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Apple VP: 'a bit of homework' yet to do on Apple Music, iTunes issues

09/03, 12:27pm

Company getting 'a lot of feedback' on problems, music buying 'still healthy'

Oliver Schusser, an Apple vice president for iTunes International, was recently interviewed by the UK's The Guardian newspaper and admitted that the company is getting "a lot of feedback" on issues ranging from the design of the iOS Music app to sometimes-severe problems with iTunes 12.2 on Macs, as well as both compliments and brickbats on the overall Apple Music paid subscription service and the free features that accompany it.


Pointers: the magical powers of restarting

09/03, 1:56am

A simple action (and one weird old tip) work wonders for funky devices

Those of you who follow the MacNN Podcast will know that I got an Apple Watch (finally) a little over two weeks ago. I have been enjoying it, thanks, but a day or two ago it started misbehaving: specifically, the "hey Siri" function would not complete once I had told it what I wanted. It would just hang there, like a needy groupie. So I needed to figure out how to troubleshoot it.


Forums: Kernel task compressed memory, Time Capsule problems and more

09/01, 5:29pm

Kernel task compressed memory, Time Capsule problems and more

Today in the MacNN Forums, one Fresh-Faced Recruit is wondering if anyone else has the same problem they have been having with kernel task compressed memory. Also today, Forum Regular "Harvey" turned to the forums after some strange issues started popping up with a 3 year old Time Capsule.


MacNN launches testing of heat on unpowered SSD data retention

08/31, 12:09pm

Long term work focuses on depleted, factory new 840evo SSD line

Earlier this year, there was some controversy about heat and SSD data life when left unpowered. We don't think this is a major problem for most users, as a SSD will be powered for essentially its entire operational life -- but it may be an issue going forward, as users collect older technologies for re-use, given the generally long life of Apple hardware. So, in conjunction with our SSD Trim testing, we've started real-life testing of unpowered, depleted SSDs, exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time to check on both data retention, as well as drive survivability.


SSD data recovery, secure erase standards group formed

08/25, 2:40pm

Problem troublesome in data centers, other enterprise SSD deployments

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and its Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) have announced the formation of a new Data Recovery and Erase Special Interest Group (DR/E SIG) to accelerate awareness and adoption of recovery technology in the solid state storage marketplace. The first meetings, held earlier in August, brought together manufacturers as well as data recovery specialists, to hammer out a charter and a path for the group to standardize techniques, technologies, and best practices for SSD recovery and erasure, previously unique to each manufacturer.


Forums: Safari crashing, iCloud mail issues and more

08/21, 7:37pm

Safari crashing, iCloud mail issues and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members troubleshoot problems ranging from Safari crashing to iCloud mail issues and more. Today, one Fresh-Faced Recruit is looking for answers as to why Safari keeps quitting unexpectedly every day at the same time, and has provided crash reports.


Apple issues iSight camera replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus

08/21, 6:41pm

Small percentage of devices have component failure that results in blurry photos

Apple has posted a new repair program for owners of the iPhone 6 Plus that will replace the device's iSight (rear) camera free of charge for up to three years after the phone was purchased, regardless of warranty status. Apple said it had determined that "a small percentage" of iPhone 6 models sold primarily between September of 2014 and January of 2015 have a component in them that could fail, causing photos to look blurry.


Forums: new iPad?

08/18, 9:39am

new iPad?

Yesterday in the MacNN forums, members speculate on when new iPads will be coming after one Forum Regular was asking if they should expect to see a refresh in October or if there will be a longer wait. Mac Elite "jeff k" is wondering if there is yet a way to make the desktop the default location to save documents from any app, it appears the answer is still no.


