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updated 10:43 pm EDT, Tue July 15, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

PayPal 5.5 (Free) - The latest update for the iOS PayPal app now allows users to store virtual "retail loyalty cards" in the app, similar to Apple's own Passbook. However, version 5.5 also removes (hopefully temporarily) the ability to scan a paper check and add it directly to one's PayPal balance. Users can take advantage of the loyalty card feature by choosing the merchant from a list of supported local and national vendors, then scan the bar cord on the loyalty card. Other improvements speed up the login process and the usual assortment of bug fixes. [Download - 37.1MB]

ESPN Fantasy Football 2.0 (Free) - ESPN Fantasy Football's latest update now lets users create a league or team directly within the app, and invite friends to participate through social media invites. Users can log into the app with either email or their Facebook credentials, and the new version also sports an updated look and feel. Players can manage a team from the app, and get alerts that help them track scores, players, injuries, trades and other aspects of Fantasy Football. [Download - 10.8MB]

Google Chrome 36.0.1985.49 (Free) - Version 36.0.1985.49 (yes, really) of Google Chrome for iOS brings ChromeCast support for mobile websites that offer it, meaning that if users visit a site that supports it, the video on the site can be Cast to one's ChromeCast dongle or other Cast devices. It's unclear if any websites actually support this feature yet. Users will also note that the "lip" at the bottom of the app icon has been removed, and this version includes bug fixes and stability improvements. [Download - 30.4MB]

Scribd 3.6 (Free) - Scribd for iPhone new offers a redesigned book view, now with descriptions and user reviews available. The library manager on the app has also been updated, making it easier to browse between books, download books or add them to user-created collections. The redesigned book page also offers "related book" suggestions and other design tweaks and functionality improvements. [Download - 17.7MB]

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