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MacNN Deals: Protect yourself from losing your smartphone data

05/29, 8:30am

Data backup, data recovery, and smartphone protection deals

Every day, alongside our regular Daily Deals post, we are showcasing a few of the sales available on our own MacNN Deals page. Today, we're looking into ways to protect your precious data stored on your smartphone, including backing up your data, recovering it if things get accidentally deleted, and minimizing physical damage to the iPhone while also providing more photography options for the camera.


Lenovo shows off concepts for dual-display smartwatch, projector phone

05/28, 9:51am

Magic View display on Lenovo smartwatch prototype projects second screen into user's eye

Lenovo used its TechWorld event to show two concept devices it has been working on. A smartphone with a built-in projector was revealed, complete with a mode that offered alternative ways to interact with the device, while a smartwatch was shown with a secondary "Magic View" display that provides an alternative and private viewpoint for personal data, along with other non-standard smartwatch functions.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 16: Money (and Touch ID) changes everything

05/28, 7:20am

The newest hardware, trends in industry, and possible Photoshop errors are our topics

Thanks to a combination of the Memorial Day weekend in the US (and bank holiday long weekend in the UK) along with continent-spanning long travel days for your MacNN editor, the process of putting the final touches on this week's episode of the growing-nicely and award-eligible MacNN Podcast was delayed by a couple of days, for which we apologize. As usual, we spent time on the weekend reviewing the top tech stories of the week, and bringing you our analysis.


Briefly: OnePlus announcement tease, Opera Max Android app update

05/26, 6:31pm

OnePlus hints at announcement due on June 1

OnePlus has revealed it will be making an announcement on June 1, with a cryptic tweet hinting the company is "looking for ways to change the tech industry," that it is "time for change," and posting an image of a smartphone on a sheet of paper being erased. The current candidate for the announcement is a possible successor to the OnePlus One smartphone which OnePlus has previously confirmed it was working on.


Hands On: iKlip Grip

05/26, 5:28pm

Multifunction smartphone camera stand -- yeah, it's a fancy selfie stick

While IK Multimedia is perhaps better known for the audio software it creates, the past few years has seen the company growing more and more into the mobile accessory space. Products like the iRig, iRig Mic HD, and iLoud have given the company a reputation for creating products that are not only well built, but also easy to use. Most recently, the company has announced the launch of the iKlip Grip, a new multifunction product aimed towards mobile photographers.


Sony rebrands Japan's Xperia Z4 as Z3+ for global release

05/26, 6:44am

Upgraded version of Xperia Z3 will go on sale in June

Sony is bringing the Xperia Z4 smartphone it launched in Japan to the rest of the world, but with a change of name. Rebranded by Sony as the Xperia Z3+, the smartphone is seemingly being marketed as a slightly upgraded version of the Xperia Z3 rather than a new generation of mobile device, and considering its specifications and physical similarity to earlier models, that may be an appropriate move to make.


Daily Deals: Long Weekend Edition

05/25, 11:12am

MacNN and Electronista deals for the Memorial Day weekend

Hello and welcome to an unusual edition of Daily Deals. Typically, the staff of MacNN and Electronista do not provide a deals post on a Saturday or Sunday, but since retailers are offering sales over this three-day weekend, we're making an exception. As well as a recap of the still-active deals from earlier this week, we've been adding new deals to the list throughout the weekend, with the most recent deals added this morning at 12:50APM EDT, so you can make the most of your money.


Google 'Project Fi' invites to be sent out by mid-summer

05/22, 5:04pm

High number of Project Fi invite registrations causes delay in SIM deliveries

People registering for an invite into the recently-launched Project Fi, the Google-created wireless carrier, may have a bit of a wait before they will receive their SIM cards and be able to use the service. An email sent out to users suggests that it won't be able to get everyone currently signed up for the carrier until 'mid-summer' at the latest, due to the virtual network's overwhelming demand from potential subscribers.


