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09/17 - 08:30pm OS X 10.9.5 released, iMovie for iOS updated for iOS 8
09/17 - 08:20pm Pioneer sells DJ audio arm to equity firm, alters home audio deal
09/17 - 07:00pm Yelp, TinyCo to settle with FTC over information collected from kids
09/17 - 06:11pm WSJ: iPhone 6, 6 Plus cameras beat Galaxy S5 handily
09/17 - 05:03pm Apple acknowledges HealthKit bug, promises fix
09/17 - 04:42pm BitTorrent Chat exits private test; emerges as Bleep for OS X, Android
09/17 - 03:45pm Dremel reveals Idea Builder: 'user-friendly' consumer-level 3D printer
09/17 - 03:31pm Ecobee introduces smart thermostat with remote sensors, touchscreen
09/17 - 03:25pm Ive says Apple Watch dates back three years, a 'difficult' project
09/17 - 02:56pm Apple updates developer tool Xcode, new OS X Server 4.0 preview seed
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