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01/29 - 06:37pm Prime membership rescues Amazon from loss, $241 million profit posted
01/29 - 06:17pm Apple offers iOS productivity bundle on App Store
01/29 - 05:20pm Sky confirms future launch of own carrier on O2's mobile network
01/29 - 04:34pm Elgato issues recall for faulty Smart Power battery packs
01/29 - 04:26pm Hands On: Microsoft Outlook (iOS)
01/29 - 03:25pm Facebook introduces Foursquare-style Place Tips
01/29 - 02:49pm FCC redefines broadband speeds as 25Mbps downloads, 3Mbps uploads
01/29 - 01:57pm Briefly: Soundcloud, Tumblr iOS apps receive updates
01/29 - 01:23pm Google Play beats App Store in downloads, fares worse in revenues
01/29 - 01:05pm Amazon WorkMail seeks to replace Google, Microsoft corporate email
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