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Topic: Security

Ongoing & enormous Microsoft Exchange server hack hits 30,000 US groups

03/06/2021, 11:03 am

The Hafnium hacking group in China has allegedly hacked at least 30,000 organizations in the United States using Microsoft Exchange Server, with the group said to have increased its activity in the wake of the hack's initial reports.


Researchers reverse-engineer Find My, detail potential privacy & security issues

03/04/2021, 02:03 pm

A team of security researchers managed to hack Apple's Find My protocol to test its security and privacy, and they've created an open-source app that allows users to create their own "AirTags."


Research finds 14% of mobile apps leave user data in unsecured servers

03/04/2021, 11:03 am

App developers rely on third-party servers to simplify data storage, but new research indicates that these servers are often left with little to no security over sensitive data.


Microsoft reveals Chinese hack targeting Microsoft Exchange

03/03/2021, 07:03 am

Microsoft has disclosed evidence that "Hafnium," a new Chinese hacking group, has been targeting US servers running Microsoft's email system.


How Apple's walled garden iPhone security can help hackers evade scrutiny

03/01/2021, 08:03 am

Apple has a secure mobile ecosystem because of choices in hardware and software that it has made, but the same systems and policies that keep most hackers out could be dramatically helping those few who can beat it.


Jailbreak tool 'unc0ver' 6.0.0 upgraded to work with iOS 14.3

02/28/2021, 06:02 pm

The prominent jailbreaking tool "unc0ver" has been updated to a new milestone release, one that brings support for iOS 14.3 and earlier releases.


Security researcher raises questions about trackers in LastPass Android app

02/26/2021, 01:02 pm

A security researcher has detailed seven trackers inside popular password manager LastPass, that the company itself or other advertisers can utilize to create targeted ads for users of the app.


Hacker allegedly posed as Apple Support to scam user out of $1,500

02/26/2021, 09:02 am

A Pennsylvania iPhone user claims that her call to Apple Support was intercepted by a hacker who proceeded to remotely install apps and transfer money out of her bank account.


iOS 14.5 change makes 'zero-click' iPhone exploits much harder to pull off

02/22/2021, 11:02 am

An upcoming change in iOS 14.5 makes zero-click exploits much harder to carry out on the


Apple pays $5,000 bug bounty for iCloud XSS bug discovery

02/22/2021, 10:02 am

A security researcher from India was awarded $5,000 from Apple via its bug bounty program, after discovering a cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw in iCloud. Since the discovery of the issue, Apple has patched the issue in


Apple has taken steps to eradicate mysterious malware strain

02/22/2021, 07:02 am

Following the discovery of a new and unusual malware that had the potential to attack Macs running on Apple Silicon, Apple has moved to minimize any impact the maliciously-crafted software could have in the future.


Mysterious malware infecting Apple Silicon Macs has no payload - yet

02/20/2021, 12:02 pm

More malware affecting Apple Silicon Macs has been uncovered, but researchers have spotted that it is lacking a malicious payload, for the moment.


Apple revised Platform Security details bounty program, password monitoring and more

02/18/2021, 03:02 pm

Apple has released a much more detailed guide to the security mechanisms built into its software, service, and hardware products.


First Apple Silicon M1 malware discovered in the wild

02/17/2021, 09:02 am

The first malware native to Apple Silicon M1 Macs has been discovered by independent security researcher Patrick Wardle.


Lastpass limiting free users to either computers or mobile apps in March

02/16/2021, 11:02 am

LastPass is introducing limits to how it operates its service in March, restricting free-tier users to either computers, or iPhones and other mobile devices.


Malware on Mac is still a small threat -- but growing

02/16/2021, 08:02 am

Digital threats were less of an issue for Mac users in 2020 over previous years, according to Malwarebytes, but adware continues to be more of a threat than malware on macOS.


Clubhouse upgrades security over fears China could spy on users

02/13/2021, 03:02 pm

Audio chat service Clubhouse is working to bolster its security and ease concerns from critics, after it was determined the Chinese government had the potential to monitor conversations made in the iOS app.


What the M1 and Apple Silicon mean for Mac security

02/10/2021, 03:02 pm

The M1 chip makes the Mac platform more secure in a number of ways, but it could also signal a change toward a locked-down version of macOS that could have its own security drawbacks.


Researcher breaches Apple, Microsoft, and others with installer attack

02/10/2021, 10:02 am

A security researcher hacked the internal systems of major companies like Apple, Microsoft, PayPal, and others using a supply chain attack he dubbed "dependency confusion."


Microsoft takes on Keychain with Autofill features on iOS, macOS

02/06/2021, 09:02 am

Microsoft is taking on Apple's Keychain by bringing its Autofill system of password storage and synchronization to iOS and macOS, in the form of an update to the Microsoft Authenticator app and a Google Chrome extension.