Tweetbot, Browse, Angry Birds Star Wars II

updated 10:15 am EDT, Mon June 16, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Tweetbot 3.4 ($5) - Tweetbot is a Twitter client that includes multiple timelines, smart gestures, and support for a number of other social services such as Instapaper and CloudApp. Timeline position, direct message read statuses and mute filters are also synced automatically between the iPhone and iPad via iCloud. Support for viewing/posting multiple images has been added in this release, however, the ability to view multiple images in the search or timeline won’t be available until Twitter enables it in the future. Instagram videos are also now marked with a play icon and image detail views will show the corresponding tweet when relevant. [Download - 7.8MB]

Browse 1.0.1 (free) - Browse gives users an alternative way to read and follow all of their favorite websites. Version 1.0.1 makes it must easier to access feeds, thanks to the introduce of a “More” button that takes a user directly to them. Overall app stability has also been greatly improved. [Download - 4.9MB]

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.5.1 ($1) - Angry Birds Star Wars is a physics based puzzle game where players must help the Rebel Birds take down the evil Imperial Pigs. The v1.5.1 update is a minor release that resolves a few reported bugs. [Download - 57.9MB]

GoodPlyer 9.1 ($3) - GoodPlayer is a multimedia playback app that includes support for most popular file formats. Version 9.1 includes a small tweak to the Playback Speed feature. During media playback users can now tap on the playback control information button, then click “Playback Speed” to access options for setting the speed to a value between 0.3x and 3x regular playback. New options have also been added to the gestures settings. [Download - 23.3MB]

WordPress 4.1.2 (free) - WordPress is a tool for managing a WordPress blog or site from an iOS device. The software includes tools for moderating comments, creating or editing posts, viewing stats, and uploading images or videos. Errors related to connecting self-hosted sites to via Jetpack have been resolved with this update. A bug that caused the web version of site stats to load a blank screen has also been fixed, and the performance of the Reader has been improved. [Download - 18.5MB]

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