Briefly: iTunes stores down, rumored Sept 18 iPhone retail launch [u]

08/17, 6:36pm

Outage affecting some users of App Store, iTunes, iBooks, Mac App Store

[updated with Apple revisionism on outage time] An outage of services has affected some users, making Apple's main iTunes-oriented stores (the iTunes store, the iOS and Mac App Stores, the iBookstore, and even the corporate Volume Purchasing Program) unavailable for the past two hours or so. According to Apple's own system status page, some percentage of users have been unable to make purchases since approximately 4:20 PM Eastern, and the outage is ongoing.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 28: 'Candle in the Compton'

08/17, 1:03pm

At last, some other topics not related to Microsoft -- and some MS stuff too

It's August, and that means festival season, almost everywhere. MacNN Editor Charles Martin is out on the road again enjoying a big one in Edmonton, Alberta, but he's not letting that stop him from hosting this week's episode of the show. Joining him this week are staff writer Malcolm Owen in Wales, Bradley McBurney in Kelowna, BC, and William Gallagher in Birmingham (UK, not Alabama). We predict, we blame ourselves, we mention Microsoft. Show notes after the jump.


Forums: iPhone 6s, Skylake processors and more

08/14, 11:59am

iPhone 6s, Skylake processors and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members begin to discuss what they expect with the iPhone 6s, with some expecting updates such as Force Touch, and others not much at all. Moderator OreoCookie is wondering when 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro's with Skylake processors will be available.


My Stupid Fault: don't look back in anger

08/14, 7:57am

Deadlines and 'percussive maintenance' do not mix

Having used Macs since I was a kid with an SE/30, I have a fair share of "my stupid fault" type stories of brain slips, goofs, and outright naivety when it comes to dealing with computers, but one particular story stands out: not because of the disaster itself, but because of why I was under so much pressure as to make the bone-headed mistake that I did. Things were a bit different then, but the lessons I learned continue to be valuable today.


Apple replacing 'small number' of recent third-generation Apple TVs

08/12, 7:27pm

Quiet recall taking place now, Apple contacting affected users

Apple is issuing replacements for a "very limited" selection of recently-produced, third-generation Apple TV media streamers. The company is proactively reaching out to those it has identified as affected by the flaw, offering an overnight replacement, as well as a small-denomination iTunes gift card as a compensatory gift.


Your Apple Watch is broken: now what?

08/08, 6:42am

Apple does the actual repairing but you have to be brave

This is what happens when you need Apple to repair your Apple Watch: this is also the article I didn't want to write, partly because it required me to be without my Watch for a considerable time, but mostly because, oh, come on, didn't I just do this? Previously on MacNN... I took my Watch off for one week so I could write about whether I even noticed its absence, whether this device was actually useful, or just a new toy. Short version: I noticed, boy did I notice, and the Apple Watch is both useful and a permanent, constant new toy. Shortest version: I honestly suffered. You still don't look sympathetic -- but that's okay. Lets talk about what happens when the Apple Watch has to go back to the shop, and what Apple does, and what you have to do.


Apple releases fifth betas of iOS 9, watchOS 2 to developers [u]

08/06, 2:00pm

Latest Apple Watch beta now dependent on iOS 9 install to work

[Update: third public beta released for iOS as well] Two weeks after the previous releases, Apple on Thursday offered new, fifth betas of iOS 9 and watchOS 2 to developers. The iOS 9 beta is now required in order to use the latest watchOS 2 beta, and may address some of the long list of serious bugs developers have reported so far, such as random reboots, poor battery life, inoperative Bluetooth connections and other problems unresolved or introduced in beta 4.


Apple seeds third 10.10.5 beta to developers

08/05, 4:30pm

Update likely to be final numbered update for Yosemite

On Wednesday, Apple released a third beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 to developers, and may also do so for public testers as has been its habit. The new build, 14F25a, has no obvious changes or release notes, but continues to methodically fix bugs and tweak performance, including a patch to block a recently-published exploit that was found to have potentially-serious consequences. The optimization and improvement process is expected to continue with this fall's El Capitan 10.11 release, making it likely that 10.10.5 will be the last Yosemite update.


Briefly: exploit patched in 10.10.5, Apple lists Android jobs

08/05, 4:00pm

Malicious installer requires user password, then installs junkware

A recently-published exploit that could allow attackers to gain unchecked root-level access, following the user initially installing it, has been patched in the forthcoming OS X 10.10.5 update, and in this fall's 10.11 El Capitan upgrade. The flaw, which was introduced in Yosemite's error-logging functions. Though widely reported as hair-on-fire dangerous, the exploit merely installs adware and junkware such as Genio and MacKeeper, and requires users to actively install it before it gains root privileges.


