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GT Advanced, Apple strike deal to 'amicably' part ways

28 minutes ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry, Apple

After much bickering in court during bankruptcy proceedings that took Apple and Wall Street by surprise, former sapphire supplier GT Advanced Technologies has worked out an agreement with the iPhone maker that will let it pursue its plan of winding down operations at its Mesa, Arizona plant and laying off nearly 700 employees. Though Apple had initially said it would work to preserve the jobs involved, the deal instead offers incentives to certain employees to help wind down the plant, and provides a way for GT to pay back the money it owes Apple.



Briefly: Alpine Headphones, iDevices iShower2

3 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets, audio

A new set of consumer headphones was released by Alpine Electronics that sets out to bring the concert experience to users in order to "feel their music." The patented TKR3 full frequency immersion technology attempts to recreate the sensation of a live show with a "unique sound field expansion." The Bluetooth headphones feature 40mm drivers, programmable audio processing, powered digital amplifiers, and a lithium battery for up to 10 hours of play. The Alpine Headphones can be used with the Alpine Level Play app for iOS, which creates playlists based on the "energy level" of the songs on the device. The Alpine Headphones are available at Alpine's website or Apple Stores for $300.



Apple says it's aware of Chinese iCloud hijacks, servers not affected

4 hours ago | Posted in: security, Apple

Apple is aware of "intermittent organized network attacks" against people trying to sign into, says Dow Jones. It insists however that iCloud servers haven't been breached, and that people using iOS or the latest version of OS X -- Yosemite -- should be unaffected. The company doesn't specifically mention China, which is where the browser hijacks are taking place.



Briefly: Civilization Beyond Earth data, Total War: Shogun 2 expansion

4 hours ago | Posted in: computers, gaming, Apple

The latest installment of the Civilization franchise from developer Firaxis Civilization: Beyond Earth, today has a slightly narrowed release date for OS X as well as declared hardware and OS requirements. While the PC release is imminent on October 24, the Mac version will ship in time for holiday 2014. Civilization: Beyond Earth, will require OS X 10.10 Yosemite, an Intel Core i3 processor or greater, running at 2.2GHz or more, and 4GB of RAM. Minimum GPU specs are the Nvidia GeForce 640M, ATI Radeon HD 5750, or Intel Iris Graphics with 256 MB.



Apple Pay loyalty program may be coming in time for holidays

4 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, industry

A loyalty program for Apple Pay may be ready to go in time for the holidays, says Bank Innovation. Some retail sources had previously suggested this was unlikely, in part because of doubt about the prospects of a large shift in customer behavior happening right before the holiday season. Real-world market demand may be pushing up the timetable for a loyalty offering, however.



Review: Kenu Airframe Plus

5 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, accessories, mobile phones

Simple, stylish and effective, the Kenu Airframe + portable car mount is the latest addition to Kenu's lineup. Released earlier this year, the Airframe + takes the same basic design of the Airframe and gives it a little extra stretch in order to hold larger 6-inch phones. In our review we thoroughly put the Airframe + to the test to see what exactly it is that puts the "plus" in this portable car mount.



Apple begins shipping early preorders for iPad Air 2, Mini 3

5 hours ago | Posted in: Apple, iPad

Apple is beginning to ship the earliest preorders of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 bought at its online store, accounts say. Notifications are being sent out today. Some orders are scheduled to ship on October 23rd specifically, while other people have been given a broader 23rd-27th timeframe.



Extensis releases Suitcase Fusion 6, with Yosemite compatibility

6 hours ago | Posted in: software, Graphics/Web Design

Extensis today released a major update to its Suitcase Fusion 6 font manager. The new version brings full OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility, Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 integration, font library synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, as well as continuing bug fixes and speed enhancements.



Razer Nabu fitness tracker passes through FCC, could launch soon

7 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets

Razer's Nabu connected wristband is getting closer to launch, after finally receiving approval from the FCC. The wearable, which first surfaced at the start of the year before undergoing public beta testing and being subject to delays over hypoallergenic testing, is tantalizingly close to meeting a supposed October launch time, which could allow Razer to capitalize on holiday sales in an increasingly congested market.



T-Mobile to start preorders for iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 tomorrow

7 hours ago | Posted in: iPad

T-Mobile's US branch has announced that it will start offering preorders for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on Wednesday. While the hardware available to preorder since last Friday already supports T-Mobile, ordering directly from the carrier opens up financing options. 16GB LTE models can be had for no down payment on a two-year contract, monthly fees being approximately $26 for the Air 2 and $22 for the Mini 3. That's on top of a mandatory Simple Choice data plan.



Forums: All iOS apps must support 64-bit code??

