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04/23 - 08:46pm Facebook quarterly income climbs 72 percent in a year to $642 million
04/23 - 07:53pm Cook: iPad sales actually better than expected, figures are misleading
04/23 - 07:33pm Founder Mark Pincus leaving Zynga, Alex Garden hired as president
04/23 - 07:10pm FCC distributes new 'Open Internet' rules internally ahead of May vote
04/23 - 06:47pm Apple announces historic 7:1 stock split, increases buyback program
04/23 - 05:50pm Angela Ahrendts to join Apple 'next week,' says Tim Cook
04/23 - 05:30pm Apple Q2 numbers show lower iPad revenue, growth in China and Japan
04/23 - 04:31pm Apple touts $45.6 billion in Q2 2014 revenues
04/23 - 04:23pm DoubleTwist MagicPlay adds AirPlay support to Google Play Music
04/23 - 03:43pm Briefly: Viber 4.2 for iPhone, new STM laptop bags
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