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08/23 - 01:13pm US cybersecurity chief claims lack of experience not important to job
08/23 - 12:20pm Secret Service expands investigation of Target, UPS PoS malware
08/23 - 11:10am FCC filing shows Microsoft-designed Miracast HDMI peripheral
08/22 - 11:02pm Briefly: Satechi Bluetooth smart keyboard, Spotify's listening map
08/22 - 11:00pm Apple announces iPhone 5 battery replacement program
08/22 - 09:09pm AAPL hits all-time closing high at $101.32
08/22 - 07:45pm Briefly: Kaebo cloth Lightning cable, bike mount case for iPhone
08/22 - 06:33pm Judge rebuffs Samsung attempt to invalidate Apple patents
08/22 - 05:42pm BlackBerry Passport specs leak: CPU Snapdragon 800, 19-hour battery
08/22 - 05:03pm FCC requests merger details from Time Warner Cable, Comcast
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