8 hours ago | Posted in: computers, troubleshooting, software, Apple

One headline on MacNN this week has caused a bit of a stir in the forums, when Mac Elite "WizOSX" pointed out that Apple has announced that all iOS apps must support 64-bit code by February. One Fresh-Faced Recruit is having trouble playing video with their Windows notebook computer, and is wondering if the MacBook Air would be able to handle it better.



Apple deals: 17-inch iMacs from $1,399

8 hours ago | Posted in: computers, Apple

Apple's online store has been slashing prices on refurbished 27-inch iMac models in the wake of last week's unveiling of their current-generation 5K model. The 27-inch iMac with a 2.9GHz quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive is now $1,399 after a $400 discount. A $310 discount is offered on the refurbished 27-inch iMac with a 3.2GHz Intel quad-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, now $1,489.



DealNN: $120 off 13.3-inch MacBook Pro

8 hours ago | Posted in: computers, peripherals, upgrades/storage, Apple

Right now at B&, get the 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro notebook on sale for $1,280. That's a savings of $120 off the regular price of $1,400, and it is $109 less than the lowest price offered anywhere else. Also provided is a free gift of either security software LoJack or Windows virtual environment software Parallels. This MBP features a 2.4GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage. A one-year warranty on parts and labor is included from Apple.



Apple Pay functions internationally with US-based cards, users say

8 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone

Even though Apple Pay -- launched yesterday with iOS 8.1 -- is nominally supposed to be US-only at the moment, it's already working overseas, anecdotes indicate. In particular the service is functional in Australia, as long as a person is using both US credit cards and region settings on their iPhone. The region toggle is needed to make Apple Pay show as an option.



Sponsored: Top 5 Barcode Scanners for Your Retail Business

9 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets

When it comes to choosing the barcode scanner you are going to buy for your business, there are a lot of choices. But you can't just go out and buy the first scanner you come across. There are some significant differences between some types of barcode scanners. The most important criterion to get a handle on is the type of barcode you use. There are 1D codes like the UPC codes you can find in just about every retail store and then there are 2D codes like QR and DataMatrix which are rarer, and in the case of QR codes, mainly used for other purposes. Some scanners can read all types of barcodes while others can only read the 1D codes. If you use a 1D code format, any scanner you pick will read it so the only other criteria you need to concern yourself with are price and mobility.


iOS apps: GoodReader, Traktor DJ, AirDisk Pro

9 hours ago | Posted in iOS apps

  • 39.7MB

    GoodReader 4 4.6 ($7)

    GoodReader is a PDF reader that features both annotation and cloud sync capabilities. Version 4.6 includes a new option for handling files from iCloud Drive, which lets users open and annotate files without first copying them into GoodReader’s local storage. In addition, Touch ID can now be used to unlock the entire app, or select files. An issue that prevented the GoodReader folder from appearing in iCloud Drive on some Mac computers has also been resolved.

  • 59.9MB

    Traktor DJ 1.6.1 ($10)

    Tractor DJ is a mobile tool for creating audio mixes using songs stored on an iOS device. The latest release includes support for both Audiobus and inter-app audio, allowing users to chain together multiple audio apps. Recorded mixes can also now be opened in other apps, such as Dropbox, and double tapping on the EQ and volume sliders will now cause them to reset.

  • 18.3MB

    AirDisk Pro 4.1 ($2)

    AirDisk Pro can be used to store, view, and manage files directly on any iOS device. Users can connect to the app from any Mac or PC over a Wi-Fi network and transfer files via drag and drop. The v4.1 update is fully optimized for iOS 8 and includes various fixes for reported issues.

  • 16.9MB

    Infuse 3.0 (free)

    Infuse is a mobile media player with support for 14 different file formats. Version 3.0 introduces support for officially licensed and certified DTS and DTS-HD audio, as well as for streaming content stored on Wi-Fi hard drives. Additional support has also been added for accessing content from Mophie’s Space Pack iPhone case.

  • 19MB

    Xbox One SmartGlass 2.9.5 (free)

    Xbox SmartGlass allows users to control an Xbox One console with an iOS device. The free app can be used to navigate through the console's interface, as well as enter text, control media playback, and browse the internet. With the latest update, the app can now stream live TV directly from the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner. TV and OneGuide have also been made available in more markets and various bugs have been addressed.


Staples likely latest company suffering customer payment info breach

9 hours ago | Posted in: Investor, industry, security

Office supply store Staples appears to be the latest victim of a breach of customer payment information. The company issued a brief statement saying that they were looking into the matter, after several banks reported fraudulent activity with a pattern pointing to the source being Staples stores in the US northeast.


