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Apple Watch believed to use Broadcom BCM4334 Wi-Fi

1 minute ago | Posted in: industry, gadgets

The Apple Watch's S1 processor appears to be paired with a Broadcom BCM4334 Wi-Fi module, says research firm Chipworks. The claim is based on an analysis of Apple's promotional video, during which viewers can see the circuitboard the watch uses. Contacts near the top of the board are believed to match a BCM4334 flip-bonded directly.



Larry Ellison steps down as CEO of Oracle, retains board chairman spot

6 minutes ago | Posted in: Investor, industry

Surprisingly, Oracle has announced that founder and CEO Larry Ellison will be stepping down, effective immediately. The outgoing CEO will be replaced by Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, who will both be named CEO of the company, but not be named co-CEOs. Ellison is remaining on the board as executive chairman, and in a business capacity as chief technology officer for the company.



Virtually 'no chance' of finding iPhone 6 Plus at retail on Friday

44 minutes ago | Posted in: iPhone

People trying to buy an iPhone 6 Plus at a third-party retailer tomorrow may be out of luck, sources at carrier stores and Apple's retail partners say. Although outlets are said to be receiving shipments all day today, only 2 to 3 percent of iPhone 6 units are said to be the Plus, and even then only in one color. There's almost "no chance" of finding a Plus on Friday, the people claim, adding that the 16GB version will be absent entirely. The regular iPhone 6 should be available in all colors and storage capacities, if in varying degrees.



Apple 'warrant canary' gone from transparency report

1 hour ago | Posted in: security, Apple

Apple's transparency report on governmental information requests has had a minor change, but a significant one. Language saying that "Apple has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. We would expect to challenge such an order if served on us" has been completely removed from the document, suggesting that Apple has now received a Patriot Act request and is subject to a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant.



Apple releases iCloud for Windows 4.0, iAd Producer 5

1 hour ago | Posted in: software, developer, Apple

Apple has issued v4.0 of iCloud for Windows, the client needed for Windows users to sync content such as email, bookmarks, and photos with iCloud. The v4.0 software is a major update, bringing support for iCloud Drive, Apple's Dropbox-like file storage service. Significantly this means that Windows users are getting access to the feature ahead of Mac owners. It first became an option with iOS 8's debut on Wednesday, but won't hit OS X until Yosemite appears next month.



Safari 7.1 adds support for DuckDuckGo, improved Yahoo security

3 hours ago | Posted in: security, troubleshooting, software, Apple

Despite v7.0.6 being released just yesterday alongside OS X 10.9.5, Apple has released another version of Safari for Mavericks, 7.1. The release mainly follows in the steps of its iOS 8 sibling, introducing secure search site DuckDuckGo as an alternative to the likes of Google or Yahoo. Security for Yahoo searches has been improved, as entries into the search field are now encrypted.



Briefly: GarageBand for iOS 2.02, new iOS 8 keyboard apps

3 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps, iPad apps

Music production app GarageBand has received an update for iOS, including support for iOS 8. Users can use their iOS device to "play" a collection of instruments and record musical pieces.



iOS 8 no longer stores encryption keys, Apple document says

5 hours ago | Posted in: security, Apple

Part of Apple's new approach to privacy involves stricter encryption in iOS 8, according to the Washington Post, as well as an Apple PDF document. The latter notes that Apple no longer stores encryption keys for devices as of iOS 8, meaning that even if a government agency has a search warrant, the company is unable to break past the security on a passcoded device. That should protect locally-stored content.


Apps: BusyCal, Delivery Status, Transmit

5 hours ago | Posted in apps


    BusyCal 2.6 ($50)

    BusyCal is a desktop calendar app that allows users to share calendars among family, friends, and workgroups. Version 2.6 adds support for Airmail and MailMate, as well as for colouring events via Tag colors and storing account credentials in the Keychain. A range of bugs, including a Google 404 error when storing invites addressed to non-Gmail attendees, have also been resolved.


    Delivery Status 6.1.2 (free)

    Delivery Status is a widget that allows users to keep track of all their deliveries in one location. The v6.1.2 update is now fully compatible with OS X Yosemite and offers improved parsing of dates on


    Transmit 4.4.7 ($34)

    Transmit is an FTP client that can handle files transfer and sync operations via several protocols, including FTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. A new fullscreen mode has been aded with this release. Support for both Amazon S3 and OS X 10.6 are also included in the update.


