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12/29 - 07:30am Hands On: Ortelius map-making software (OS X)
12/29 - 06:55am Twitter server fault logs out Android app users, affects TweetDeck
12/29 - 06:22am Gmail reportedly inaccessible in China after authorities block service
12/28 - 06:45pm Weekly Game Replay: Nintendo patent disputes, Ubisoft game fine print
12/28 - 02:56pm Hands On: Peggle Blast (iOS)
12/28 - 02:06pm Aereo bankruptcy auction approved for week of February 20
12/28 - 12:13pm Sony accused of pirating music for use in The Interview soundtrack
12/28 - 11:20am Hands On: Application Wizard 3.5 (OS X)
12/27 - 11:35am More iOS App deals for those last-minute gifts (updated Saturday)
12/27 - 10:58am Kodak working with Bullitt to create Android-powered smartphones
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