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Forums: trouble pasting text into mail, cleaning App cookies and more

02/27, 2:58pm

trouble pasting text into mail, cleaning App cookies and more

Recently one Fresh-Faced Recruit turned to the MacNN forums looking for help figuring out why they were having trouble pasting text into Mail. A solution has yet to be found. A discussion about how to clear out cookies that are generated by iPhone Apps is under way in the thread titled "cleaning iPhone App cookies" that was started last week.


Hands On: CoconutBattery 3.2 (OS X, iOS)

02/26, 8:24pm

Excellent free app psychoanalyzes your batteries

The curiously-named CoconutBattery 3.2 is a free app that examines the batteries in your MacBooks and your iOS devices. One click and you know everything: it gives you the skinny on every possible scintilla of information about the state your battery is in.


Democratic FCC commissioner requests last-minute Title II changes

02/24, 5:59pm

New proposals may weaken 'paid prioritization' ban, throttling restrictions

One of the three Federal Communications Commission board members previously expected to vote in favor of Chair Tom Wheeler's Title II net neutrality proposal has thrown a spanner in the works by suggesting some changes that could possibly dilute the effectiveness of the proposal. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has asked Wheeler for some changes that wouldn't challenge the overall concept of the proposal, but could weaken FCC enforcement of some key aspects.


Forums: large data transfer, Bootcamp trouble and more

02/24, 2:25pm

large data transfer, Bootcamp trouble and more

Yesterday in the MacNN forums, "the_badger" was looking for a way to copy 6TB of data, and is wondering if there is some kind of app or script that will not stop on filename errors, and will provide a list of items that were not copied. Junior Member "phkc070408" is wondering if there is a good way of deleting the cookies and cache from apps on his iPhone.


Forums: false accusations, trash warnings and more

02/20, 11:34am

false accusations, trash warnings and more

This week in the MacNN Forums, members have been giving useful advice and helping others solve a variety of problems. Yesterday one angry Fresh-Faced Recruit turned to the forums to seek an explanation for a situation where the Apple store has allegedly falsely accused them of tampering with their iPhone, and refuses to fix it under warranty.


Apple launches video repair program for 2011-2013 MacBook Pros

02/19, 8:52pm

Company will compensate owners who have already paid to repair issues

While many sufferers would call the move years overdue, Apple has now officially launched a repair program to fix MacBook Pro models sold between February 2011 and February 2013 that exhibited issues with distorted video, loss of video, or unexpected restarts. The program will start tomorrow, February 20 in the US and Canada, and on February 27 in other countries, and will repair the machines at no charge. Additionally, owners who have already paid for repairs may be eligible for compensation.


Pointers: Keeping your Mac running smoothly

02/18, 11:48pm

Simple, easy tips to keep your Mac humming along for years on end

This week's Pointers column concerns itself with a question we get asked a lot: "I've invested a lot into my Mac, how can I get the most out of it?" There are a lot of answers to this depending on what one means by "the most out if it," but apart from taking advantages of the many great programs and services Apple includes in every Mac, most people want to make their purchase last for as long as feasible. Here's a few tips on how to do that.


Some Apple TVs spamming DHCP requests, potentially slowing LAN

02/18, 11:45am

Problem limited to third generation models, software reinstall doesn't help

A support thread opened on the Apple Community Support forum notes that an Apple TV third-generation model will repeatedly hit a wired network with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) network IP address request broadcasts, seeking an IP address, regardless if it has one or not. MacNN has witnessed this behavior with several Apple TV version 3 units (but not all that we tested), and also confirmed a pair of workarounds for the situation.


Forums: where to buy aluminum Mac Pro and more

02/17, 2:06pm

where to buy aluminum Mac Pro and more

Earlier this week in the MacNN forums, one Mac Elite took to the forums looking for suggestions on where they might be able to find a previous-generation Mac Pro apart from eBay. Mac Elite "FireWire" is trying to figure out a way to batch rename files with Automator in the order that they are displayed.


