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Hands On: iKlip Grip

12 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, accessories, mobile phones

While IK Multimedia is perhaps better known for the audio software it creates, the past few years has seen the company growing more and more into the mobile accessory space. Products like the iRig, iRig Mic HD, and iLoud have given the company a reputation for creating products that are not only well built, but also easy to use. Most recently, the company has announced the launch of the iKlip Grip, a new multifunction product aimed towards mobile photographers.



Apple replaces flawed discoveryd in new OS X 10.10.4 beta release

12 hours ago | Posted in: networking, Apple

Apple has replaced the controversial discoveryd networking routine with the older mdnsresponder in the latest beta of OS X, released today. In our brief testing with the beta, we had all of our sporadic networking issues resolved on an afflicted MacBook Pro Retina i7 2012 model, as well as on a 2014 era Mac mini.



Hands On: Kindo 1.0.1 (iOS)

13 hours ago | Posted in: gaming, iPhone apps, iPad apps

Kindo by Space Bears is a two player board game where the players take over spaces in an attempt to capture the King of their opponent. The developers describe it as a "fresh new medieval board game", which sounds odd; it's a pretty good description. The style of the design is fairly simple and we could see it in the same category as Checkers, Go, or most of all Othello. The mechanics are certainly interesting, and it includes all the game modes one could ever want from a board game app. We're still not sure how we feel about the choices of colors in the various themes though.



Apple Game Roundup: Telltale comes to GOG, Pac-Man turns 35, more

13 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, gaming, iPhone apps, Apple, iPad, iPad apps

On Tuesdays and Fridays, MacNN takes a few minutes to round up important goings-on in the Mac and iOS gaming world. In today's entry we look at the Telltale Games collection coming to GOG, the 35th anniversary update to Pac-Man for iOS, the latest Overwatch character reveal, and Terra Battle's new update.



Daily Deals: $150 500GB Samsung SSD, Acer monitor, GoPro bundle

14 hours ago | Posted in: computers, gaming, gadgets, software, digital imaging, upgrades/storage, accessories, networking, audio

Welcome to Daily Deals, the weekday post where we search for discounts, offers, sales, and bundles on hardware, software, and gadgets for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. A recap of the still-active three-day weekend's deals follows after the new list, including a 500GB Samsung SSD for $150, a GoPro bundle, and an Acer monitor for $90.



Hands On: Movie Pass 2.0.7 (iOS, Android)

14 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps, iPad apps

MoviePass is a subscription service for people who go out to the movies often. The member uses an app to "check into" a movie at a nearby theater, and then uses a special card to pay for the ticket. The directions say the number of movies a member can see through MoviePass is "unlimited," but what they really mean by that is there aren't any blackout dates. In reality, there are a number of restrictions, but they're not onerous. For people who find themselves going out to the movies often, this has the potential of being a pretty good deal.



Ex-GT Advanced AZ Apple facility suffers roof fire, cause unknown

14 hours ago | Posted in: industry, Apple

The Apple facility in Mesa, AZ, formerly owned by GT Advanced had a roof fire earlier today, over a loading dock. The fire is currently contained, and for the moment, appears to have been limited to portions of the roof and solar installation only. Firefighters from three stations were drawn to fight the fire, which required the evacuation of 12 people from inside the facility.



Hands On: Monodraw 1.0 (OS X)

15 hours ago | Posted in: software, digital imaging, Graphics/Web Design

You're not going to need this often but let's work it out. What Monodraw 1.0 does it let you produce ASCII art – and already if you're blinking at that, you're not the market for this – like those images you've seen that are made up entirely of letters. They used to be done on typewriters because we knew no better, they were then done on computers because we were young. The makers of Monodraw want you to do ASCII art because it will last forever. They're right.



Windows 10 mobile support increases, Cortana heading to iOS, Android

16 hours ago | Posted in: software, iPhone apps

Microsoft will be making Windows 10 more useful to smartphone owners, by making it easier to set up their desktop and mobile device to connect together and share files. The added mobile support is also supported by a second announcement that the Cortana virtual assistant will be available to download and use on other platforms than Windows Phone, with both iOS and Android set to receive access in the future.



Jony Ive promoted to Chief Design Officer at Apple

19 hours ago | Posted in: industry, Apple

Jony Ive has received a promotion at Apple, from his position as Senior Vice President of Design to the newly-created Chief Design Officer. The move to the company's third C-level executive, alongside CFO Luca Maestri and CEO Tim Cook, will allow Ive to delegate his existing roles to other long-standing Apple employees while still exercising creative control, without the added work of administration and management.



