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Samsung expected to begin making A9 chips by end of 2014

21 minutes ago | Posted in: industry, Apple

Samsung should start producing 14nm chips for Apple, Qualcomm, and AMD by the end of 2014, a report says. Apple's inclusion is particularly significant, as it implies that the company will be starting on production of a next-generation A-series processor, presumably the A9. The A8 only began appearing in Apple devices last month with the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.



Pioneer updates in-dash systems with promised CarPlay support

1 hour ago | Posted in: iPhone, peripherals

Pioneer has issued long-delayed firmware updates bringing support for Apple's CarPlay platform to several of its NEX receivers. These include the AVH-4000NEX, AVIC-5000NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, and AVIC-8000NEX, which range in cost from $700 to $1,400. CarPlay is also an option on the new $600 AppRadio 4. To make use of the technology a person must have an iPhone 5 or better, running at least iOS 7.1.



Briefly: Apple Store app for iPhone 6, Tweetbot 3.5

1 hour ago | Posted in: iPhone apps, Apple, iPad apps

Apple's Store app has been updated to reflect its updated iOS and latest iPhone release. Users of the Apple Store app allow users to start their Retail Store order on their own device, featuring a Browse function that displays trending products, as well as reviews for accessories. Apple Store v3.0.1 offers compatibility with the latest Apple mobile devices, including support for iPhone 6. Free to download, the Apple Store app is available on iTunes.


Apps: Twitter, PopClip, Remotix

2 hours ago | Posted in apps


    Twitter 3.1 (free)

    Twitter is the official desktop client for the popular social networking service. Version 3.1 now requires systems be running OS X 10.7 or later on a 64-bit Intel processor. New features include the ability to view and post Tweets with as many as four photos, as well as to share photos privately in Messages.


    PopClip 1.5.2 ($5)

    PopClip adds a new popover menu to OS X that displays whenever text is selected on a Mac. From the popover users can cut, copy, and paste text, as well as perform a web search based on selected text, get dictionary definitions, and more. A bug that caused text input from Typinator to behave unreliably with PopClip running has been fixed with this update. An issue that prevented the AppleScript “appear” trigger from working has also been fixed, along with a crash specific to OS X 10.6.


    Remotix 3.0.2 ($40)

    Remotix is a VNC client that can be used to access computers remotely. The software features full Apple Screen Sharing support, including Mac OS X login, clipboard synchronization, Apple adaptive codec and multiple display configurations, as well as automatic Bonjour server discovery. The v3.0.2 update addresses a number of minor issues and improves overall stability.


    Currency Assistant 3.2 ($9)

    Currency Assistant allows users to convert values between 175 world currencies. The software automatically updates exchange rates over the Internet using the rates published by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Italy. Version 3.2 is now fully compatible with OS X Yosemite and has been repackaged as a 64-bit sandboxed application. A number of visual tweaks have also been made, along with the addition of new countries and various bug fixes.


    LaunchBar 6.1.2 ($30)

    LaunchBar is a tool that can provide quick access to apps, documents, contacts, and bookmarks, as well as a music library or various search engines. The latest release features a number of improvements and bug fixes, as well as new LaunchBar Actions. Actions implemented as workflows can now return files, and an action’s result items can now optionally specify a "label" and/or a "badge" which will be displayed at the right side of the result list.


Chinese iPhone 6 reservations top 2 million hours into availability

2 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone

Carriers and retailers have booked over 2 million reservations for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, just hours into the option becoming available, according to local news sources ITHome and Sina. Most of the initial reservations are said to be for 64GB models of the phones, even though both are far more expensive than their counterparts in the US. A 64GB iPhone 6 costs the equivalent of $991, while a 64GB 6 Plus is $1,122. In the US -- without a contract -- the same hardware is $749 and $849.