Some Apple Thunderbolt displays launching DDoS on wired LAN users

02/13, 8:51am

Malware not suspected, flaw in driver or buffer likely the culprit

Some Apple Thunderbolt displays either in line with a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter or connected through the wired Ethernet port on the display seem to be flooding networks periodically with junk packets. A series of user submitted threads on the Apple customer self-support forums are demonstrating that periodically, a Thunderbolt display manifesting the issue is broadcasting 800mbit/s of data to every port in the local area network, effectively knocking fast Ethernet (100mbit/s) users off the network in an inadvertent denial of service attack launched by the display.


Forums: troubleshooting, backups and more

02/10, 2:02pm

troubleshooting, backups and more

Today in the MacNN forums, members continue to assist "l008com" with getting to the root cause of a problem with his Mac mini that is making it crash and freeze. In a thread started by "Waragainstsleep," forum-goers discuss services such as Backblaze and Carbonite for backing up file servers.


DexCom developing Apple Watch app for monitoring glucose

02/09, 6:52pm

FDA reassesses regulations, apps, Class III medical devices

According to a 2014 study by the Center for Disease Control, 29.1 million Americans -- 9.3 percent of the national population -- have diabetes. Particularly for those with Type 1 diabetes, keeping a close eye on blood glucose levels is key for avoiding life-threatening highs and lows. DexCom, makers of blood glucose monitors that take a reading every five minutes, is said to be developing a new Apple Watch app to interface with its monitors, expected to be ready when it becomes available in April.


Hands On: Tidy Up 4 (OS X)

02/08, 10:33pm

Find and remove duplicate images, files and folders on your Mac

It's a conspiracy of hard disk manufacturers, that's what it is. We start off with these 3TB drives in our iMacs, and the next thing you know we're eyeing up external RAID drives. We're also finding that our Macs are so full that they are running visibly slower, infuriatingly slower than we bought them. Until we unmask the cunning storage manufacturers who make us create so many files, we can use Tidy Up 4 to at least get back some of the space.


Forums: problems with landscape mode, RAM hog Chrome

02/06, 11:31am

problems with Landscape and big fat Chrome

This week in the MacNN Forums, members discuss a wide range of topics from problems with landscape mode, and how to deal with an out-of-control Chrome browser. Moderator "ibook_steve" is having trouble with landscape mode on his iPhone 5s, and has turned to the forums asking for advice. "RobOnTheCape" has noticed that Chrome has reached 1GB on his system, and wonders if there is any way of slimming it down.


Forums: large emails, Macs freezing and more

02/03, 2:08pm

large e-mails, Macs freezing and more

Today in the MacNN forums, one confused Forum Regular was trying to figure out why they were unable to send large emails, stating that they thought the latest OS "did away with e-mail size restrictions." Yesterday, one long-time member of the forums had their 2012 Mac mini completely freeze twice, and is hoping fellow forum-goers will have some advice on figuring out why.


NewerTech ships more batteries for older unibody MacBooks

02/02, 3:58pm

Replacements last longer than original hardware

Add-on outfit NewerTech has added some additional NuPower batteries for some of Apple's older unibody MacBook models. These include 13-inch basic MacBooks from 2009 and 2010, and the 2011 edition of the 17-inch MacBook Pro. NuPower batteries are claimed to last up to 50 percent longer than Apple's pre-installed hardware.


MacNN Forums: wireless docking is the future

01/30, 2:59pm

wireless docking is the future

This week, the MacNN forums have been abuzz with talk of everything from wireless docking to favorite apps. Yesterday, Moderator "P" shared an article about Broadwell vPro processors and wireless docking, then goes on to explain how he thinks Apple will use this technology. Yesterday, "jeff k" was trying to figure out a problem he was having with Sophos security software and Time Machine, so far a solution hasn't been found.


