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04/19 - 05:26pm Hands On: Flashlight 1.0 (OS X)
04/19 - 04:31pm Oregon 'fixes' recent tax law changes to encourage Google Fiber
04/19 - 12:19pm Wink Hub smart home devices suffer outage caused by software update
04/19 - 11:05am Hands On: Pagico 6.8 (OS X, iOS, Windows)
04/19 - 11:00am Researcher: OS X 'Rootpipe' attack fix not reliable, attacks possible
04/19 - 08:07am Hands On: Sorcery! 1.4.3 and Sorcery! 2 1.1.4 (iOS, Android)
04/19 - 07:16am WSJ: Apple aiming for Canadian Apple Pay launch in November
04/17 - 07:11pm Apple now notifying winners of 2015 WWDC ticket lottery
04/17 - 06:30pm Report: Apple improves revenue for devs over Android in 2015
04/17 - 04:33pm Hands On: Sue Doku 2.0.0 (iOS)
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