Fantastical, Awesome Note, Movies by Flixster

updated 11:19 am EDT, Tue April 1, 2014 | Posted in iPhone Apps

Fantastical 2.0.6 ($5) - Fantastical is a calendar utility that allows users to create events by explaining events in basic English. For example, a user can enter "Lunch with John at 123 Main Street on Tuesday," and the software will add all of the relevant information to a new event. Various iOS 7.1 compatibility issues have been addressed in this update. [Download - 16.7MB]

Awesome Note 7.1.1 ($4) - Awesome Note is a note-taking app that includes support for text, photos, maps, and drawings. Notes can be shared with others via e-mail or SMS with photos, drawings, and maps included as attachments. A new option for using a gradient for the home background is included in this release, align with several minor bug fixes. [Download - 49.7MB]

Movies by Flixster 6.10.2 (free) - Movies provides users with reviews, trailers, and showtimes for all of the movies currently in theaters. Users can also find information on upcoming movies and titles recently released on DVD. A number of stability issues have been fixed in v6.10.2. [Download - 22.5MB]

Tetris 1.4.33 ($1) - Tetris is a recreation of the classic puzzle game designed specifically for iOS devices. Version 1.4.333 offers a revamped galaxy mode that lets users see how they are progressing through levels compared to their Facebook friends. Some of the power-ups have also been redesigned and leaderboards for One Touch, Marathon, and Galaxy modes have been separated. [Download - 49.9MB]

Slacker Radio 5.0.388 (free) - Slacker Radio is a music streaming service that gives users access to hundreds of handcrafted stations. In addition to music, Slacker Radio also offers customizable news, sports, talk and weather updates from ABC, ESPN, American Public Media and The Weather Channel. The latest release includes a host of bug fixes. [Download - 22.9MB]

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