Elgato issues recall for faulty Smart Power battery packs

01/29, 4:34pm

Some 6,000mAh models could dangerously overheat

Elgato has alerted customers to a recall of some of its Smart Power 6000mAh battery packs. The warning is being issued through a variety of means, including a notice for people updating the packs' associated iOS app. Affected units could potentially overheat while recharging. The company notes that the faulty products were sold between September and January, and fall within a specific serial number range.


Users of iTunes Connect report being logged into wrong accounts [u]

01/29, 12:28pm

Service now temporarily down

[Updated with possibly-related Testflight issues] A variety of developers have reported being logged into the wrong account after signing into iTunes Connect. Earlier today, signing into the service would display apps belonging to different developers; one person, for example, says they encountered an account belonging to someone at BlackBerry, showing apps such as BBM and BES12 Client. Anyone engaging in further actions would trigger an "unable to process request" message, and a redirect to the right account. In some instances, people had trouble logging in at all.


Pointers: 10 Fast Tips for Safari (OS X)

01/29, 9:06am

Speed up how you use Safari on your Mac

You hear more criticism of Safari than you do of any other browser on OS X -- but then, of course you would. It's the one that comes on your Mac, and if nobody ever criticized it, you'd never think to try Chrome or Firefox's latest build (that will likely be incremented before you finish this paragraph), or any of the other options. There are things that rival browsers do better, but by far the biggest difference between them all is your personal taste - but bailing on Safari means you're missing out on excellent features, and most especially so in the very latest release. Here are ten fast and short pointers for getting more out of Safari on your Mac.


FCC nixes petition by hotels, disallows Wi-Fi hotspot blocking

01/28, 7:45am

Preceding RM-11737 resolved with public notice against blocking

A petition by Marriott, Hilton, and an association of hotel owners asking for permission to block guests from creating their own Wi-Fi hotspots has been resolved today in a public notice by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Specifically, the blocking of personal Wi-Fi hotspots is prohibited, and will be "aggressively" investigated and acted against, according to the agency.


Forums: what's wrong with my MBP?

01/27, 2:42pm

what's wrong with my MBP?

Yesterday, one Dedicated MacNNer turned to the MacNN forums, looking for help figuring out some graphical problems with their 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2011. Also yesterday, Mac Elite "jeff k" was asking fellow forum-members how to get images off of an iPhone after having some trouble transferring photos.


OS X 10.10.2 leaves beta, brings predicted changes

01/27, 1:56pm

Upgrades Time Machine with iCloud Drive browsing

Simultaneous with the launch of iOS 8.1.3, Apple has also released the finished version of OS X 10.10.2. As anticipated, the one feature addition is the ability to browse iCloud Drive items from within Time Machine. Elsewhere, the update is dedicated solely to squashing bugs, such as Wi-Fi disconnects, webpages loading too slowly, and various security and stability problems in Safari.


Apple's iOS 8.1.3 goes live, reduces space needed for OTA updates

01/27, 1:27pm

Generally directed at bugfixes

Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 via iTunes and as an over-the-air download. Though primarily a maintenance update, it does make one important change: reducing the amount of storage that will be needed for future over-the-air upgrades. The amount of space iOS 8 required for an OTA update was a common complaint by users; on 16GB iPhones and iPads, there is frequently too little room left, forcing people to use iTunes instead. Apple hasn't said how much storage will be needed in the future.


OS X 10.10.2 will integrate iCloud Drive content into Time Machine

01/26, 11:38am

Update should also fix Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mail security problems

[Updated with claims about Thunderstrike fix] Apple has seeded a new beta of OS X 10.10.2 to its workers -- build 14C109 -- that includes release notes explaining the update's major changes. The most significant may be the addition of iCloud Drive browsing within Time Machine, which should let people track related changes and find items that were previously stored in the cloud. Apple has also made a number of fixes though, most notably solving a Spotlight vulnerability that automatically loaded remote content in Mail messages.