    HoudahGeo 4.0 ($29)

    HoudahGeo enables users to link photos to the location where they were taken. Photos can be pinned to their respective locations, removing the need for a digital camera with built-in GPS capabilities. Version 4.0 adds support for OS X 10.9.5 and OS X 10.10, and now requires OS X 10.8 or later.


    Get Backup 2.6 (free)

    Get Backup is a free back and disk cloning utility that features file and folder synchronization options. The v2.6 update fixes a problem that caused the software to ignore file exceptions during cloning. Compatibility with OS X Yosemite has also been improved.


Apple, U2 collaborating on 'new digital music format'

6 hours ago | Posted in: audio, Apple

Irish band U2 is collaborating with Apple on a "new digital music format" designed to entice people into buying more recorded music, according to Time. The band claims that the point isn't just to help its own sales, but artists that can't make money from live performances. "Songwriters aren't touring people," says frontman Bono. "Cole Porter wouldn't have sold t-shirts. Cole Porter wasn't coming to a stadium near you."



China issues one of two required approvals for iPhone 6 sale

8 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, Apple

Apple has obtained one approval for use of the new line of iPhones in China, moving closer to being able to sell the coveted device in the market. Another critical approval for network access is still needed, which led to concerns last week about the handset not being available for some time in the country.



Briefly: Google Glass iOS update, Chromecast out in more countries

8 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets, software, iPhone apps

An update to MyGlass, the iOS Google Glass companion app, has been updated to allow users faster access to images shot using the headwear. The Next Web writes that photographs will now appear on an iPhone or iPad for editing when Photo Sync is enabled, viewable both via the app and a separate MyGlass album. The Android version of the app reportedly already has the function built in.



Apple updates security policies in Cook open letter, stresses privacy

13 hours ago | Posted in: education, industry, security, Apple

Late on Wednesday, Apple updated its privacy policy web page to feature a letter from CEO Tim Cook outlining new security initiatives, and reiterating the company's recent message that the iPhone maker is in the business of selling products, rather than harvesting data about users in order to target and sell advertising -- and consequently, takes pains to avoid collecting any unnecessary data. In the letter, Cook says that security and privacy are "fundamental to the design of all our hardware, software, and services."



Bloomberg profiles Apple CEO Tim Cook, sheds light on modern Apple

14 hours ago | Posted in: computers, industry, gadgets, software, Apple

A hit-and-miss profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook has brought some new details to light about changes made at Apple since Cook took over in late 2011. It also confirms that the Apple Watch project was started after former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs died, that the consolidation of hardware and software teams that led to Scott Forstall's ouster was a deliberate move by Cook, and that those who work with him have no doubts about the ability of the company to continue innovating.



AOC introducing technology in monitors to protect against blue light

17 hours ago | Posted in: digital imaging

Display manufacturer AOC is introducing a technology that is said to protect users from the damaging effects associated with blue light from backlit LED screens. The patent-pending innovation is dubbed Anti-Blue Light (ABL), offering protection against the prolonged effects of exposure to shortwave light in the blue spectrum.



Briefly: Dropbox's iOS 8 updates, 1Password's 'freemium' model

17 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone apps

Cloud storage platform Dropbox has released an update for its iOS app, in light of the release of iOS 8. Dropbox allows users to store their files remotely, and its iOS app provides access to any file saved to one's cloud account. Dropbox v3.4 includes a restored automatic back-up functionality for iOS 8, which was briefly not working for those who installed the latest iOS release. Users can now create and manage Shared Folders within the app, with additional sharing controls accessible for Pro and Dropbox Business accounts. IOS 8 users can view their recent activity in the Today view widget in the Notification Center, save files and open them directly from Dropbox within other apps. Free to download, Dropbox for iOS is available through iTunes.



Briefly: iPhone 6/iOS 8 e-book available; Apple Camera Raw updated

18 hours ago | Posted in: software, digital imaging, Apple

Following the arrival of iOS 8 on Wednesday, Apple has updated its official iPhone User Guide (a free e-book download available from the iBookstore) to cover its release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as offer a tour of all the new and changed features of iOS 8. The e-Book can be read on the iBooks app for iOS, or on the OS X version of iBooks for Mavericks and later. The guide covers all iOS 8-compatible iPhone hardware, from the iPhone 4S to the latest iPhone 6 models as well as offering iOS 8 tutorials, including the new Health app.