AT&T to drop two-year contracts through third-party sellers

05/22, 3:57pm

Default outside carrier's stores now becomes Next installment program

AT&T, one of the US' largest carriers, has opted to make a significant change to its arrangements with third-party resellers of its services, including franchises and agents such as Apple, Walmart, and others. All non-company stores will be restricted from offering any two-year contracts in the traditional format with an up-front down payment, though AT&T company stores and its own online site will continue to offer contracts. Instead, retailers will have to offer the AT&T Next option, where buyers pay the cost of the phone alongside the monthly service plan fees.


Daily Deals: ViewSonic Projector, Acer Chromebook, iTunes credit

05/22, 2:20pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for May 22, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where the staff of MacNN and Electronista scour online retailers for discounts, offers, sales, and bundles on hardware, software, and gadgets for you, the discerning reader. Our last recap of the week follows after the new batch of deals, including a 1080p home theater projector, a $130 Chromebook, and the Logitech UE Mini Boom speaker.


Briefly: Skrillex Editions smartphone cases, Sling TV on Android TV

05/21, 9:57pm

Google, Skrillex release Live Cases for Android smartphones

Google has unveiled a set of limited-edition cases for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy Note 4 smartphones, designed in partnership with Skrillex. The Editions cases include early access to an album, a short-cut button that takes users to Skrillex's YouTube music feed, and a companion live wallpaper that updates throughout the course of the day with images shot from a specially-launched balloon satellite named after Skrillex's dog, reports Phone Arena. The cases are being sold through the Google Store for now, but the official Android blog suggests it may be available elsewhere in the future.


Daily Deals: Seagate Barracuda, Asus Transformer, Nintendo 2DS

05/21, 1:41pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for May 21, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, the regular post where we search the Internet to find bundles, discounts, offers, and sales on hardware and software for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. The last few days of still-active deals are accompanied by a new set, including a 2TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive, the Nintendo 2DS, and an Asus Transformer notebook.


Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

05/21, 7:59am

Samsung delivers its best smartphone, but is it enough?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 range is a critical component in Samsung's flagging smartphone strategy. With sales of its high-end smartphones being sapped by intense competition from Apple's larger iPhone 6 models, and sales of its mid-range and low-end smartphones being attacked from all sides by the cheaper Chinese competition, the success of the Galaxy S6 is vital to the company reversing its fortunes. The Galaxy S6 Edge is potentially the more interesting of its two Galaxy S6 models -- both of which share identical specs on paper -- as the Edge features a more adventurous design with a curved version of its Super AMOLED display. So can Samsung claw back market share with its new smartphone, and return high profitability to its mobile division? Read on in our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


Daily Deals: Lenovo G50, Logitech UE Boom, Sony Action Camera

05/20, 3:10pm

MacNN and Electronista deals for May 20, 2015

Welcome to Daily Deals, where the staff of MacNN and Electronista scour online retailers for sales, bundles, discounts, and offers on hardware, software, and gadgetry for you, the discerning reader. A recap of still-active deals follows the new batch, which includes $300 off a Lenovo notebook, the Logitech UE Boom speaker, and the Sony AS30 HD Action Camera


Oppo R7, R7 Plus smartphones launch, on sale in China tomorrow

05/20, 6:53am

R7, R7 Plus have similar core internals, slim construction

Oppo has unveiled two smartphones joining its R-series of mobile devices. The R7 and the R7 Plus are similar-specification smartphones equipped with five-inch and six-inch 1080p AMOLED displays respectively, with each offering narrow bezels to the sides of the screen and Oppo's continued efforts to design a thin smartphone, with the R7 measuring 6.3mm while the Plus is 7.75mm thick.


Hands On: Asus Zenfone 2

05/19, 9:18pm

Asus Zenfone 2 is a great value Android smartphone

The Asus Zenfone 2 has just landed in the U.S. and after getting our hands on it, we think it is yet another mid-range competitor that is likely to give Samsung a real headache. While we are definitely fans of high-end smartphones, we are much less keen about the inflated price-tags that come with them. For the subset of users who don't necessarily want or need all the cutting-edge features, or who don't want to enter into long-term plans, there is a growing array of Android-powered options that have both genuine appeal and capability. The Asus Zenfone 2 is one of these devices and warrants a closer look. Read on to see why we are excited to see this handset get a surprise local launch.