Forums: Mac Pro update in 2015, iPad tips and more

01/23, 3:30pm

Mac Pro update in 2015, iPad tips and more

The updated Mac Pro has now been available for purchase for a little over a year, and one Fresh-Faced Recruit started a discussion this week in the MacNN forums, asking when we might expect an update, as he is considering buying one. Today, the conversation continues in the thread titled "signs your iMac is on its last legs".


OS X 10.10.2 to fix two vulnerabilities uncovered by Google

01/23, 3:03pm

Third exploit may have already been patched

OS X 10.10.2, still in beta, fixes a pair of zero-day exploits uncovered by Google's Project Zero, reports say. The Project Zero team has newly-published data relating to three OS X vulnerabilities, in accordance with a 90-day disclosure policy; Apple was informed of them in October. One is believed to have already been fixed in OS X Yosemite as of January 8, but in theory the remaining two could be used to attack v10.10.1 users.


Sixth OS X 10.10.2 build comes to developers

01/21, 1:57pm

Bluetooth drops from testing focus

Apple is now seeding a sixth beta of OS X 10.10.2,, listed as build 14C106a. It follows just less than a week after the fifth release, 14C99d. As before, testing efforts are being directed toward Wi-Fi, Mail, and VoiceOver, though Bluetooth has apparently been dropped from the list. A version of the latest beta has also been made available to public testers who previously signed up for the Yosemite beta.


Forums: iPhoto still slow on 27-inch 5K iMac

01/20, 3:16pm

iPhoto still slow on 27-inch 5K iMac

Yesterday in the MacNN forums, one Professional Poster was wondering why iPhoto is still running slow even after they upgraded their computer to a new Retina iMac -- so far there has been no input from fellow members. Forum-goers assist "Thorzdad" in troubleshooting an unresponsive 13-inch MBP, so far a solution has yet to be found.


Forums: Signs your iMac is on its last legs

01/16, 3:32pm

Signs your iMac is on its last leg

This week in the MacNN Forums, Games Meister "The Final Dakar" pointed out strange things that his iMac is doing, and believes that these are signs that his iMac will soon not be operational. Dedicated MacNNer "krx" is looking for a way to do a clean install and use Migration Assistant.


FCC to vote on municipal broadband petitions next month

01/15, 9:35pm

Increasing focus on FCC in ongoing struggle to codify access to broadband

February might not shape up to be such a great month if you're a large national Internet provider in the US. Not only will the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) be voting on the adoption of net neutrality rules FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, all but confirmed would be Title II-based in an interview at CES last week, but it's also possible the commission will be voting on petitions supported by President Obama to overturn laws in several states that are purported to block the build-out of broadband Internet access on the municipal level.


Apple MacBook Pro 2011 class action suit expands, fraud alleged

01/15, 5:00pm

Six states, Puerto Rico added; lawfirm claims firmware update slowed GPU

The class action suit alleging poor quality of Apple's 2011 MacBook Pro line has expanded. An email by the law firm driving the suit sent out last week informed class members that the complaint has now grown to users in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Puerto Rico, and Vermont. Additionally, the suit now claims that Apple actively and deliberately hid the problem from affected users.


Apple details anti-abuse protection in EU app return policy

01/13, 6:41pm

Users can lose ability to ask for refunds if requested too often

A new policy implemented at the very end of 2014 that allows European Union app buyers a 14-day window to request a refund has been clarified by Apple with some anti-abuse measures. While users do not have to give a reason when requesting a refund on an app they purchased, those who too frequently request refunds will received warnings that by buying, they are now waiving their return rights.


Fourth iOS 8.2 beta seeds to developers

01/12, 2:20pm

Public release may run parallel with Apple Watch availability

Apple is now seeding a fourth beta of iOS 8.2 via the company's developer portal, and as an over-the-air update for existing beta users. The build is listed as 12D5461b, and follows a little less than a month after beta 3, which was issued December 18. That build was 12D5452a. Accompanying the beta is a new version of WatchKit, the SDK and framework needed to build Apple Watch support into iOS apps.


