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09/16 - 01:03pm Apple updates OS X Server 3.2 developer preview
09/16 - 12:44pm Orange offers to acquire Spanish carrier Jazztel for 3.4B euro
09/16 - 12:32pm Chinese police arrest Foxconn worker for stealing iPhone 6 shells
09/16 - 11:34am Nvidia Shield pre-orders begin in US, Europe for September 30 release
09/16 - 11:07am Apple wins patent on physics-based tablet GUI concept
09/16 - 10:40am DisplayPort spec boosted to 1.3, can drive 5K on single cable
09/16 - 10:12am Amazon Kindles susceptible to malicious epub, account info at risk
09/16 - 09:30am Devs will not have access to NFC APIs this year, Apple says
09/16 - 09:28am Olympus reveals silver OM-D E-M1, incoming firmware update
09/16 - 08:13am Review: Autodesk Smoke 2015
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