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App deals for OS X: Translate Tab (free), Mini Ninjas, Network Radar

Every so often, people browse the Internet and the Mac App Store to try and find useful things to add to their app arsenal, but sometimes it's hard to find discounted apps that you really want to get. For App Deals for OS X, the MacNN staff has compiled a list of apps for your Mac that are either a great bargain, or even free for a short while.

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App deals for iOS: AirDisk Pro (free), Grand Theft Auto titles, more

The App Store is a constantly-changing place, with new apps joining the catalog, while others adjust their prices to encourage some new sales. App Deals for iOS aims to point you in the direction of apps for your iPhone or iPad that have been reduced in price, making them an essential purchase, or in some cases, even free.

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Hands On: Wittify 1.0 (iOS)

Do you always feel like you come up short in conversation? Struggle to find the right words to say in emails, texts, or on social media? We've got a solution for you: Wittify, a keyboard with quotes for almost any situation. It's a custom keyboard that gives you an absolute ton of quotes for just about any situation.

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Study: Apple Watch early adopters mostly men, women catching up

A new study by e-commerce analytics firm Slice has shown that most early adopters of the Apple Watch were men, but that women have now come close to closing the gap, with the split now about 60-40 in favor of male buyers compared to the 80-20 split during most of the device's first year. By contrast, the only wearable product that outsells the Apple Watch -- the various Fitbit models of fitness band -- was predominantly and still is more popular with female buyers, with the percentage of women buyers growing.

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Daily Deals: 23-inch Lenovo monitor, 120GB SSD, 5TB Sandisk drive

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN searches online retailers to find sales, offers, discounts, and bargains for our readers to enjoy. Dead deals have been exorcised from the list, while the new batch of offers includes a 5TB Seagate Expansion desktop external drive for $108, a 120GB SanDisk SSD for $35, and a Lenovo 23-inch IPS 1080p monitor for $90.

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Apple partners with SAP for enterprise app development help

Apple has entered into a partnership with SAP, which aims to "revolutionize the mobile work experience" for enterprise customers, and increase the use of iPhones and iPads in business. As part of the enterprise, which will focus on creating native iOS apps using the SAP HANA platform, the two companies announced they will also supply an iOS software development kit and training academy, to help developers and customers in producing the apps.

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Netflix iOS app now offers cell-data controls

In a new update to its iOS app on Thursday, subscription entertainment service Netflix has introduced new user controls for streaming over cellular networks to prevent overages, throttling, or other usage issues caused by the high data rate of streamed HD video. Users can choose from a given amount of streaming video that "costs" 1GB of cellular data, which lowers video quality to allow as much as four hours of video per GB (the "automatic" setting provides three hours, while higher quality settings reduce the time to two hours, or one hour at the best setting). In addition, the updated app now offers more 3D Touch options from the app icon, beyond the "peek and pop" previews for video. http://apple.co/24AD1vR

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Bentley launches app for Apple Watch

Carmaker Bentley now offers an Apple Watch app for its Bentayga SUV -- a vehicle with a starting price of $229,000 -- that offers some advanced automotive functions not previously seen in other car apps for Apple's wearable. The app allows Watch wearers to control various seat adjustments, environmental controls (including seat massage), and the entertainment system. In addition, various vehicle stats are available at a glance, including distance traveled and vehicle speed. The app is available free on the App Store. http://apple.co/24AyXvs

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Lunch with Cook auction nets $515K

The Charitybuzz auction that offered lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple HQ and a pair of passes to a future Apple event (winner's pick) has ended with a high bid of $515,000, the highest amount the annual auction has fetched since 2013. Proceeds of the auction will benefit Cook's preferred charity, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, where Cook was recently named to the board of directors. The winner, who was unnamed, will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation, and Cook has up to a year to schedule the meeting -- making it possible that the winner will be among the first to dine with Cook in the new Campus 2 cafeteria, which is set to open along with the rest of the new facility early next year. http://bit.ly/236Wf9N

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Free Windows 10 upgrade program ends July 29

Ending speculation, Microsoft has officially announced that it will end free Windows 10 upgrades on July 29, the one-year anniversary of the rollout of the OS. Following the 29th, Microsoft's ubiquitous OS will retail for $119 and up. http://bit.ly/1O0a7kA

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US tech giants to candidates: support TPP

Tech giants including Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Uber are among thirteen major US corporations who have written an open letter to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton urging them to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, reports Reuters. Although not yet made public, the letter also asks the candidates to make it easier for the companies to hire tech workers from overseas. Both are not happy with the TPP deal, although Trump is sterner in his opposition to any kind of trade deals between countries. Trump has not rejected outright the idea of importing high-tech talent from overseas, while Clinton has already voiced her support for the idea. http://reut.rs/1Wb0Zwq

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Apple mandates June 1 app IPv6 support

Apple has set the deadline for IPv6 support for App Store-supplied software. On June 1, apps thast use a custom networking stack and that are submitted to the app store must support IPv6-only networks. The rule, announced last year as coming soon, will only affect a small portion of submitted applications that do not use the NSURLSession and CFNetwork APIs. http://apple.co/24yBTIY

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YouTube Unplugged OTT service coming 2017?

As part of the continuing YouTube evolution, the video streaming service is reportedly considering a paid subscription service that would provide users "over the top" cable TV service. According to sources familiar with the matter, the service has been in the works since 2012, has already made changes to accommodate the live video feeds, and could debut the offering as soon as 2017. http://bloom.bg/1rvx8BW

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