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01/27 - 03:44pm Apple Maps gets 12 new Flyover cities
01/27 - 02:51pm Google Fiber heading to Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham
01/27 - 02:42pm Forums: what's wrong with my MBP?
01/27 - 02:40pm Apple deals: Macs from $849
01/27 - 02:39pm DealNN: $150 off Dell 27-inch LED monitor
01/27 - 02:11pm Verizon pays $5M to settle FCC rural call completion investigation
01/27 - 01:56pm OS X 10.10.2 leaves beta, brings predicted changes
01/27 - 01:27pm iOS 8.1.3 goes live, reduces space needed for over-the-air updates
01/27 - 12:55pm Pushbullet brings notification/sharing service to native Mac app
01/27 - 12:08pm Twitter adds group messaging, 30-second video uploads to mobile apps
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