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07/23 - 07:51am LG demonstrates SDK for G3 QuickCircle case with game release
07/23 - 06:48am Microsoft reveals Nokia Lumia 530 as its first Lumia release
07/23 - 05:23am Briefly: Google Play Store upgrade, Cortana prepares for China launch
07/23 - 04:05am Cook: Apple has made 30 acquisitions thus far in fiscal 2014
07/23 - 02:22am Mid-2011 MacBook Air EFI update causing crashes, other issues
07/23 - 01:48am Hands-on: Power Support Air Jacket for iPhone 5s, iPad Air
07/23 - 01:00am Cook: iPhone 5c, not 5s, was fastest-growing phone in June quarter
07/23 - 01:00am Review: D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug
07/22 - 10:40pm Apple TV, Roku getting FXNow with Simpsons World in next 12 months
07/22 - 09:39pm Apple hit with new employee lawsuit in California court
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