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Pointers: Backup your Quicken data right now

This is where coming new to a product may be a help: we've been using Quicken 2016 for around six weeks now while researching a full Hands On review, and in the mix of good and bad things we've found out about it, we entirely missed something. Quicken 2016 does not backup your data the way previous versions of the software did and, we'd say, every version of every software should. The more longstanding a Quicken user you are, the more likely it is that it wouldn't occur to you that the feature would be gone. Hopefully you haven't had any reason to notice the feature is switched off but at some point, you're going to, and it may be under the worst of circumstances.

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Giveaway: Win an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil from MacNN Deals

There are some people who believe the iPad can be used as an extremely lightweight notebook replacement. Not that long ago, Apple picked up on this trend and created their version of the iPad geared towards work, and as part of a MacNN Deals giveaway, you now have the chance of owning your very own iPad Pro, complete with the Apple Pencil, in a package valued at almost $900.

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Game Replay: Apple rejects The Binding of Isaac from App Store

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Apple stops The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth from reaching the App Store, Fixaris adds support for the Steam Controller to XCOM 2 but not other game controllers, a piracy group claims it will abstain from cracking single-player games for one year, and Steam holds yet another sale.

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Apple launches Repair Extension Program for 2013 Mac Pro video issues

Apple is establishing a Repair Extension Program for 2013 Mac Pro models, according to details provided in a leaked internal notice. It is said Apple and Authorized Service Providers will be able to repair certain Mac Pro systems manufactured early last year, after determining that graphics cards used in the production of the Mac Pro at that time were error-prone, causing freezing, restarts, video distortions, and in some cases preventing the Mac Pro from booting entirely.

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Freebie Friday: Improve your cooking skills, start learning to code

Everyone likes getting something for nothing, especially when there's no or relatively few catches. Freebie Friday is the post where the MacNN staff find stuff that you can get, and possibly make use of this weekend, without spending a single penny. This time, we have ways to help you cook better and learn how to code, as well as a selection of apps to protect yourself and your data.

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App deals for OS X: X-Mirage, Hider 2, Twisted Lands, more!

Every so often, people browse the Internet and the Mac App Store to try and find useful things to add to their app arsenal, but sometimes it's hard to find discounted apps that you really want to get. For App Deals for OS X, the MacNN staff has compiled a list of apps for your Mac that are either a great bargain, or even free for a short while. Today's assortment of Mac apps includes sale prices on Twisted Lands, Cloud Outliner 2 Pro, and Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

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Kingston buys IronKey secure USB tech

Kingston Digital today announced it has acquired the USB technology and assets of IronKey from Imation. In addition to Kingston's acquisition, encryption services leader DataLocker has purchased the IronKey Enterprise Management Services platform which provides centralized management to encrypted USB drives. Kingston and DataLocker claim that there will be no interruption in service provided, or available products as a result of the consolidations. http://bit.ly/1QQk9SZ


View-Master VR device in Apple Store

Apple has started to sell a Google Cardboard-style VR headset modeled on a classic Mattel toy. Initially launched early last year, the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack for $30 is designed to use an iPhone as a display, with a Preview Reel and lever system mimicking the toy's switching between images to take users between different VR apps and scenes. http://bit.ly/1RhJW8y


Apple brings iTunes Movie Trailers app to Canada

After five years, Apple has expanded its iTunes Movie Trailers app for iOS to Canada. As of Saturday, the free app allows movie buffs to see HD movie trailers for new studio and independent features, and explore some other movie-related extras such as photos, behind-the-scenes footage, or clips from upcoming films. Users can save trailers for quick access, read reviews from RottenTomatoes.com within the app, use AirPlay to send them to an Apple TV, share trailers, and peruse the top movie charts. http://apple.co/1UUKtwr

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Apple expands CloudKit API, provides web interface

On Friday, Apple notified developers that it was expanding a feature of CloudKit to allow for server-to-server web service requests. "In addition to providing a web interface for users to access the same data as your app, you can now easily read and write to the CloudKit public database from a server-side process or script with a server-to-server key," Apple said in its announcement. Previously, interaction with the CloudKit public database was limited to apps and web only. http://apple.co/20h1RwP

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Remote S for Tesla Apple Watch app drives car out

Developer Allen Wong has created the Remote S for Tesla app, which can be used to remotely activate the Model S electric car via an Apple Watch, and drive it a short distance. Aside from providing data about the car and some basic function controls, the unofficial app uses the manufacturer's Summon command to allow the car to turn on, exit the garage, and park near to the user's location. The app is available to purchase from the App Store for $10. http://apple.co/1PprF4t


Seagate 3TB unreliability suit expands

The Seagate 3TB class-action hard drive lawsuit has been expanded to more devices. The expanded suit, filed today, now includes Seagate's Barracuda 3TB Hard Disk Drive, Desktop HDD 3TB, Backup Plus 3TB External Hard Disk Drive, GoFlex 3TB External Hard Disk Drive, or any other Seagate hard drive with model number ST3000DM001. The law firm, Hagens Berman, is seeking information from consumers such as time in service, purchase price, and the nature of any drive received in return from Seagate as a replacement for a failed unit. http://bit.ly/1Pc34Cq


BlackBerry Canada, Florida hit with layoffs

The BlackBerry campus has reportedly been wracked with layoffs. Sources familiar with the company's Waterloo office staffing claim that close to 35 percent of the local workforce has been laid off, with the deepest cuts being made in the BlackBerry 10 OS and hardware teams. Additionally, the state of Florida has been officially notified that the company's Sunrise facility will see 75 people fired. Enthusiast site Mobilesyrup puts the layoffs at around 1000 total. http://bit.ly/1Pc1Rep