My Stupid Fault: alternative driver issues and burning plastic

08/05, 1:01pm

Magic disks, missing tools, tea, and no cats

It was inevitable that I would be asked to pen the next My Stupid Fault story out of the remaining site writers. If anyone looked at our work chat room's history, they would see countless times where I would seemingly type gibberish, with a later advisement that it was one of my numerous cats stamping on the keyboard. My two stories for today have nothing to do with cats, so I can't blame the animals for the computing issues, though one does have a loose connection to a highly-active dog.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 26: I can't put down this anti-gravity book

08/04, 5:36am

An Excel-ent episode with a literary bent whilst we wait on some downloads

If it wasn't for our new books (have we mentioned them?), this would be a strangely all-Microsoft episode of The MacNN Podcast, but luckily the Redmond giant turns out software for both Macs and Windows (who knew?), so we've set up this episode to be fun to listen to while you wait for your approval notice from Microsoft that you may obtain your copy of WindOwS X -- sorry, Windows 10. We also talk cool software, including (yes) Microsoft Excel.


Apple pushes out beta 6 of OS X 10.11 El Capitan

08/03, 4:30pm

Latest build may not have any notable changes beyond bug fixes

Exactly one week after the last developer beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple has issued another update to the forthcoming OS X upgrade, which is scheduled to appear this fall, and likely to debut some time in September. The previous beta, 15A235d, did not list any significant changes or fixes, but focused primarily on small UI tweaks and bug fixes. The new beta, build 15A244d, is likely to have followed the same path.


Hacking team creates Thunderstrike-based Mac firmware worm

08/03, 2:40pm

Exploit still requires user permission to install, downplayed by experts

A new exploit has been developed that could threaten Mac security by leveraging vulnerabilities in firmware rather than software, making the worm nearly impossible to remove. While sounding more ominous than any threat since the original firmware-based Thunderstrike (which was limited to a proof-of-concept with no reported attacks), leading security experts say this new threat is also very low-risk.


Pointers: the iOS troubleshooting and device maintenance guide

07/31, 7:05pm

A literally complete handbook on keeping your iOS devices running smoothly

Today's Pointers column was inspired by a real-life incident in which an acquaintance asked me for help in picking out a new iPad. Knowing that they had a fourth-generation iPad -- not far removed from the iPad Air 2 that I have -- I asked why. "Doesn't work anymore," they grumbled resentfully. "Lots of crashes, some apps don't even launch now." I asked if it had ever been turned off. "Every night," they said. I said, "no, not put to sleep -- turned off." "You can do that?!" they exclaimed.


Forums: 21.5-inch Retina iMac?

07/31, 1:55pm

21.5-inch Retina iMac?

This week in the MacNN Forums, members discuss their hopes and dreams that one day we will see a , with many saying that it's probably still a long way off. One Fresh-Faced Recruit is wondering if their MacBook from 2009 can actually handle 8GB of RAM, and has a few questions about Yosemite.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac public preview available now

07/30, 2:14pm

Utility allows for backup of wide range of hard drive formats

Data backup and disaster recovery company Paragon Software Group has announced the release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac Preview -- a previously Windows-only tool to handle all disk management tasks on OS X. In closed beta testing for two months, the public preview comes with major new backup techniques, including sector and file-level backups of any partition or disk to the Paragon Virtual Hard Drive format.


My Stupid Fault: a trio of (avoidable) tales of hardware failure

07/30, 1:15pm

Yes, William, it is a series.

Yeah, I'm the guy that both made William take off his watch for a week, and made him do this column, My Stupid Fault, first. We all have tech tales of woe for sure -- the really special ones we've done to ourselves by accident or by incompetence. Mine is something I keep coming back to, time after time, after time -- and once, it almost caused a problem with Cold War-era national defense. Today, I bring you the second installment of My Stupid Fault -- a series of three tech failures at the worst possible time, with a common solution.