Google threatened with $100M lawsuit over stolen celebrity photos

3 hours ago | Posted in: industry

Google is being threatened with a lawsuit that "could well exceed" $100 million, with Over a dozen celebrities complaining that the search engine giant failed to remove stolen private images from the Internet. A letter from attorney Marty Singer claims that Google is showing "despicable, reprehensible conduct" for "failing to act expeditiously and responsibly to remove the images" that were pilfered from various celebrity online photo storage accounts, including Apple's iCloud service.



Pro-democracy protesters targeted with malware on iOS, Android

10 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, security, developer, iPhone apps, mobile phones, Apple, iPad, iPad apps

In an almost unheard-of claim, Lacoon Mobile Security has said that it has discovered a new spyware attack that targets both iOS and Android devices and which appears to be aimed specifically at Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. Lacoon says it made the discovery while investigating the Android version, but did not clarify how the malware might be installed, or overcome the security built into iOS that has, thus far, kept it largely immune to serious malware or viruses.



Find My iPhone web page lets users check on Activation Lock status

12 hours ago | Posted in: iPod, iPhone, security, Apple, iPad

Users who are unsure if their iOS device has the anti-theft feature Activation Lock turned on can now easily check through a new page based on Apple's iCloud site. While the page is currently not linked to the main menu on -- suggesting it may still be undergoing testing -- it offers users a chance to input the devices serial number or IMEI identifier, and returns information on whether the device is protected.



Review: Tylt Energi 2K Travel Charger

13 hours ago | Posted in:

Backup batteries and device chargers are objects that many users take for granted. They often only one-dimensional in functionality, restoring the batteries of the devices that people use every day through the outlet. But what if there was more to a charger? Tylt decided to offer consumers something a little different, adding an internal battery to an everyday charger. The Tylt Energi 2K Travel Charger is the result, meshing a charger that can be thrown in a bag with one of the company's Energi external battery packs. Would the Energi 2K be good enough to replace the chargers included with smartphones, or would consumers be better off sticking with what they have? Find out in our review.



Newson confirms Apple job is part-time, working on special projects

15 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets, accessories, Apple

Designer Marc Newson, recently hired to join Sir Jonathan Ive's design team at Apple, has confirmed in a new interview that his work with the iconic iPhone maker is part-time, and that he will continue to run his own design company and operate out of the UK -- confirming rumors that Newson would only be called to California on occasion. "My role at Apple doesn't necessitate all of my time, and that was for very specific reasons," he said, but couldn't elaborate on what he was working on for Apple.



Verizon retreats from 'network optimization' for unlimited data users

17 hours ago | Posted in: industry

Verizon had a change of heart on its implementation of "network optimization" that would result in slower 4G LTE speeds for account holders with unlimited data. Initially, the carrier announced a change in policy that was said only to impact the "top five percent" of unlimited plan users, as the company would manage their data speeds in order to optimize speeds in the area for others.



Analysts: Apple Watch likely a hit, but will take time to mature

17 hours ago | Posted in: industry, gadgets, developer, accessories, Apple

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, while calling the Apple Watch "light years ahead of any other smartwatch on the market," nevertheless advised both clients and market watchers to expect "conservative" initial sales of the device in its first year. Like the iPod, which took three years to become the dominant force in music players, Munster said that "consumer application may be limited initially, until developers begin to create useful applications for the watch."



Court tosses WiLan suit against Apple over LTE patents

18 hours ago | Posted in: Investor, Apple

Non-practicing entity and patent holdings company WiLan has again lost to Apple in the second of three proceedings against the iPhone maker. The US District Court for Southern California granted Apple's motion for a summary judgement, following a finding that the two LTE patents the Canadian patent troll was accusing Apple of infringing were invalid, and therefore not infringed. Apple previously won a jury trial brought by WiLan in Texas over different wireless patents.


Apple drops German publication over iPhone 6 Plus bending video

20 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry, troubleshooting, Apple

Apple has dropped a German publication, Computer Bild, from receiving review units or covering company events, according to the publication's editor-in-chief, Axel Telzerow. Like some other websites, CB recently decided to produce a video testing whether the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent more easily than other phones. The clip (below) has managed to gather over 510,000 views so far on YouTube; its popularity apparently caught the attention of Apple, which contacted CB to revoke press privileges.



