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10/01 - 07:13pm Verizon retreats from 'network optimization' for unlimited data users
10/01 - 07:00pm Analysts: Apple Watch likely a hit, but will take time to mature
10/01 - 05:52pm Court tosses WiLan suit against Apple over LTE patents
10/01 - 05:47pm Briefly: Hearthstone expansion, PlayStation Plus October games
10/01 - 05:20pm Google increases cash rewards for Chrome bug bounties
10/01 - 05:00pm Hyperkin accused of using non-commercial use emulators in console
10/01 - 04:32pm Apple bans German publication over iPhone 6 Plus bending video
10/01 - 03:40pm Briefly: Logitech Type+ keyboard, Corsair Voyager Vega flash drive
10/01 - 03:39pm iOS 8 triggering problems with Bluetooth connections in cars
10/01 - 03:17pm Sprint, Verizon take on AT&T 'double data' promotion with own offers
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