SubRosaSoft brings speed, Yosemite compatibility to FileSalvage 9

07/29, 9:13am

Company claims up to five times faster file recovery

Long time OS X developer SubRosaSoft has announced the immediate availability of FileSalvage 9. The latest version of FileSalvage features up to five times better recovery speed, according to the company, a new user interface, and most importantly, support for OS X 10.10.


Repair facilitator iFixit partnering with electronics recycler ERI

07/28, 2:05pm

Partnership makes available ready supply of repair parts for more rare gadgets

Device repair resource and teardown mavens iFixit is partnering with the largest recycler of electronic waste in the world, Electronic Recyclers International, to to make repair possible for gadgets of all kinds. The pair will make heretofore-unavailable parts purchasable through iFixit, alongside guides, and the sometimes special tools required to do the repairs.


App Update: ChronoSync Express, Liquid Rhythm, FilePane, more

07/28, 1:49pm

App Update for Jul 28, 2015

App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN are dedicated to sorting through new update releases, and highlighting some of the important ones, as well as showcasing apps that we find to be interesting. Today, we look at revisions to ChronoSync Express, Liquid Rhythm, FilePane, NetShred X, Keep Drive Spinning, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.


Opinion: Yesterday's Google+ divorce -- Facebook gets the kids

07/28, 8:23am

Finally you won't be forced to have one

If you have signed up for YouTube, if you've got yourself a Gmail account, or if you have sneezed within 17 miles of a Wi-Fi hotspot, you've been given Google+. We'd say "whether you wanted it or not," but did anyone actually want it? Now the service continues -- sans Google+ Photos -- but it's no longer going to be rammed in the direction of your throat. You can safely sign up for Google's more useful and popular services, and not automatically get this plastic toy in the bottom of the box.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 25: My Stupid Cat's Fault

07/27, 1:27pm

PCs outsold by iOS devices, AT&T/DirecTV merger, AAPL vs AMZN and more

Another interesting week at MacNN brings us plenty to talk about on Episode 25 of The MacNN Podcast, ranging from the FCC approval of the AT&T/DirecTV deal for no clear reason (but with a bunch of conditions), to our new column "My Stupid Fault." We also include a full report on Apple's fiscal Q3 and the uncalled-for drop in the stock, the results of our testing of Apple's new third-party SSD Trim support, and more.


Follow-up: Dalrymple's iTunes issues largely fixed, patch coming

07/25, 4:31pm

Apple well aware of issues, blending of Apple Music and iTunes Match at issue

We reported last week on fellow Mac journalist Jim Dalrymple's particularly bad issues with iTunes 12.2 and later on the Mac, centered around the arrival of Apple Music and Apple's attempts to blend the paid service's ability to store songs for later streaming or offline use with some customers' existing or previous iTunes Match libraries, which appears to cause much confusion, ranging from mislabelled entries in the iTunes library to missing songs in some cases.


MacNN testing concludes on Samsung SSDs and Apple Trim implementation

07/24, 1:00pm

No problems noted with the drive line after 800TB of data moved

When Apple released OS X 10.10.4, alongside the offering came an implementation of Trim technology to clean up and potentially speed SSD write speeds over time. Users choosing to activate the feature, previously only on Apple-provided SSDs were greeted with a dire warning about the potential for data loss should the feature go bad in any way. After a good first pass, MacNN has concluded its second round of testing on a drive series thought to be problematic with the command -- the Samsung 840 and 850 drives, both in pro and EVO lines.


Invisible ads slowing down iPhones, Android

07/23, 6:01pm

Phantom adverts affecting data caps, defrauding advertisers

Over 5,000 fraudulent apps currently available for iOS and Android are displaying ads users cannot see, but which are causing problems, using up cellular data, and costing advertisers around $850 million per year, says online fraud research company Forensiq in a new report. The ads are not visible on screen, yet the volume of them contributes to an overal slowing down of iPhone or Android devices while stealing data from often-limited cellular data plans.