US FTC files brief urging protection of RadioShack customer data

05/19, 3:05pm

Agency joining with Apple, AT&T in opposing sale of cell phone customer data

Following a similar move by Apple last Thursday filed with the Delaware bankruptcy court handling the sale of some RadioShack assets, the US Federal Trade Commission has sent the court a list of conditions for the sale of the electronics retailer's assets that would be needed to protect personal privacy of cellular service customers who bought their equipment and/or service from RadioShack. Neither Apple, nor fellow filer AT&T, are seeking to block the overall sale.


BlackBerry CEO insists company will make money on devices again

05/19, 12:16pm

Security focus, device design key to BlackBerry revival, claims CEO Chen

BlackBerry will start to make money on smartphone sales again in the future, the manufacturer's chief executive has insisted. In an interview, CEO John Chen revealed he continues to believe Blackberry's devices business will become profitable, with the company's refocusing on enterprise and government customers forming a central part to the rejuvenation plans, instead of the consumer market.


LG G4 Stylus, G4c unveiled as mid-range variants of G4 smartphone

05/19, 7:09am

Two more smartphones launched using LG G4 branding

LG has introduced two more smartphones bearing the G4 name, with both new devices offering more restrained specifications than the flagship model. The G4 Stylus is a cheaper, lower specification phablet that is effectively a rebranding of the G Stylo, while the G4c is a more compact, budget-conscious smartphone that shares the design and many of the features of the full-size version.


Microsoft will control release schedule for Windows 10 mobile updates

05/18, 5:06pm

Carriers will be unable to delay Windows 10 for Mobile update releases

Microsoft will be attempting to make Windows 10 for mobile devices more secure than Windows Phone has been previously, by excluding device manufacturers and carriers from the process entirely. The software giant will be directly applying patches to smartphones running Windows 10 Mobile, potentially eliminating some of the operating system fragmentation that occurs when carriers delay the release of upgrades produced by manufacturers.


Briefly: Sprint free data roaming changes, Virgin Mobile plans update

05/16, 10:42pm

Sprint increases list of countries included in International Value Roaming plan to 22

Sprint is adding more countries to its International Value Roaming plan, providing free data at 2G speeds and unlimited text messaging in a total of 22 countries. The carrier has added service in Colombia, Denmark, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Paraguay, and Sweden, with travelers in these countries able to upgrade their data to 3G speeds by acquiring roaming data passes.


LG returns to Windows Phone with the Verizon-bound Lancet

05/15, 8:32am

LG Lancet runs Windows Phone 8.1, includes HD Voice Calling compatibility

Verizon has unveiled LG's latest smartphone, the first running Windows Phone in a long time. An exclusive for Verizon Wireless, the budget-ranged LG Lancet is LG's first Windows Phone 8.1 device, and will have the honor of being the first Windows Phone smartphone on Verizon to be compatible with HD Voice Calling, thanks to its inclusion of Advanced Calling 1.0.


Forthcoming 'Apple Music' service to feature social artist pages

05/14, 9:34am

Users can choose to be updated on artist activity, comment on posts

Sources familiar with plans for Apple's new streaming music service, supposedly now to be called "Apple Music," have revealed that the service will have a deep social networking aspect for artists, but will not be the same as Apple's previous attempt at fusing social and music together, dubbed "Ping." Artists will have their own page that can be used for posting samples, concert and tour information, photos, and other messages that fans can comment on and "like."


Goal Zero launches IPX6 weatherproof battery for USB charging

05/13, 2:52pm

Battery bank takes 9 hours to charge with compatible solar panels

Portable solar power vendor Goal Zero today announced availability of the Venture 30 Recharger. The Venture 30 Recharger is intended to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices in unpredictable environments, and is the only portable power product on the market that is IPX6 weatherproof-certified without any port-covering plugs.