Launch of iOS 8.1.3 may happen next week

01/09, 3:54pm

Tracking data points to spike in Apple testing

Apple's upcoming iOS 8.1.3 update should arrive next week, reports suggest. Sources say that some sort of iOS 8 update, whether beta or public, will go live on Tuesday or Wednesday. Web tracking data at MacRumors, however, shows a sudden spike this week in iOS 8.1.3 devices visiting from Apple's internal networks.


Forums: iOS 8 autocorrect has gone mad

01/09, 11:03am

iOS 8 autocorrect has gone mad

This week in the MacNN forums, members discuss the latest changes to auto-correct in iOS 8 after Clinically Insane member "subego" pointed out that it just doesn't "feel coherent like all the previous iterations," going on to say that it has the feeling of different algorithms competing with each other. Forum Regular "Harvey" has some questions about playing music from the cloud.


Hands On: A Better Finder Attributes 5 (OS X)

01/07, 1:38pm

Fix problems and set dates for any of your files

It's probably a sign that we are just one bad decision away from being evil crime lords, but we looked at this and all thought exactly the same thing: you could use this software to change the dates on contracts to 90 years ago and claim to have invented Boeing. Or, on a slightly smaller scale, we could've told our college professors that of course we started this report at the start of the semester. That really is the kind of thing we can do with A Better Finder Attributes 5 -- ABFA for short -- but it's intended more for the kind of fine and morally upstanding person that you are.


Forums: Yosemite Install problems, Broadwell chips and poop emojis

01/06, 2:00pm

Yosemite Install problems, Broadwell chips and poop emojis

Today in the MacNN Forums, one distressed Fresh-Faced Recruit was looking for help resolving a problem with installing Yosemite after something went wrong and the external hard drive they were trying to install it on died. Yesterday, Moderator "P" started a discussion about the release timeline for Intel's latest Broadwell chips that were just announced at CES.


Forums: two operating systems, one Mac

01/02, 3:41pm

two operating systems, one Mac

Today in the MacNN forums, one Dedicated MacNNer was asking if it was possible to run two different versions of OS X on the same Mac, as they are planning on replacing their original drive with a solid state drive. Grizzled Veteran "PHoynak" is looking for a way to use their old white MacBook as a second display with a 27-inch iMac, and wonders if anyone has any advice on how this could be accomplished.


Some iPhone 6 owners unable to update Apple Pay cards after restore

12/31, 11:01am

Affected people forced to get replacement devices

A number of iPhone 6 owners are complaining that they have been unable to add their cards back to Apple Pay after restoring iOS. The problem -- described in Apple's support forums -- can manifest whether restoring from a backup or starting fresh, and so far the only solution involves getting a replacement phone from Apple. Genius Bar technicians appear to be offering replacements to most affected people, whether in the form of a refurbished or genuinely new device.


Forums: battery swapping, problems with Notes, more

12/30, 12:09pm

battery swapping, problems with Notes and more

Today in the MacNN Forums, Fresh-Faced Recruit "Ryan700" was asking if it was possible to move a battery from one 13-inch MBP to another 13-inch MBP, after the battery in his wife's computer needed to be replaced. A frustrated "jeff k" has turned to the forums hoping someone will be able to help him figure out why it is that the Notes app on his new iPhone keeps deleting notes at the end of the day.


PlayStation Network still experiencing difficulties following attack

12/30, 3:35am

Lingering DDoS attacks, or normal post-holiday update traffic issues?

Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Xbox Live (XBL) and Playstation Network (PSN) experienced a DDoS assault from a group claiming to be the Lizard Squad. After the group claiming credit was bribed by Kim Dotcom to end the attack, many PSN users are still experiencing poor or non-existent service, with no clear cause now evident. While the attack officially ended Friday morning, many PSN users have been complaining on twitter of continued poor service.