Mac pundit Jim Dalrymple bemoans 'nightmarish' iTunes struggles

07/23, 10:53am

Experience from long-time Mac fan voice confirms MacNN testing

Apple cognoscenti Jim Dalrymple posted a missive about his poor experience with iTunes and Apple Music yesterday, confirming ongoing MacNN testing of the issue dating back to just after the launch, and subsequent update of the Apple music player. The pundit notes amongst other problems the loss of 4,700 songs that he has little hope of getting back, and that the service is selective as to which tracks are actually added to his Internet-accessible library, sometimes drawing from "greatest hits" albums, and not the actual source of the original recording.


My Stupid Fault: iCloud vs local iPhone backups

07/22, 6:00pm

Allegedly the start of a new series

Yeah, right. "We should do an occasional column where we each admit to huge technology problems that were entirely our own doing," MacNN management said. "Maybe readers could learn from our mistakes, perhaps they can avoid doing similar things, and certainly we'll all have a good laugh," they said. "You go first."


Apple issues firmware update for 2015 Retina MacBook Pros

07/22, 5:23pm

Fixes issue with flash storage that could cause data corruption

Apple on Wednesday issued a firmware update for the recently-released "mid-2015" MacBook Pro Retina 13- and 15-inch models. The update, aimed at only the MacBook Pro models with the Force Touch trackpad as a distinguishing feature, fixes a problem with flash storage that could, in rare cases, cause data corruption, according to Apple. The 1.9MB file is available directly from Apple and the Mac App Store's update section.


Episode 24: What's that, Neil Young? I can't hear you

07/20, 7:20pm

Too busy enjoying Apple Music streaming on my iPod touch

In this early season of presidential candidate pronouncements, its refreshing to see someone not running for office who can crazy with the best of them. On this week's MacNN Podcast We celebrate 10 years of podcasts along with Apple, as well as the new, updated iPod touch. We then proceed, like all good parties, to trash some things -- in this case, iTunes and Neil Young's crazy (high) horse. Show notes after the jump.


Dedicated Apple II advocacy group releases IIgs OS 6.0.2 update

07/19, 8:53am

More patches coming, first release 'proof of concept'

Through third parties, Apple IIgs System 6 has been updated. Following a 22-year abandonment by Apple, the venerable Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange, originally formed in the late '70s, has rolled out the fix, which in addition to the bug fixes and changes, makes developers able to create better future updates and software for the computer.


Roughing it with Apple gear

07/19, 7:20am

Every technology known to man but no signal

The Lake District is one of the UK's most beautiful regions: as well as the lakes, there are mountains. Picture it now: ancient lands, the weight of history on the very landscape around you -- and turn left a bit. Away from all of that, and into a little town no tourist ever notices. Now turn right, second left, first tree past the Post Office, down a bit, take another right at that man with the bobble hat out walking his spaniel, and that's where we are. You can't miss us. Chiefly because we take turns leaning out of the window to get a cell signal.


Forums: iTunes ruined my movies and more

07/17, 6:40pm

iTunes ruined my movies and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members try to assist one Fresh-Faced Recruit in determining why it was that their movies -- that had been downloaded from iTunes to an external hard drive -- had been deleted after their last iTunes update. Earlier this week, "ghporter" turned to the forums looking for advice on cleaning up the hard drive on his wife's MacBook, as he thinks this may be the reason it is running slow.


Editorial: whatever happened to 'It Just Works?'

07/17, 7:48am

Apple's not done the very best of jobs with iTunes

The smart money said if anything were going to go wrong, it would be Beats 1: something live is automatically the most likely to fall over in some way. If someone had already taken that bet, you'd settle for guessing that massive demand would overload the streaming servers. Yet instead, the bit of the Music app and Apple Music launch that caused problems -- and continues to cause them -- is good old iTunes for OS X. We've had iTunes for nearly 15 years, and every thing else in Apple Music for a fortnight but it's iTunes for the Mac that has fallen down and can't seem to get up.


