Kaiser Permanente, WatchESPN, Boingo

updated 10:01 am EDT, Wed May 9, 2012 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Kaiser Permanente 2.0 (free) - Kaiser Permanente has announced a new self-titled health-management application that gives Kaiser Permanente health plan members the ability to access their medical records, make appointments, and refill prescriptions. Through the app users can also view most lab test results, and even use the built-in location finder to pinpoint nearby Kaiser Permanente medical facilities. [Download - 3.4MB]

WatchESPN 1.6 (free) - WatchESPN for the iPhone/iPad enables users to stay connected to live sports and shows from ESPN while on the go. It can be used stream live video from popular events, and to keep track of upcoming information through news feeds. With the latest 1.6 version, Comcast customers who receive ESPN as part of their TV package can now use the WatchESPN app. [Download - 3.4MB]

Boingo 5.0.0072 (free) - An updated version of Boingo, the iPhone and iPad tool that helps users find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, is now available for download. The new 5.0.0072 version of Boingo provides each iOS-enabled mobile device with their own VPN security, to help protect personal information when connecting to public hotspots. It also includes a new crowd-sourced approach which gives access to an additional 70,000 free hotspots. [Download - 4.9MB]

The Maze Tilt Game 1.1 (free) - Geeky Lemon Development recently unveiled an updated 1.1 version of its iOS-based puzzle game, The Maze Tilt Game. The update offers a wide range of new and improved features, such as 36 brand new levels to play through, Game Center integration for logging-in and unlocking achievements, a new Reset Achievements button, and general performance improvements to help the app run more smoothly. [Download - 7.5MB]

High Street Store Locator 1.0 (free) - High Street Store Locator is powered by results from Foursquare and designed to help users browse through 1000's of different stores. The app includes more than 40 different shop categories ranging from video game stores to cosmetic shops, and includes a built-in map feature to guide users to their destination. Support is also offered for sharing information via Facebook and Twitter. [Download - 0.5MB]

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