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09/19 - 12:30am Nvidia announces GTX 970, 980 cards with Maxwell GPU architecture
09/18 - 10:26pm China denies hacking involvement uncovered in US committee report
09/18 - 09:30pm Featured iPhone 6 apps Epic Zen Garden, CNN now available
09/18 - 09:27pm TwitPic staves off impending shutdown with acquisition announcement
09/18 - 08:19pm Home Depot reveals more details on breach, 56M credit cards at risk
09/18 - 07:40pm Australia opens iPhone 6 sales to 'massive' crowds
09/18 - 07:35pm Briefly: Fortune's Most Powerful Women in Business, WSJ iOS 8 app
09/18 - 06:28pm Giveaway: Pearl Mountain PicGIF and VideoGIF for everyone!
09/18 - 06:08pm App Store introduces app bundles, sales as part of iOS 8 rollout
09/18 - 05:40pm Briefly: Tylt iPhone 6 Energi case, protector, Booq Taipan shock bag
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