Briefly: Logitech Type+ keyboard, Corsair Voyager Vega flash drive

20 hours ago | Posted in: accessories

(Updated with corrected Type+ pricing) Logitech announced a new case and keyboard combo for the iPad Air today, the Type+. Like many other Bluetooth keyboards for tablets, the Type+ is powered by an internal battery. In this case, the battery is said to last up to three months on a single charge, according to Logitech. The case portion uses clips in the corners to hold onto the iPad, also using magnets to hold the cover closed. The Type+ auto-wakes or auto-sleeps the iPad Air, depending if the cover is open or not. The case does make the tablet a little thicker, as it bumps up to 0.71 inches.



Bug in iOS 8 triggering problems with Bluetooth connections in cars

20 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, troubleshooting, developer, networking, Apple

The current versions of iOS 8 is creating problems for people who pair their iPhones with Bluetooth devices, particularly car audio systems, according to complaints. In the case of cars, devices with the firmware may refuse to pair, fail to play audio, or disconnect when a phonecall comes in. The problem can't be solved with iOS 8.0.2, and is affecting many automotive brands, including BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, and others.



Sprint, Verizon take on AT&T 'double data' promotion with own offers

21 hours ago | Posted in: mobile phones

AT&T's recent promotional offer to double the data caps on its Mobile Share Value plans seems to have struck a nerve with other carriers. Both Verizon and Sprint have announced their own data-doubling promotions just a few days after AT&T -- and while Verizon appears to match AT&T's allowances and prices, Sprint has opted to go further, by redoubling the caps.


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Second round of POS breaches strikes Albertson's, Supervalu chain

21 hours ago | Posted in: security

Supervalu and Albertson's shoppers may be in for another round of personal information theft notifications. The companies said that a second hack took place in late August or early September, with the company finding malicious software on systems that process credit and debit card sales at some of the company's 1,081 stores. Additionally, the malware was also found at Shoppers Food and Pharmacy, plus Shop 'n Save stores -- but the company believes that the installation was not successful, and failed to capture payment data.


Briefly: Extensis Portfolio debuts, new OS X printer driver updates

23 hours ago | Posted in: peripherals, software, enterprise, Apple

Extensis is launching a new digital asset management (DAM) system tomorrow, Extensis Portfolio. Aiming to provide a more affordable system for companies of all sizes, Extensis Portfolio allows users to holds millions of assets in one catalog or several, and can be used by multiple departments. Companies can choose what they will use with Portfolio's modular platform, with options for mobile DAM, single sign-on, web portals and more. The system's new "Restful" API provides simple integration with other third-party applications, such as eCommerce Systems, collection managements systems, and web content management systems.


iOS apps: Camera+, 500px, Manual

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in iOS apps

  • 38.6MB

    Camera+ 6.0.1 ($2)

    Camera+ builds on the default camera app by adding extra shooting features, editing options, and photo filters. Within the app users can set the exposure separately from the focus, as well as use a horizon level to eliminate crooked shots. The v6.0.1 emergency bug fix resolves the “Black Spinny Screen of Doom” for the Photo Extension, the “Buttonless Popup of Purgatory” for Restore Purchases, and a couple of other minor issues.

  • 25.9MB

    500px 2.8.1 (free)

    500px is a photo sharing platform that lets users upload photos and browse through numerous community selected galleries. A layout issue specific to the iPhone 4S has been fixed with this update.

  • 1.2MB

    Manual 1.0.1 ($2)

    Manual is a camera app that gives users independent control over the shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. Missing ISO and shutter values for capable devices have been added to this release, align with better support for iPads. A URL scheme for launchers has also been added and a number of theme bugs have been resolved.

  • 22.2MB

    Flow for Instagram 2.1.4 (free)

    Flow for Instagram is a tool for viewing an Instagram feed on an iPad. The app loads a user’s entire feed into a grid interface designed specifically for the larger display. Version 2.1.4 adds support for iOS 8, as well as for viewing any tagged users in photos. Along with an updated icon, the update also includes carious bug fixes and performance enhancements.