Apple follows OS X 10.10.5 dev beta with public release

07/16, 12:21pm

Update is said to 'improve stability, compatibility, and security'

Two days after issuing a developer beta of the next minor update to OS X, Apple has taken the release public to pre-registered testers. Version 10.10.5 continues the series of bug-fix and tweaking to Yosemite, and is distinct and separate from the public beta for the upcoming major update, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, that was released exactly a week ago. The new public beta of 10.10.5 is identical to the first developer beta.


Apple updates firmware for late-2012 Mac mini

07/15, 4:51pm

Patch fixes issues with USB keyboards and sleep

Apple has released a firmware update today for the late-2012 Mac mini, the model just before the current models. The 4.4MB EFI Firmware Update (version 1.8) will automatically appear in the Software Update portion of the Mac App Store for users with affected machines, and fixes "an issue that may prevent a USB keyboard from being recognized after the system wakes from sleep."


App Update: Sonos, VueScan, Yosemite Cache, more

07/14, 12:32pm

App Update for Jul 14, 2015

App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN are dedicated to sorting through new update releases, and highlighting some of the important ones, as well as showcasing apps that we find to be interesting. Today, we look at revisions to Sonos, VueScan, Yosemite Cache, Manga Studio EX, SyncTwoFolders, OnyX, and ChronoMonitor.


Testing: iTunes update aggravates network, local library destruction

07/14, 9:50am

Testing before and after update shows poor handling of issue by Apple

Apple's release of an iTunes point update yesterday was seemingly relief from the manifest problems induced by the first release -- but reports immediately started coming in questioning what the value of the update was, and what it actually fixed. We repeated our earlier testing with iTunes networking shares, and tossed in some local store sharing which was underway with version 12.2, and were dismayed by our findings.


Apple releases update for iTunes 12.2, iTunes Match issues unfixed [u]

07/13, 2:17pm

Even lapsed former subscribers saw issues with cover art, metadata

[Update -- not all problems are fixed] A problem in the new iTunes 12.2 update -- which including a substantial behind-the-scenes change to the database part of the program to accommodate the new Apple Music features, and which caused confusion in metadata and album art in song files -- has allegedly been fixed in a new update, bringing the program to version 12.2.1. The update, now available through the Mac App Store, is also said to correct a problem where uploaded DRM-free music in users' iCloud Music Libraries had been replaced with DRM-enabled Apple Music versions.


Exclusive Testing: Apple's Trim implementation and Samsung SSDs

07/12, 12:30pm

So far, no problems have been noted in testing the popular SSD line

Continuing the refresh of MacNN, we've launched some testing initiatives. The first, a rundown of iTunes Match/Music problems with stored libraries is still underway, and we're hoping for more information later this week. The second: a close look at Apple's Trim activation for third-party SSDs, which was introduced in the launch of 10.10.4 -- and we've got some initial results to report.


Some MacBook Pro owners reporting issues with Retina coatings

07/10, 3:46pm

'Staingate' tries to raise awareness, but reports of issues continue to be rare

Of the millions of Retina MacBook Pros sold each quarter by Apple, the overwhelming majority appear to operate as advertised without issues, and reports of problems that aren't isolated cases continues to be fairly rare. However, a group of MBP owners who are experiencing issues with a peeling or stained anti-reflective coating on their machines are trying to get Apple to acknowledge the issue.


Apple launches first public betas of El Capitan, iOS 9

07/09, 3:01pm

Public beta begins despite long list of issues, problems

Apple has made available public betas for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan, according to reports. The new software, based on the issue-laden third developer beta released yesterday, is available to users previously registered with the company's Beta Software Program. While the company normally waits until there is a fairly stable developer beta existing before issuing the first public beta, today's releases are fraught with issues and missing functionality.


Reports of contact dermatitis spreading with Watch sales

07/09, 12:43pm

'Handful' of customers take to Twitter to report rashes from bands

As the Apple Watch finally becomes more available, so too do reports of users who may suffer from skin reactions to the materials used in the bands. A small number of buyers have posted to Twitter and other services to show skin rashes they say are caused by the bands, a not-uncommon complaint among users of any sort of watch. Thus far, the reports focus on sensitivities to the bands more than the Watch itself, which does contain a warning about the use of nickel in the device.



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