MacPaw releases DevMate OS X app development and distribution tool

19 hours ago | Posted in: developer, iPhone apps, iPad apps

MacPaw has officially released a new platform for app development and distribution called DevMate. The new package is a two-fold platform that helps developers with app distribution, collection of data, and analysis. The SDK, DevMateKit, simplifies integrated activations, updates delivery, collects feedback, and collates crash reports. The Dashboard displays application data that gives developers a quick overview of how the app is performing in the App Store.



Acronis Access Connect for OS X, mobile released; replaces ExtremeZ-IP

20 hours ago | Posted in: software, networking

Acronis today unveiled Acronis Access Connect, the company's latest file and print sharing solution for SMBs and enterprises. Acronis Access Connect, formerly known as ExtremeZ-IP, adds broad support for mobile workers to securely access files using iOS, Android, and Windows Phone-based devices to and from Windows and OS X servers.



Forums: Hard drive full query, hide the toolbar suggestions, and more

20 hours ago | Posted in: computers, troubleshooting, software, Apple

Early today in the MacNN forums Mac Elite "jeff k" was trying to do an OS update on his Mac and was informed that he didn't have enough space left to do that, after examining the situation he believes he does have the space, but can't figure out why his computer thinks otherwise. A few days ago Mac Elite "rotuts" was looking for a way to change all folders to "hide toolbar" and received some useful advice.



Apple deals: up to $350 off iMacs

20 hours ago | Posted in: computers, Apple

At Apple's online store today, find savings of up to $350 off refurbished iMacs. The refurbished 21.5-inch iMac with a 1.4GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive has been reduced by $170 to $929. A $230 discount drops the price on the refurbished 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.9GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive down to $1,269.



Charter agrees to purchase Time Warner Cable for $55B

21 hours ago | Posted in: Investor

Time Warner Cable has become the subject of another acquisition, barely a month after the attempted merger between TWC and Comcast failed. This time, Charter is the potential suitor to the cable company, with it providing $100 in cash and half a share of the "New Charter" parent company in exchange for each TWC share, a price that effectively values Time Warner Cable at approximately $55 billion.



Hands On: Disk Cartography 1.1 (OS X)

21 hours ago | Posted in: software

We understand death and taxes, at least in a broad sense -- but the fact that our hard disk space gets filled up so quickly remains a mystery of our times. Disk Cartography 1.1 will not stop you adding more and more documents and videos, but it will show you where, what and just how enormous they are. Once you've spotted that gigantic movie file, you can use Disk Cartography to delete it, and free up all that space.


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Editorial: FCC, lawsuits, Net Neutrality, and The Bill of Rights

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: industry

AT&T and several trade organizations in the telecom and cable industry have publicly posted statements of issues they intend to raise as part of their lawsuits against the FCC's ruling mandating net neutrality. While the statements aren't in-depth rundowns of the arguments the organizations that oppose the ruling intend to make, they do seem rather familiar to anyone who remembers the successful Verizon lawsuit of 2012 that acted as a catalyst for the Title II reclassification for ISPs in the first place. These issues indicate AT&T and others believe the FCC's ruling on net neutrality violates the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, as well as the Communications Act of 1934 (as amended).


Hands On: Carbo 1.0 (iOS)

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: software, Graphics/Web Design, iPhone apps

Its full title in the App Store is Carbo – Handwriting in the Digital Age and you're already thinking iPads, stylus or scribbling on the screen but you're wrong. This is not another app about mimicking the experience of writing on paper, it's not really about replacing paper at all. Carbo is about letting you continue to use paper but now use it in the digital world: take paper you write on and edit, copy or share it as you would anything you create online from scratch.


Daily Deals: Long Weekend Edition

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: computers, peripherals, gadgets, software, digital imaging, upgrades/storage, accessories, networking, audio, mobile phones, Apple

Hello and welcome to an unusual edition of Daily Deals. Typically, the staff of MacNN and Electronista do not provide a deals post on a Saturday or Sunday, but since retailers are offering sales over this three-day weekend, we're making an exception. As well as a recap of the still-active deals from earlier this week, we've been adding new deals to the list throughout the weekend, with the most recent deals added this morning at 12:50APM EDT, so you can make the most of your money.


OWC ships Accelsior S PCIe 4x card for direct installation of one SSD

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: computers

Mac and PC technology company Other World Computing last week announced the the Accelsior S, a new PCIe card with direct mount support for a 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSD. The latest addition to OWC's Accelsior line enables PC, Mac Pro tower and Thunderbolt interface expansion chassis users to add additional storage which in some cases will be faster than the native SATA bus.