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OS X 10.9.5 released, iMovie for iOS updated for iOS 8

19 hours ago | Posted in: software, iPhone apps, Apple, iPad apps

In what is likely the final numerical update for OS X Mavericks, Apple has released version 10.9.5 just one day after it was seeded to AppleCare representatives. The release notes indicate that it improves the reliability of VPN connections requiring USB smart cards, and access to files on SMB servers. The patch also includes Safari 7.0.6, though it was released separately about a month ago, alongside v6.1.6 for older operating systems for security patches. The company also updated iMovie for iOS to add iOS 8 compatibility.


Briefly: KiiTag Bluetooth item finder, 'Fiber City' second phase

20 hours ago | Posted in: gadgets, enterprise

Life N Soul has announced the launch of its new Bluetooth item finder, the KiiTag. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Technology, the KiiTag can track and locate up to 10 items within a 200-foot range. If users travel more than 200 feet away from one of their valuables, an "out of range" alert will appear on their phone. In combination with in-app purchases, the KiiTag can perform additional tasks, including sending automatic messages of the user's location in an emergency ($5), a remote camera shutter ($4), and a two-way phone finding function ($1). Available in three colors, the KiitTag item finder is priced at $20.


WSJ: iPhone 6, 6 Plus cameras beat Galaxy S5 handily

22 hours ago | Posted in: iPhone, digital imaging, Apple

The Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler has had a chance to take the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy S5 on a test run from a photographic perspective, comparing the built-in cameras on each. On paper, the iPhone models were at a serious disadvantage: the photo modules are only 8MP, compared to the 16 megapixel units on Samsung's flagship smartphone. Nevertheless, Fowler's photos make clear that Apple's combination of lenses, camera, sensor and post-processing technologies create consistently better pictures.


Apple acknowledges HealthKit bug, promises fix

23 hours ago | Posted in: troubleshooting, Apple

Apple has confirmed the existence of a bug in HealthKit that resulted in the removal of related apps from the App Store. In an email to the Financial Times' Tim Bradshaw, the company states that it has "discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today. We're working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month."


BitTorrent Chat exits private test; emerges as Bleep for OS X, Android

23 hours ago | Posted in: security, networking

Peer-to-peer protocol pioneers BitTorrent has released an Alpha version of its chat client. BitTorrent has revealed Bleep -- what used to be called BitTorrent Chat -- for Android and OSX. Bleep offers fully encrypted, end to end communications between users only stored locally on devices, and not retained by servers along any step of the way.


Dremel reveals Idea Builder: 'user-friendly' consumer-level 3D printer

Wed September 17, 2014 | Posted in: gadgets

Today, Dremel introduces the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, what the company calls "the most user-friendly 3D printing experience on the market." Through a strategic partnership with Autodesk, Dremel will provide free print-ready 3D models and simple design tools, while continuing to release new design tools on the printer's suppor twebsite to coach users through the building process.


Ecobee introduces smart thermostat with remote sensors, touchscreen

Wed September 17, 2014 | Posted in: gadgets

Thermostat manufacturer Ecobee has unveiled its third-generation device, the ecobee3. Much like other smart thermostats, the ecobee3 is able to work out when is the optimum time to raise or lower the temperature, though this time the unit is able to rely on a network of remote sensors to find out whether a room is occupied or not, as well as the temperature of each area.


Ive says Apple Watch dates back three years, a 'difficult' project

Wed September 17, 2014 | Posted in: gadgets, Apple

A new interview with CEO Tim Cook, lead designer Jonathan Ive, and Operations head Jeff Williams sheds some light on the development of the Apple Watch. Ive remarks that Apple first began working on the project about three years ago, and calls it "probably one of the most difficult projects I have ever worked on." The company delved into an extreme amount of research, going so far as to invite watch historians to speak at its Cupertino headquarters. "What was interesting is that it [watches] took centuries to find the wrist and then it didn't go anywhere else," Ive says. "I would argue the wrist is the right place for the technology."


Apple updates developer tool Xcode, new OS X Server 4.0 preview seed

Wed September 17, 2014 | Posted in: developer, Apple

Adding to the bevy of updates released today, Apple has released an update to Xcode bringing it up to 6.0.1. Additionally, a new version of OS X Server Developer Preview for OS X 10.10 has been released, incrementing the pre-release to version 4.0 build 14S291i.


Apple TV firmware updates with new look, Beats Music, Family Sharing

Wed September 17, 2014 | Posted in: peripherals, Apple

Accompanying iOS 8 today is updated firmware for the Apple TV. Immediately visible are new cosmetic touches, namely thinner fonts and "flatter" app icons. It also includes some feature additions, such as a Beats Music channel, making it possible to listen to the subscription service Apple acquired earlier this year.


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