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07/10 - 05:13pm IBM to invest $3 billion into research for new computer chips
07/10 - 04:51pm Apple Volume Purchase Program coming to 16 more regions
07/10 - 04:35pm Supreme Court ruling on cell phone warrants may not be the end
07/10 - 04:16pm MLB launches second iBeacon expansion, updates iOS apps
07/10 - 03:32pm MonkeyParking halts San Francisco parking auctions after city warning
07/10 - 02:41pm Misfit, Beddit collaborate on sleep-tracking tech
07/10 - 01:42pm Uber ride results in 10-minute car chase in Washington D.C.
07/10 - 01:37pm FTC files in-app purchase lawsuit against Amazon, seeks refunds
07/10 - 01:06pm Samsung child labor violations spotted in Chinese phone factory
07/10 - 12:28pm EU quizzes tech companies over Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition
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