used to test pre-release versions of OS X and iOS, this marks the first time they've been included in the otherwise developer-only watchOS betas. The company is said to have gone to great lengths to modify the activity tracker for wheelchair users, including changing the "time to stand" notification to "time to roll" and including two wheelchair-centric workout apps.

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SanDisk reveals two 256GB microSDXC cards

SanDisk has introduced two 256GB microSDXC cards. Arriving in August for $150, the Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Premium Edition card offers transfer speeds of up to 95MB/s for reading data. The Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card can read at a fast 100MB/s and write at up to 90MB/s, and will be shipping sometime in the fourth quarter for $200.

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Apple's third-quarter results due July 26

Apple has advised it will be issuing its third-quarter results on July 26, with a conference call to answer investor and analyst queries about the earnings set to take place later that day. The stream of the call will go live at 2pm PT (5pm ET) via Apple's investor site, with the results themselves expected to be released roughly 30 minutes before the call commences. Apple's guidance for the quarter put revenue at between $41 billion and $43 billion.

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Twitter stickers slowly roll out to users

Twitter has introduced "stickers," allowing users to add extra graphical elements to their photos before uploading them to the micro-blogging service. A library of hundreds of accessories, props, and emoji will be available to use as stickers, which can be resized, rotated, and placed anywhere on the photograph. Images with stickers will also become searchable with viewers able to select a sticker to see how others use the same graphic in their own posts. Twitter advises stickers will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks, and will work on both the mobile apps and through the browser.

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