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Giveaway reminder: Win $1,000 to spend in the iTunes Store

If you are the proud owner of a new iPad or iPhone, you're probably feeling the need to fill it up with apps, music, and videos. Maybe you want to fill out your music and TV show collection with some new additions without spending any money. In either case, this is your last warning to enter the MacNN Deals giveaway to win a $1,000 iTunes Gift Card, with entries closing in four days time.

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Hands On: Twelve South TimePorter travel stand and case

We're a year into the life of the Apple Watch, and still it's rare to find a case or a stand that includes a charging cable. You almost always have to use the one Apple provided, and thread it through some plastic or metal. It's still the case most of the time, and it is the case with Twelve South's TimePorter Travel Stand and Case for Apple Watch.

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Rumor Roundup: everything new is old again

We're another week along with the latest twist and turns of the rumor mill, but we seem to have come full circle this time: "new" and "leaked" schematics for the "iPhone 7" and the "7 Plus" larger model are back to the original ideas: that apart from the camera and slightly-rearranged antenna bands, the next iPhones will look almost exactly like the ones they replaced. Worse, we're now hearing reports that the alleged home Siri device will actually be ... another new Apple TV model, just as Apple said it would be a year ago.

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Pointers: Organize iPhone apps on your Mac

Death, taxes, the fact that you haven't plugged your iPhone into your Mac since the dawn of time and the other fact that you have so many apps that your phone seems heavier. These are the four certainties of life and Pointers can do something about two of them –– plus get you an extra added bonus for your trouble.

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US nuclear weapons control finally phasing out floppy disks

According to a new report published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a number of US government agencies are currently still using computing technology for aspects of their operations that data back as much as over 50 years, reports AFP. The most alarming of the findings in the report is that the Department of Defense still uses eight-inch floppy disks on an IBM Series 1 computer system system dating back to the 1970s as part of the nuclear command and control system. The report warns that these systems are both costly and no longer effective.

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New Apple patent: peer-to-peer ad-hoc network communication system

Apple has been awarded a new patent on a close-range, walkie-talkie-like peer-to-peer communications network. Like Apple's AirDrop technology that connects devices over close distances for data-sharing purposes, the system would allow people nearby each other to communicate together over an ad hoc network. Specifically, the two (or more) connected users, would be able to speak to each other using the same type of headset, one that could potentially connect to a device over a Lightning port. Using a device like an iPhone, they would be able to see other appear on their local comms network, tap on the other user, and initiate a conversation.

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NBCUniversal adds Bravo, Syfy, E! to Apple TV

NBCUniversal has launched three new apps channels for Apple TV users. Bravo Now, Syfy Now and E! Now brings users access full seasons of current and past episodes of most of NBCUniversal's catalog. The Bravo Now app includes shows like "The Real Housewives of New York Cit," "Below Deck Mediterranean," comedy "Odd Mom Out" and "Top Chef." The Syfy Now app offers up shows like "The Magicians," thriller "12 Monkeys" and the reality show "Face Off." The E! Now app serves up shows like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Botched," "#RichKids of Beverly Hills," Caitlyn Jenner's "I Am Cait," and "WAGS." While some content is free, most content requires users to authenticate via their cable satellite or telco TV provider. http://bit.ly/20K4Pea

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Apple rolls out Arabic version of Apple.com

Apple has rolled out a new version of its Apple.com website for Arabic language users in the United Arab Emirates. The site utilizes a right-to-left reading format where it has been updated, although the upgrade is still in progress with a number of page links still in the original English language left-to-right format. Of particular note is that the site debuts an all-new custom Arabic font created by the Tarek Atrissi Design agency, giving it a highly contemporary look and feel. The new support for Arabic on its host website follows the introduction of full support for right-to-left languages in iOS 9, and the addition of Arabic support to Siri late last year. http://apple.co/20JHGIM

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Adobe previews Photoshop content-aware crop

Adobe has previewed a new 'content-aware crop' feature from the next version of its Photoshop CC. The new feature is similar to its 'content-aware fill' from the current version of Photoshop CC, and potentially saves users time when cropping photos in a way that might otherwise leave blank white space in the frame. Adobe's 'content-aware' tech automatically assesses the blank space and seamlessly fills the blank space with the nearest related content in the space when a photo is expanded or rotated without the need to manually clone that part of the image. The feature allows users to move a horizon by adding more sky or ground, change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of the image and fill in the corners of an image when rotated during a crop. Adobe says the feature is coming soon and will be automatically available to Creative Cloud subscribers. http://adobe.ly/20JDFEu

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Markzware updates Q2ID for QuarkXPress 12 files

Graphic design file conversion tool maker Markzware has launched a new version of its Q2ID tool. The InDesign plugin enables users to open QuarkXPress files within a new InDesign (INDD) document, without rebuilding the QXP document from scratch -- the new version includes support for QuarkXPress 12 files. Q2ID Subscription members can download the new version as part of their annual plan. A single-user can purchase the plugin for $200, with other licensing options available. http://bit.ly/1Z4dS9t

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PopChar X 7.5 arrives

Ergonis Software has released PopChar X 7.5, an improved version of the company's tool for finding and inserting special characters and exploring fonts. PopChar X 7.5 adds support for combined emojis in the Apple Color Emoji font, enhances the "Font Info" view, and adds many further enhancements that improve overall speed and stability. PopChar X 7.5 retails for €30 ($34), and is free for anyone who owns a license for PopChar X 7 or purchased a license for PopChar X 6 on or after March 1, 2014 [4.5MB]

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Safari Technology Preview release 5 arrives

Apple has released the latest, and fifth, version of its Safari Technology Preview. The latest version arrives two weeks after the Preview release 4. As with the previous releases, the STP does not replace the gold candidate release of Safari, but can reside alongside it, though it is primarily aimed at developers to utilize for testing purposes. The latest release brings fixes to JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Web Inspector, Media, Security, Networking, Accessibility, and bugs fixes for large animated GIFs and zooming in and out of PDF documents. Users running a previous version of the preview can update it via the Mac App Store. http://apple.co/1qLpSk8

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Parallels Access 3.1 updated for iPad Pro

Virtualization software Parallels Access 3.1 has been updated with support for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, including Apple Pencil support. The software allows remote access to your PC or Mac from anywhere to control desktop applications from iOS or Android tablets and phones, with native touch gestures, as well as from any computer with an HTML5 web browser. Featuring three resolution choices for your mobile device ("Best for your Device," "More Space," and "Same as Computer") and 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the update also adds a new Tablet Mode in Windows 10, which makes it easier to interact without a mouse or keyboard. http://bit.ly/1OWZqjg

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