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08/20 - 05:15pm Heartbleed suspected to be point of entry for CMS records breach
08/20 - 04:39pm Latest OS X Yosemite beta enables screensharing via Messages
08/20 - 04:18pm Reports of Verizon's return to app sales refuted by carrier [u]
08/20 - 04:15pm Symantec condenses security line-up into one suite, Norton Security
08/20 - 03:55pm Best Buy runs one-day $75 sale on all iPad Air models
08/20 - 03:30pm Second-gen iPad Air could upgrade to 2GB of RAM
08/20 - 03:15pm Stealth Computer releases new mini PC models with 4 Gigabit ports
08/20 - 02:58pm Skype chat notifications updated, will only display on active device
08/20 - 02:41pm Apple TV gets delayed NFL Now app
08/20 - 02:14pm AT&T bringing gigabit Internet to Silicon Valley with Cupertino push
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