FreedomPop launching free mobile service in UK this July

05/13, 8:17am

Free calls, texts, data offered to potential FreedomPop UK users

FreedomPop, the carrier that provides free calls to its customers, has revealed plans for its launch in Europe, after its trial in Belgium last year. The United Kingdom will be the first country to receive the service when it formally launches this July, which will provide 200 voice minutes, 200 text messages, and 200MB of data per month completely free to users, as well as unlimited free calls and texts to other FreedomPop users.


White YotaPhone 2 unveiled alongside price cut, software changes

05/13, 6:46am

New edition of YotaPhone 2 has reversed e-ink display to match white exterior shell

Yota Devices has made some changes to its YotaPhone 2 dual-screen smartphone. An alternative version is being made available, replacing the original black outer casing with a white version, while a new over-the-air Android Lollipop update for both versions introduces an updated user interface that is said to improve the smartphone's overall performance.


Verizon, Sprint agree to pay $158M settlement with FCC over 'cramming'

05/12, 6:47pm

Unauthorized third-party charges cost Verizon, Sprint dearly

Sprint and Verizon have agreed to pay a fine from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for adding unwanted third-party charges to phone bills, a practice also known as "Cramming." The two carriers have agreed to pay $158 million to settle the charges, with Verizon paying the higher amount of $90 million, while Sprint will be charged $68 million.


MetroPCS will complete CDMA network closure on June 21

05/11, 7:29am

Majority of MetroPCS customers have already migrated away from CDMA

MetroPCS is finally pulling the plug on its CDMA network, as it shuts down the service in its last remaining markets. The carrier is still trying to get customers who have yet to upgrade to devices capable of connecting to T-Mobile's GSM, HSPA+, and LTE network, with the last of the shrinking group needing to do so before its scheduled June 21st network closure date.


Briefly: Google Play app pre-registration, Possible Tesco Mobile sale

05/09, 3:19pm

Google Play adds option to pre-register for Android apps

Android users are now able to pre-register for apps due for release in the near future on Google Play. According to Android Central, Glu Media's Terminator Genisys: Revolution game currently gives the option to sign up for an alert when the app is released, allowing them to buy it as soon as it becomes available. The same system also allows users who have registered their interest to unregister, if they no longer want a release alert for the app.


Briefly: Apple cash mountain, still top dog in US smartphone market

05/07, 5:23pm

Company has more cash than most US industry sectors combine, Moody's finds

Apple, which is closing in on holding some $200 billion in cash, is well known for being one of the richest companies on the planet. A new report from Moody's Investors Service release on Thursday notes that the iPhone maker actually held more cash on hand at the end of 2014 -- when it had $178 billion -- than most US industrial sectors put together, surpassed only by the whole of the tech sector, the financial sector and the medical industry.


AT&T stealthily improves throttling policy for LTE unlimited users

05/07, 11:02am

Throttling only kicks in in congested areas, not universally

Seemingly overnight, and in response to a lawsuit, AT&T has modified its terms of service language on a website about LTE speed throttling for its heaviest users. The company now claims that users who have exceeded 5GB on LTE "may experience reduced speeds when using data services at times and in areas that are experiencing network congestion." Previously, LTE users who had used more than 5GB were throttled at all times.


ZTE Nubia Z9 sports 0.8mm side bezels with gesture controls

05/07, 8:22am

Swiping bezels of ZTE Nubia N9 can switch between apps, open camera

ZTE has launched a new smartphone in its Nubia range, which has a "bezel-less" display. The Nubia Z9 has a 5.2-inch 2.5D curved glass display capable of displaying a Full HD picture, with side bezels measuring 0.8mm thick, though despite their slim size, ZTE is also making them more functional, by adding frame swiping gestures to trigger apps and events on the phone.


T-Mobile attacks Verizon with 'Never Settle' 14-day service trial

05/06, 8:25am

Verizon subscribers offered free 14-day trial of T-Mobile service with loaned smartphone

Following the success of the iPhone 5s Test Drive promotion from last year, T-Mobile will be offering something similar to potential customers currently subscribed to Verizon. The "Never Settle" campaign will provide Verizon customers the ability to try out the carrier's network and service, by borrowing a smartphone from T-Mobile for two weeks at no charge.


