Infinity Blade III, Launch Center Pro, Union

updated 09:58 am EDT, Thu June 12, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Infinity Blade III 1.3.1 ($3) - Infinity Blade III is the third entry in a series of popular battle games built on the Unreal Engine 3 codebase. All battles are performed via a series of gesture controls, while navigation is performed by tapping to move around the world. Version 1.3.1 introduces a new trainer feature that allows players to improve their skills and technique by battling with a training bot. A Beginners Tournament also gives new players a chance to compete against other new players with similar skill levels. [Download - 1.82GB]

Launch Center Pro 2.3 ($5) - Launch Center Pro can be used to create shortcuts that can launch apps or perform certain actions. Some examples include a shortcut for calling a contact, creating a new item in Omnifocus, or searching Yelp for a nearby coffee shop. New to v2.3 are location triggers, IFTTT integration, QR and barcode scanning, and a graphical list builder. In addition, users can also now select custom notification sounds. [Download - 29.5MB]

Union 1.1 ($2) - Union is a tool for combining multiple images. The latest release includes new brush settings for adjusting size and opacity, as well as two new blending modes. A number of bug fixes and performance improvements are also featured in the update. [Download - 28.8MB]

AfterLight 2.4 ($1) - AfterLight is a photography app that includes a number of filters and effects for editing images on iOS devices. Version 2.4 offers a new Double Exposure tool, which can be found in the cropping/rotating menu, as well as a set of six new instant film frames. Frame categories have also been re-grouped, and selecting a photo is now easier with the ability to swipe left/right when in the preview menu. [Download - 48.6MB]

Skitch 3.2 (free) - Skitch gives users the tools needed to annotate images and share them with others. The latest release features a new swipe-able design for starting new Skitch markups, as well as improved saving and sharing from Evernote. A number of toolbar enhancements have also been made for situations where users are annotating images, and PDFs can now be shared via social services. [Download - 37.4MB]

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