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Second Turkish Apple Store to open on Saturday

9 hours ago | Posted in: Apple

Apple's second store in Turkey is launching this Saturday at 10AM, the company has announced. The outlet is situated on one of the middle floors of Istanbul's Akasya Shopping Mall. It will be open from 10AM to 10PM seven days a week, and the company is already beginning to accept reservations for appointments including workshops and Genius Bar service.


Hands On: Steam Marines (OS X, Windows)

9 hours ago | Posted in: computers, gaming, software

Following a year of development in Steam's Early Access program, Steam Marines finally made its way to the general public a few weeks ago. Similar in style to games like Space Hulk and XCOM, Steam Marines is a top-down strategy shooter that requires players to carefully plan out each turn. Available for $15 through Steam, Desura, and the Humble Store, is this 2D retro-styled game worth your time and the unavoidable stress it is bound to cause?


Realmac updates RapidWeaver 6 web publishing tool, now 64-bit

10 hours ago | Posted in: software, Graphics/Web Design

Realmac Software today announced the immediate availability of RapidWeaver 6, a major new upgrade to the company's long-running website creation app. RapidWeaver 6 has over a dozen major new features, and hundreds of enhancements and refinements, and is built exclusively for OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite.


iPhone production may shift even more heavily toward 6 Plus

10 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone

Apple may, for a second time, have to adjust the ratios of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus production to more equally favor the Plus, sources tell Digitimes. Earlier this month the company is said to have noticed that global demand for the Plus was stronger than expected, and adjusted accordingly. After last weekend's launch in China, though, the company is said to have discovered strong demand there too. Chinese wanting a regular iPhone 6 can reportedly buy one without much trouble, but face a long wait if they opt for the bigger phone.


Verizon continues double-digit profit growth, posts $21.8B revenue

12 hours ago | Posted in: Investor, industry

Verizon today reported double-digit year-over-year percentage growth in reported and adjusted earnings per share for the 10th time in the past 11 quarters. Verizon reported $0.89 in earnings per share in third-quarter 2014, compared with $0.78 per share in third-quarter 2013. Total revenues for the company were $21.8 billion in third-quarter 2014, up 7 percent year over year.


Follow-up: Apple clarifies use of data in Spotlight searches

19 hours ago | Posted in: security, software, Apple

While it may sound like a report from the Department of the Obvious, the new version of Spotlight included in Yosemite includes searching beyond the local drive, and consequently gathers and sends to Apple some information on what users are searching for, their (city-level) location -- if Location Services is turned on -- and what Spotlight Suggestion was selected. That one needs to get certain data to perform a web search has apparently come as a surprise to some, and thus Apple has released a statement clarifying exactly what data is gathered, how it is used, and reminding users of how to turn it off if desired.


Apple launches mini-site promoting Swift programming language

20 hours ago | Posted in: education, developer, Apple

Continuing its effort to promote its own streamlined object-oriented programming code Swift, Apple has followed up from its Swift blog with a full-blown mini-site on The new site takes a similar approach to Apple's dedicated mini-sites for education and business, highlighting some of the many apps now built using swift and featuring case studies, profiles and links to tutorials and free resources. The new promotional mini-site is in addition to the regular Swift developer site.


Apple Pay to be used at both 2014 World Series stadiums

21 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, developer, iPhone apps, Apple

Major League Baseball, which has taken the role of unabashed cheerleader for several of Apple's financial and retail technology initiatives including Passbook and iBeacons, has announced another embrace -- this time, Apple Pay. Both of the two MLB stadiums involved in this year's World Series will be accepting Apple Pay for concessions starting with the event, which begins on Tuesday. San Francisco's AT&T Park and Kansas City's Kauffman Stadium will both have the hardware on hand for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users.


Review: Plantronics Rig Surround 7.1 headset

21 hours ago | Posted in: gaming, audio

Trying to capture the true soundscape of video games can be a daunting task. Looking to surround-sound home theater options, users have to balance the price of speakers and a receiver with the space demands a setup would require. Due to this, gamers often turn to headphones to get the job done. Plantronics has released the Rig Surround headset as a way to fill the need for 7.1 surround sound experience without an expensive price tag or room full of speakers. But is the Rig headset something that consumers should look to, or would they be better off making room for the speakers? Find out in our review.


CEO recaps growth report, praises employees in company memo

23 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, computers, industry, Apple

As is his habit, Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday released a company-wide memo to employees recapping much of the sales and growth data from the analyst conference call given earlier that afternoon. He referred to the expectation-beating results as "Apple's highest September quarter revenue ever, and our strongest growth rate in seven quarters," adding that this was made possible "by your hard work and dedication." He also noted the big jump in Mac sales, beating industry averages significantly.


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