Hands On: Apple Watch Calculator Smackdown

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: gadgets, software, iPhone apps

The fact that Apple Watch only shows its face when you turn your wrist or use the Digital Crown makes us flashback to the 1970s when the first-ever digital watches needed a good thump before they'd show the time. Now the fact that you can have a calculator on your wrist is reviving memories of being called a nerd, and discovering we never had any need to calculate anything. Calcbot, CalculatorWatch and PCalc may change that -- but so might Siri.


Google 'smart toy' patent under fire from privacy groups

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: gadgets

A recently published patent from Google is drawing concern from privacy groups. The patent for "Agent Interfaces for Interactive Electronics that support Social Cues" effectively describes a toy or doll that can analyze a user's speech and body language to determine if it is being communicated with directly and respond accordingly, with law-related tech company SmartUp describing it as "one of Google's creepiest patents yet."


Apps: Beamer, ServeToMe, LaunchBar

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in apps


    Beamer 2.1.2 ($15)

    Beamer is a tool for wirelessly streaming movie files to an Apple TV. Support is offered for most major video formats, such as AVI, MOV and MKV. Version 2.1.2 has resolved a crash that could occur when changing the audio channel, adding subtitles or stopping playback. A bug that caused the device list to open unnecessarily has also been fixed.


    ServeToMe 4.0108 (free)

    ServeToMe is the companion server app to StreamToMe. Together the two apps allow users to stream video, music, and photo files over a Wi-Fi or cellular network. The latest release includes fixes for UPnP support and Apple Photos.


    LaunchBar 6.4 ($30)

    LaunchBar is a tool that can provide quick access to apps, documents, contacts, and bookmarks, as well as a music library or various search engines. The v6.4 update introduces a new Action Editor that can be used to create personalized scripts. Users can also now select additional snippets folders, which can help with sharing certain snippets with cloud services. Other changes include: improved detection of plain text files, a better list of an app’s recent documents, and a fix for an issues causing the “Search Dash” action to crash on Mavericks.


    NeoOffice 2014.11 ($30)

    NeoOffice is an office suite designed for OS X. The suite includes apps for creating, editing, and viewing OpenOffice documents, LibreOffice documents, and simple Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. A number of swipe gesture improvements are included in the latest update. An issue that caused the software to pause after several consecutive swipes has been fixed, along with a problem caused by slow swipe gestures. Finally, when swiping quickly, the page or row number tooltip will no longer flash rapidly.


Pointers: Sign Your PDFs in Preview

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: software

It is wrong, just wrong that someone can send you a PDF and expect you to print it out, sign it, take it to your local post office and physically send them the piece of paper back. It's wrong, and it's also easy for them: one button and their job is done. Shock them by sending that PDF right back with your signature on.


First Look: 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro with Force Touch, new GPU

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: Apple

Apple has given the 15-inch MacBook Pro a refresh, giving it a fresh lease of life. Unusually, however, it does not include an upgrade to its Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU. Due to delays with Intel's quad-core "Broadwell" parts, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro continues with a fourth-generation quad-core Core i7 part clocked at 2.5GHz. It does however, include some substantial upgrades elsewhere. This new model now features the all-new Force Touch trackpad that debuted on the new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, and which is also found on the recently refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro. It also gains much faster PCIe flash storage, but more importantly, its aging Nvidia Ge Force GT 750M has been replaced with a much faster and all-new AMD R9 M370X.


Amazon alters financial reports in UK to avoid 25-percent tax penalty

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: industry

Amazon is altering its tax affairs in Europe, following pressure from governments and regulatory bodies over the way it and other tech companies attempt to shrink their tax bills. The retailer is starting to run sales it makes in the United Kingdom within the country itself, instead of funneling them through Luxembourg to minimize the amount of tax it pays, a change that is expected to bring in millions in corporation tax to the UK treasury.


Hands On: OmniGraffle 2.1.1 (OS X, iOS)

Mon May 25, 2015 | Posted in: iPhone, software, Graphics/Web Design, iPhone apps, iPad apps

You've got to say this for OmniGraffle: there aren't many other graffles in the App Store. There also aren't many tools that do what it does, and we've enthused before about OmniGraffle's ability to let the artistically-challenged among us sketch out plans, designs and notes on OS X. There's also been an iPad version, but OmniGraffle 2.1.1 is now a universal app, which means it is now on the iPhone for the first time.



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