Ubuntu phone with desktop capabilities coming this year

05/05, 9:15am

Combined smartphone-desktop computer concept by Canonical getting closer to launch

Aspects of the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone project that failed in its crowdfunding effort two years ago, may be making a comeback in a new device. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth has announced the company has been working with an unnamed manufacturer to produce a device that can work as both a smartphone and as a desktop computer, a core concept to the failed Edge handset, one which will be launching soon.


Microsoft rumored to be working on two flagship Lumia smartphones

05/04, 2:04pm

Devices codenamed Cityman, Talkman said to have QHD displays, run Windows 10

Microsoft may be working on a pair of high-specification Lumia smartphones meant to showcase the upcoming Windows 10 operating system. Details relating to two upcoming smartphones have apparently leaked, with a report claiming one device codenamed "Cityman" has a 5.7-inch QHD display, while the "Talkman" will have the same resolution but use a smaller 5.2-inch screen.


Microsoft Continuum offers desktop computing powered by smartphone

04/29, 5:14pm

Future Windows 10 smartphones can offer larger work area with monitor connection via Continuum

Future smartphones running Windows 10 will be capable of performing some of the same tasks as desktop PCs when they are connected to a television, Microsoft has revealed. Demonstrated at Build, Continuum will allow mobile users to run some of the universal apps installed on their device on the larger display, giving them more space and freedom to work.


LG G4 launched with 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, leather backing option

04/28, 3:40pm

Latest LG flagship has 16MP F1.8 camera with OIS 2.0

LG has formally launched its previously-teased flagship smartphone. The LG G4 follows on from its predecessor, the LG G3, upgrading the screen to a 5.5-inch 2560x1440-resolution IPS "Quantum Display" panel, which is claimed to offer 20 percent greater color reproduction, a 25 percent improvement to brightness, and a 50-percent greater contrast.


Lenovo K80 smartphone will include 4GB RAM option, 4,000mAh battery

04/27, 12:42pm

China set to receive Lenovo K80 from end of April

Lenovo has introduced a new smartphone destined for the Chinese market, with two impressive hardware points among the mid to high-end specifications list. Measuring 8.5mm thick, The phablet-sized Lenovo K80 houses 4GB of RAM, equalling the competing Asus ZenFone 2, while the non-removable battery holds a long-lasting 4,000mAh of charge.


Sony rumored to be preparing Xperia P2 smartphone for launch

04/27, 10:50am

Sony Xperia P2 will allegedly borrow screen, processor, RAM from Xperia Z4

Sony is said to be preparing a sequel to the Xperia P, unveiled three years ago, according to a rumor. The Xperia P2 will allegedly borrow a large number of core components from the Japan-only Xperia Z4, including the 5.2-inch Triluminos 1080p display, but it will switch the body design to one where there is a larger section of bezel at the bottom of the case rather than the top, just like its predecessor.


Nokia denies rumors of return to smartphone manufacturing

04/26, 6:53pm

Statement refutes claims new Nokia smartphones are in development

Nokia has refuted suggestions it will be returning to the smartphone market. A brief statement on the company's website denies that it has plans to "manufacture or sell consumer handsets," something that recent reports claim the telecommunications company will be doing in the future, after a two-year period away from the industry as part of the terms of its Devices and Services arm sale to Microsoft last year.


Briefly: Cricket adds calls to Canada, Swiss Post drone deliveries

04/24, 4:51pm

Cricket Wireless adds Canada calls, texts to Smart, Pro plans

Cricket Wireless is upgrading some of its plans to include unlimited international calls and texts to Canada. The $50 Smart Plan and the $60 Pro Plan will gain the extra calling option, joining its existing Mexico calling option, with both new and existing customers receiving the benefit. Customers on the $25 Talk & Text and $40 Basic plans will not receive the upgrade.


Acer launches two Iconia tablets, brings Liquid M220 smartphone to US

04/23, 4:12pm

Iconia Tab 10, Iconia One 8 tablets launched at Acer event

Acer has revealed two new Iconia tablets as part of its device launches today, as well as bringing one smartphone to the United States for the first time. The Iconia Tab 10 is a tablet aimed at education, the Iconia One 8 offers advanced touch capabilities, and the Liquid M220 smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1 will be arriving in Microsoft Stores in the coming months.


