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07/22 - 12:50am New commercial debuts for MacBook Air, entitled 'Stickers'
07/22 - 12:26am Several backdoors included on every iOS device, researcher says [U]
07/21 - 11:49pm Intel boosts speed in latest Core i5, i7 high-end processors
07/21 - 09:40pm WSJ claims Apple preparing 70-80M 'iPhone 6' units for fall launch
07/21 - 08:11pm Briefly: 'Post-Play' for Apple TV Netflix, Curio 9.1
07/21 - 07:42pm Apple issues EFI update for mid-2011 MacBook Air running Mavericks
07/21 - 06:30pm NPD: Console sales up, PlayStation 4 tops chart for sixth month
07/21 - 05:53pm Apple to again wipe CloudKit database for iOS 8, Yosemite betas
07/21 - 05:35pm Facebook's $2 billion acquisition for Oculus VR officially closes
07/21 - 04:23pm Report: Yahoo buying ad platform and mobile analytic company Flurry
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