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Hands On: Alfred 3 (OS X)

There are times when it is a pleasure to use a Mac and not only when you've been working on a PC. There are just features of OS X that we take for granted –– and there are also certain applications that help that. If you've already got an earlier version then you know that Alfred 3 is one of them. If you haven't got it, go get the generously well-featured free version and immediately buy the paid one too.

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MacNN Deals: Learn to code with these four development course bundles

Alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing some of the offers available from our own MacNN Deals store. Today's selections are all coding-related online courses, meant to teach you new skills and ideas about how you work, and potentially even help you change your career. The courses on offer cover web development and creating apps for iOS devices and tvOS, as well as games, but you can find more topics that may take your fancy in the eLearning section of the store.

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Apple reportedly considered Time Warner acquisition last year

Time Warner could have become an Apple-owned company, according to a report that Apple's Eddy Cue gave the suggestion of an acquisition to Time Warner head of corporate strategy Olaf Olafsson last year, something that surfaced in a rumor earlier this year. It is also claimed that, while that particular buyout didn't take place, it apparently hasn't stopped Apple from looking into possibly acquiring other media companies, in order to increase its own original content creation programs.

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Pixelmator 3.5 'Canyon' arrives on Mac App Store

The Pixelmator Team today introduced Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon, a major update to its image editor for Mac. The new version brings a Quick Selection Tool, a Magnetic Selection Tool that automatically snaps to object edges, a Pixelmator Retouch extension for the Photos app, and more. Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon is available today as a free upgrade from the Mac App Store.

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Technically Speaking: SSD and HDD

There is nothing wrong with jargon. If there weren't jargon, everybody in every industry would be saying gigantically long sentences with every word spelt out and defined with footnotes. So when someone asks you about storage on computers, you are perfectly sensible to say SSD is better than HDD. You're sensible and you're mostly right, but you're still going to get that blank look you know so well from your family and friends.

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India rejects Apple Store exemption request, Apple Stores in doubt

Apple's plans to rollout Apple Stores in India have been thrown into doubt following the rejection by the Indian government of a special exemption request. Under Indian regulations, companies seeking to open single-brand stores in the country must stock their stores with a minimum 30 percent of products either manufactured in, or produced, in the country. The news is potentially embarrassing for Apple's senior hierarchy, a number of whom were recently in India on a charm offensive, which culminated in a meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modhi.

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Safari Technology Preview release 5 arrives

Apple has released the latest, and fifth, version of its Safari Technology Preview. The latest version arrives two weeks after the Preview release 4. As with the previous releases, the STP does not replace the gold candidate release of Safari, but can reside alongside it, though it is primarily aimed at developers to utilize for testing purposes. The latest release brings fixes to JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Web Inspector, Media, Security, Networking, Accessibility, and bugs fixes for large animated GIFs and zooming in and out of PDF documents. Users running a previous version of the preview can update it via the Mac App Store. http://apple.co/1qLpSk8

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Parallels Access 3.1 updated for iPad Pro

Virtualization software Parallels Access 3.1 has been updated with support for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, including Apple Pencil support. The software allows remote access to your PC or Mac from anywhere to control desktop applications from iOS or Android tablets and phones, with native touch gestures, as well as from any computer with an HTML5 web browser. Featuring three resolution choices for your mobile device ("Best for your Device," "More Space," and "Same as Computer") and 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the update also adds a new Tablet Mode in Windows 10, which makes it easier to interact without a mouse or keyboard. http://bit.ly/1OWZqjg

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Hyundai brings CarPlay to more 2016 models

Along with its previously-announced support for adding CarPlay technology to the 2016 Sonata, 2017 Elantra, and 2017 Ioniq, a leaked memo to dealers has revealed that CarPlay-supporting software updates will be available today that bring the infortainment tech to the 2015 and 2016 non-hybrid Sonata models, the 2016 hybrid Sonata, the 2015 and 2016 Genesis Sedan, the 2016 Tucson, the 2017 Santa Fe, and the 2017 Ioniq. Owners can upgrade the system themselves by visiting the Hyundai website, and will need a Mac or PC with either an SD card slot or SD card reader to transfer the update to the vehicle. http://bit.ly/1YZqkqS

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Google Paris HQ raided by investigators

Google's Paris headquarters has been raided by dozens of French police. The Tuesday raid was part of an ongoing investigation into possible tax-avoidance practices, stoked by widespread dissatisfaction with the way multinationals like Google are structuring their business operations. Although trading in many countries around the globe, Google reports its international sales only in tax-friendly Ireland, similar to a practice adopted by Apple. According to French law, if it completes any of its sales contracts in France and not Ireland alone, it could be in breach of its laws. Google, for its part, denies any wrongdoing, and said that it is fully compliant with French law. http://reut.rs/1Udk2T9

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Apple TV extends universal search to NBC

Apple has extended its universal search function on the Apple TV to now include NBC shows in its results, provided the user has installed the NBC tvOS app. The search results can be generated either through Siri, or through the Search app, and includes support for searches by title, genre, and actor, among other queries. NBC joins CBS, more recently, among other channels including: Disney Channel; Disney Jr; Disney XD; FOXNOW; FXNOW; HBO GO; HBO NOW; Hulu; Nat Geo TV; Netflix; PBS; PBS Kids; SHOWTIME; SHOWTIME Anytime; Starz, and Watch ABC, all of which are supported by universal search. http://apple.co/25lGi5R

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Comixology fires up $6 all-you-can-read service

Amazon-owned Comixology has launched an all-you-can-read comic subscription service. After a 30-day free trial, for $6 a month, subscribers can draw from a large selection of the Comixology library, minus Marvel and DC comics. For now, the service is US-only. http://bit.ly/1WMAOft

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QuarkXPress 2016 now shipping

Quark is now shipping QuarkXPress 2016, the newest version of Quark's graphic design and desktop publishing software that now features near-WYSIWYG fixe HTML5 publishing as well as improved operability with InDesign and Illustrator and support for multi-Color Gradient Blends, OpenType Stylistic Sets, a Color Picker (Eyedropper tool), Touchpads for Pinch and Zoom (Mac only) and more. Users on any previous version of QuarkXPress (versions 3-10) can upgrade to version 2016 for $350, while QuarkXPress 2015 users can upgrade to 2016 for $180; new licenses are available for $850 (education licenses are available for $90). http://bit.ly/1OL23Pu

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