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02/02 - Fantastical, Bing Search, Game of Thrones
01/29 - Castro, Instagram, OneDrive
01/27 - 1Password, GoodReader, Pandora Radio
01/23 - Mint, Rdio, Angry Birds Space
01/21 - Screeny, Dropbox, Pinterest
01/19 - Things, Xbox One SmartGlass, ProTube
01/15 - Google Maps, New Words With Friends, Google Translate
01/13 - IMDb, New Words With Friends, Duolingo
01/02 - Infuse Pro, GoodReader, Dropbox
12/30 - IMDb, BBM, Screeny
12/24 - OmniFocus for iPhone, Copies for iPad, Rdio
12/22 - Air Display 2, Papers 3, Jelly
12/18 - Drafts, Procreate, FX Photo Studio
12/16 - PDFpen, Screens, Calendars 5
12/12 - OmniFocus for iPhone, Oceanhorn, Transmit iOS
12/10 - Slacker Radio, Instagram, RunKeeper
12/08 - Monument Valley, Knock, Transmit iOS
12/04 - Stacks 2, ProCamera 8, Starbucks
12/02 - Dropbox, Adobe Premiere Clip, Angry Birds HD
11/28 - RunKeeper, 1Writer, Movies by Flixster
11/26 - PDFpen Scan+, Swype, Runtastic Pro
11/24 - Deliveries, Star Walk 2, Threes!
11/20 - OmniFocus for iPhone, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Halftone 2
11/18 - WhatsApp Messenger, Rdio, Instagram
11/14 - Things, YouTube, Dropbox
11/12 - 1Password, Transmit iOS, Monument Valley
11/10 - Notability, Flesky Keyboard, Pocket Casts
11/06 - Reeder, OmniFocus for iPhone, Wunderlist
11/04 - Infuse Pro, PDF Expert, RunKeeper
10/31 - 1Password, PDFen, WordPress
10/29 - Camera+, Tweetbot, Dropbox
10/27 - Amazon Instant Video, Drafts, Vivino
10/23 - Fantastical, MindNode, Sketch Club
10/21 - GoodReader, Traktor DJ, AirDisk Pro
10/17 - Things, Songza, YouTube
10/15 - Monument Valley, Launch Center Pro, Skype for iPhone
10/09 - Camera+, Hyperlapse, AirDisk Pro
10/07 - MindNode, Amazon Instant Video, Flipboard
10/03 - Argus, Instagram, Perfct
10/01 - Camera+, 500px, Manual
09/29 - OmniFocus, PDF Expert, Waze
09/25 - TeeVee, Scrabble, Fantastical
09/23 - TuneIn Radio Pro, Skype WiFi, Afterlight
09/19 - Instapaper, 1Password, Dropbox
09/17 - PCalc, Pinterest, Duolingo
09/15 - Carcassonne, PDF Expert, Duolingo
09/11 - Tab Pro, iBank for iPad, Things
09/09 - SoundHound Infinity, Where To?, Facebook Pages Manager
09/05 - Civilization Revolution 2, Rdio, IMDb
09/03 - PDFpen Scan+, Bamboo Paper, Quora

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AT&T expands BOGO promo to iPhone 6s

Beginning today, new and existing AT&T customers can purchase a new iPhone 6s and get another one free when adding a second line. Over the weekend, customers must purchase two phones through AT&T Next (one can be an existing number), and add both phones to a qualified plan. AT&T notes that "after three bill cycles or less" the account will start to receive up to $650 spread out over 30 monthly bill credits to offset the cost of the installment plan for the phone. Taxes are due at time of sale. http://soc.att.com/1SLUP4k


Google prevails in UK street mapping case

Possibly setting the stage for other court battles in the UK, a High Court fight between Google and StreetMap.EU has concluded in Google's favor. StreetMap.EU claimed that Google's dominance in the field destroyed the 20-year-old firm's business, when Google started promoting its own service in search results over the older company's -- the judge disagreed. Commercial director Kate Sutton said after the judgment that "StreetMap has been frozen in time; because of what Google did, StreetMap has not been able to properly invest in the website since 2007." An appeal is planned. http://bloom.bg/1KKhECt


TestFlight updated for iOS, watchOS

Apple on Thursday updated its developer-oriented TestFlight software to version 1.3.2 for compatibility with apps being developed for iOS 9.3 watchOS 2.2, along with the usual "stability and performance improvements." Some developers, however, are still reporting some issues loading beta apps onto the watchOS 2.2 beta. The latest beta for developers was released on Monday, and is available through the App Store or Apple's developer portal. [3.60MB] http://apple.co/1PQ64pF


CBS: No recent streaming conversations with Apple

CBS CEO Les Moonves has made remarks, casting doubt on a launch of Apple's live streaming television service. In interviews this week, the executive said regarding negotiations with Apple that "we had conversations awhile back, and we haven't had recent conversations with them," adding that "the phone is always ringing" regarding similar services, but not with Apple on the line. http://cnnmon.ie/1PptJM6


Complex date setting bug crashes 64-bit iOS device

A serious bug has been spotted with iOS devices running iOS 8 or newer, with a 64-bit processor. If a user disables auto-check time, and manually sets the date of a device back to as far as it will go, then again to January 1, 1970, and finally rebooting, the iPhone is crashed, perhaps terminally. The bug affects the iPhone 5s and newer devices, running a processor from the A7 and up. Theories abound as to the cause of the crash, but the most credible seems to be a clock set to less than an arbitrary "zero" date, causing all manners of routines relying on the time setting to fail during startup. http://bit.ly/1TV6psS


Weber buys iDevices' iGrill, Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking gear manufacturer Weber is purchasing iOS accessory manufacturer iDevices iGrill and Kitchen Thermometer lines. As part of the purchase, Weber is working in parallel with iDevices to roll out a new version of the products, and associated apps, this spring. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. CEO of iDevices Chris Allen said that the transition will allow the company to "focus even more heavily on becoming a leader in the home automation market." http://bit.ly/1PFk3uZ


Vevo music video app launched for Apple TV

Vevo today announced its new native tvOS app for the fourth generation Apple TV. The new app allows users Siri Remote navigation for discovery of top videos by genre, or to search for individual artists and videos. Playlists generated on another device sync between all the iterations of the app. http://apple.co/1PFhxEU