Angry Birds Star Wars II, PDF Expert, Starbucks

updated 12:38 pm EDT, Thu May 29, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.5 ($1) - Angry Birds Star Wars is a physics based puzzle game where players must help the Rebel Birds take down the evil Imperial Pigs. Version 1.5 adds 40 brand new levels set on Kamino and Coruscant. A number of new elements are featured in these puzzles, which have been broken down into 20 Pork Side levels and 20 Bird Side levels. [Download - 57.9MB]

PDF Expert 5.1.1 ($10) - PDF Expert allows users to store and read PDF files on an iPad. The app includes support for password protected, full text document search, navigation through embedded PDF bookmarks, and more. The latest release is now a Universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad. A continuous scroll feature has also been added, giving users the ability to scroll PDF documents vertically. [Download - 58.8MB]

Starbucks 3.0.4 (free) - Starbucks’ official iOS app gives users a number of tools for making payments and managing an account. Within the app users can keep all of their Starbucks cards, as well as see how many stars have been earned, send gifts to friends, and find stores. The v3.0.4 update makes a number of improvements to the store search feature and fixes several reported bugs. [Download - 23.6MB]

djay for iPhone 2.5.2 ($10) - djay is an iPhone app that simulates a DJ rig, complete with beat and tempo matching, cue point triggers, two turntables, and pre-cueing with headphones. Version 2.5.2 has made it easier to switch between iTunes and Spotify libraries, as well as improved key display in the library Match tab. Some potential crashes related to the library Match tab and FX pack purchasing have also been fixed. [Download - 44.1MB]

Write for iPad 2.5 ($2) - Write for iPad has been designed for easily creating notes. The software offers full rich text markdown editing, as well as a range of options for sharing notes. The v2.5 update introduces a new save file animation that is less intrusive, the ability to move files between folders, and full Multimarkdown 4 support. A new option for bookmarking Dropbox folders for quick access is also included. [Download - 27.7MB]


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