Briefly: Amazon trials delivery to cars, Carphone Warehouse iD launch

04/23, 11:08am

Amazon deliveries to Audi trunks tested in Munich

Amazon is working with Audi to test home deliveries using the customer's car as storage. According to Ars Technica, Audi owners provide Amazon with an approximate location for where their car will be during a specific delivery window. A DHL delivery person will receive a one-time code to access the trunk of the car, allowing them to leave the parcel and close it, preventing access from anyone but the vehicle's owner. The trial will start next month in Munich, and is open to Amazon Prime members owning a compatible car.


Researchers uncover flaw in fingerprint security in Android devices

04/23, 9:21am

Claims attackers can acquire fingerprint data before it is secured

The fingerprints of owners of some Android smartphones could be acquired by hackers, researchers claim. A flaw, said to affect the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other unnamed Android devices, allegedly allows an attacker to copy the biometric data on the device itself, suggesting that fingerprint-based security on Android is not as secure as first thought.


Google reveals Project Fi as carrier with flexible data allowances

04/22, 2:46pm

Project Fi switches between two carriers, provides credits for unused data

Google has confirmed earlier rumors that it was planning to launch its own wireless service. Project Fi is a virtual network that provides calls, texts, and data like other carriers, but the main feature of the service is that it will drastically simplify and potentially cheapen the user's bill, by asking customers to pay for the basic service and only for the amount of data they use in the month.


Safari, Chrome top mobile browsers worldwide, Chrome king of desktop

04/22, 12:40pm

Apple's default browser remains tops in mobile, captures 10 percent of US desktop

A new study by analytics firm StatCounter has shown that Chrome and Safari are virtually neck-and-neck as the top mobile browsers, but that Safari was the clear winner in both North America and Europe. In particular, in the US Safari holds a 55 percent share of mobile browser use, with Chrome at 30 percent and generic Android browsers with 9.5 percent. In addition to just edging out Safari worldwide to be the top mobile browser, Chrome is also the dominant desktop browser worldwide, with a 52.6 percent share.


LG G Stylo phablet launches in South Korea, accepts 2TB microSD cards

04/22, 6:49am

LG phablet capable of using higher capacity microSD cards than currently available

LG is continuing in its attempts to compete against Samsung's Note range, by launching a new stylus-equipped phablet with a relatively unusual storage specification. The LG G Stylo is a mid-ranged phablet with a 5.7-inch 720p display and average specifications, but it is notable in being able to support microSD cards up to 2TB in size, supplementing its 8GB of built-in storage.


Briefly: OnePlus One loses invitations, Google frees search history

04/21, 6:23am

OnePlus makes One smartphone available to buy without invitations

The OnePlus One is now available to buy without an invitation, the manufacturer has revealed. Plagued by restricted invitation-only sales since its launch one year ago, and only recently selling freely in weekly 24-hour sales, OnePlus has lifted the restriction entirely, allowing users to order the smartphone whenever they want. The company won't be shutting out invitations completely, as the upcoming OnePlus 2 will also initially sell via invitations.


Nokia reportedly planning return of branded mobile phones for 2016

04/20, 9:05am

Renewed mobile phone efforts could be produced by third-party manufacturers

Nokia may re-enter the mobile phone industry next year by creating new smartphones, a report claims. While the company has previously put its name to an Android tablet called the Nokia N1 allowing it to remain visible in the mobile device industry, the manufacturer is said to be bringing in staff to work on new phones, which could head to market as early as next year.


Sony unveils Xperia Z4, prepares to ship in Japan this summer

04/20, 6:53am

Quiet Xperia Z4 launch avoids details of release for rest of the world

Sony has quietly launched the latest in its flagship Xperia smartphone line, in Japan. Just like the Xperia Z3 in comparison to the Xperia Z2, the new Xperia Z4 is very similar to its predecessors in terms of design and functionality, with slight improvements to some of its internals while others remain the same, such as the 5.2-inch 1080p Triluminos display.



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