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07/11 - 10:33pm Proposed Senate bill would remove regulatory stamps from hardware
07/11 - 09:38pm Amazon charges penny on book orders to avoid French free delivery ban
07/11 - 09:31pm Briefly: Photoshop Express, Google Maps for iOS both updated
07/11 - 04:25pm Sharp offers Apple $293 million to claim equipment in Kameyama plant
07/11 - 03:56pm FCC approves $2B fund to provide Wi-Fi networks for schools, libraries
07/11 - 03:44pm Apple launches official Swift blog for developers
07/11 - 03:10pm Review: Samsung SmartCam HD Pro
07/11 - 02:50pm Beats files suit against Chinese counterfeiters with fake storefronts
07/11 - 02:26pm Friday Deals: PlayStation 4 bundle, mSATA SSD, iPad Mini Nuud
07/11 - 02:24pm Briefly: Bronson Watermarker PDF 2.0, CrossOver 13.2.0
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