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11/21 - 10:33pm Hands On: Carrot Talking Task List (iOS)
11/21 - 09:21pm Square, Sephora,, Disney app add support for Apple Pay
11/21 - 08:09pm Briefly: Spotcam launches, Satechi's 10-port USB 3.0 hub
11/21 - 05:42pm European parliament wants to break Google search from rest of company
11/21 - 04:06pm Judge approves $450M e-book settlement between Apple, states [u]
11/21 - 03:32pm Briefly: Evernote 6.0, Bushel device management system
11/21 - 02:42pm Briefly: Google Drive Chromebook offer, AT&T Nexus 6 issue
11/21 - 02:24pm Some Safari users experiencing severe YouTube playback problems
11/21 - 02:17pm Forums: Siri fails and iOS 8.1.1 comments
11/21 - 02:10pm Apple deals: bargain priced Macs from $769
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