  • 60.9MB

    Fragment 1.5.1 (free)

    Fragment is a photo app that gives users a number of prismatic effects to use on their images. Each of the effects includes several options for customization, as well as a shuffle button that create a totally random effect. Version 1.5.1 introduces three new shape backs and a fix for a bug that caused photo albums to appear empty on iOS 8.0.2.


Bug causing App Store to include wrong apps in Kids categories

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: iPod, iPhone, troubleshooting, iPad

A bug involving the iOS App Store is causing it to display inappropriate apps under the various Kids categories, according to complaints. Browsing those categories' Top Charts sections, users can currently spot many apps that would normally fall under the All Categories umbrella. This includes obvious mistakes, such as gambling and dating apps.


Battery replacement program for iPhone 5 allows third-party displays

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: iPhone, troubleshooting, Apple

Apple is now allowing people to participate in its iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program even if they've had their phone's display fixed using third-party components, according to a notice on the company's private website for service providers. Apple's previous position was that it wouldn't replace batteries in phones that may have seen damage, and as such it required broken displays to be fixed first. If someone fixed a display on their own, though, Apple would deny them a new battery.


Garmin Forerunner 920XT GPS watch revealed with wireless connectivity

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: gadgets

Garmin has introduced another device in its Forerunner GPS watch range. The Forerunner 920XT, a follow-up to last year's Forerunner 910XT, is able to track the wearer's physical activities and provide a variety of statistics on its display, but improves on its predecessor by using a color display, being 15 percent lighter, and offers increased connectivity options.


Briefly: Spotify launches in Canada, Pokemon TCG reaches iPad

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: gaming, software, audio, iPad, iPad apps

Spotify has opened up its service in Canada to all users, following a brief invitational period. The streaming music service boasts over 20 million songs served on 320kbps streams, with chief content officer Ken Parks claiming the collection has been "tailor made for Canadian music fans." Users have the same ad-supported free and paid service options as other regions, with Spotify Premium priced at $10 per month.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month donation option appears on iTunes Store

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: education, Apple

City of Hope, a research and treatment charity focused on cancer and diabetes among other life-threatening illnesses, will be the recipient of donations given by iTunes users through a new portal on the iTunes Store and available for iOS, Mac and Windows users. The move, the first time Apple has set up a donation system for a non-disaster relief organization, is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and will be available throughout October.


Bloomberg: Apple to offer next iPad Air in gold color option

Wed October 1, 2014 | Posted in: Apple, iPad

As previously reported, Apple will launch the second-generation iPad Air, and possibly the iPad mini with Retina display, with an option for a gold color -- to match the options available for the iPhone 5s and new iPhone 6 family. The gold color, first introduced last year, is said to be the most popular color for the iPhone 5s and caused severe shortages for the gold model during its debut. The next iPad models are also expected to gain the latest A8 processor, improved graphics and Touch ID.


Apple calling for Yosemite app submissions following GM seeding

Tue September 30, 2014 | Posted in: software, developer, Apple

On Tuesday, Apple signaled the end of active development of the first official version of OS X 10.10 Yosemite with the seeding of the "Golden Master," a one-last-lookover build that will be used as the final first release if no show-stopping bugs are found. An email was sent to registered developers calling for app submissions ahead of the upcoming launch of Yosemite, though no date or deadline was given. The existence of a GM candidate suggests that Yosemite is not far from being released to the public.


Pebble cuts smartwatch prices by $50, adds activity tracking

Tue September 30, 2014 | Posted in: gadgets

Pebble, the Kickstarter-funded smartwatch, has been updated with some new functionality, and new prices. An incoming update for the smartwatch will enable activity tracking functionality for the first time, with the manufacturer dropping the price of both the standard Pebble and the Pebble Steel by $50, bringing them to $99 and $199 respectively.


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