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07/10 - 01:06pm Samsung child labor violations spotted in Chinese phone factory
07/10 - 12:28pm EU quizzes tech companies over Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition
07/10 - 12:03pm iTunes 11.3 brings iTunes Extras for HD movies
07/10 - 11:41am CEO Nadella lays foundation for Microsoft priority shift in memo
07/10 - 11:22am iPhone 6 rumors claim 68M in initial units, localized haptic feedback
07/10 - 10:37am Fake TLS certificates doled out by India, scope of problem unknown
07/10 - 10:31am FreedomPop expanding to Europe with trial service in Belgium
07/10 - 10:24am TSMC begins shipping A-series processors for Apple
07/10 - 09:22am Apple wins European trademark rights on Apple Store layouts
07/10 - 08:57am NYC fires back at Lyft launch; promises vehicle seizures, fines
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