Hands On: Application Wizard 3.5 (OS X)

12/28, 11:20am

Speed up working on your Mac with this powerful application launcher

Hand on heart, we were not certain what the point of Application Wizard was when we got started testing it. Ostensibly, the app is meant to make it quicker for you to open applications, which is fine -- except we have Apple's own Spotlight to do that. It's intended to make it very fast switching between apps, but if you've not yet discovered what happens when you hold down the Apple key and press Tab, do that now and you'll never forget how useful it is. Application Wizard, by developer Mabasoft, seems to duplicate many features we have on our Macs or in some of the most popular utilities. However, with use, we were won over by how much it does, and what annoyances it solves.


Hands On: iStat Menus 5 (OS X)

12/27, 10:46am

Immensely powerful utility for troubleshooting Macs

This is a Mac troubleshooting app that once you've used it to track down one problem, you'll simply leave it running all the time. It gives you at-a-glance access to details about your Mac that vary from a little bit geeky to very geeky -- but always useful. This is not something every user will need, and it's not something that should come supplied on every Mac, but you'll wish it were. The latest iStat Menus is one utility that gives you immediate and constantly-updated details of what your Mac is doing.


Forums: 27-inch iMac problems and more

12/26, 3:07pm

27-inch iMac problems and more

Yesterday in the MacNN forums, one Dedicated MacNNer started having problems booting their 27-inch iMac. After trying a variety of methods to get it to boot, they turned to the forums for some advice. On his quest to fix a problem with an unresponsive 13-inch MacBook Pro, "Thorzdad" asked fellow forum-goers for some advice.


Exploding LG G3 battery melts through mattress, user claims

12/24, 2:32am

Claims not yet verified by authorities, LG; Reddit user offers photo evidence

A Reddit user's younger sister had her LG G3 battery explode as it sat charging on her bed, according to photos and a report from Reddit Android group contributor "s-blade." The heat from the explosion appears to have been so intense that it caused the phone to melt through the mattress, only lightly scorching the sheets as it sank into the bed. The report mentions that the battery and charger involved were original equipment, and not cheap knock-offs or counterfeit low-cost replacements that have a track record of serious problems.


Forums: songs won't erase, trackpad troubles and more

12/23, 2:49pm

songs won't erase, trackpad troubles and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members are plagued with songs that won't erase from their iPods, trackpad problems and more. "I can't erase songs from my iPod touch" says one frustrated Mac Elite, who is also baffled as to why there are random U2 songs on there that he never downloaded. After doing an update on an iPad 2, one Mac Enthusiast found that the unit is stuck on "searching" for cellular service.


Hands On: System Monitor (iOS)

12/23, 2:03pm

Know exactly how much talk time you have left at a glance

Anyone who has been caught without a charger, or with no storage space left to download pictures, music, or apps when away from their computer, is aware of how frustrating that situation can be. It's not always easy to tell how much RAM, free space, or talk time a user has left on their beloved iPhone or iPad. However, System Monitor by Tekton Technologies, is a very useful app that keys users in to the inner workings of their devices.


Tor network servers experience outage after leaked warnings

12/22, 7:53pm

Compromised servers isolated and replaced, says project developers

Last Friday, the Tor Project blog posted about a possible threat that some of its servers would be seized in an attempt to incapacitate or hijack the Tor network. Over the weekend, a group of "exit node" servers in a Dutch datacenter went down, and then came back online. The service, a volunteer network of relays aiming to provide anonymity and security, says it was warned of suspicious activity that may have been instigated by law enforcement.


Public gets new beta of OS X 10.10.2

12/22, 8:59am

Follows third developer beta

Over the weekend, Apple published a new public beta version of OS X 10.10.2 to pre-registered Yosemite testers. The code is identified as build 14C81h, and follows the third developer beta of the update, which was build 14C81f. For that, Apple asked developers to concentrate testing on areas such as Mail, VoiceOver, and Wi-Fi connections.



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