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Apple's iPhone gains share in US, continues growth but slips in China

08/04, 3:08pm

Steals share from Android in US, loses ground to Chinese makers in China

Apple's iOS platform continued a streak of strong growth in both the US and China, according to new ComScore and Canalys report issued yesterday, taking share away from Android. However, while still seeing extraordinary growth in China, surges in shipments from native Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei meant that Apple was knocked to third place in Chinese market share, having briefly captured the top spot.


Another 40 US institutions add support for Apple Pay

08/04, 12:49pm

Amex corporate card support coming later this month

Another 43 US banks and credit unions are now supporting Apple Pay, according to the iPhone maker's partner website, with the total number of partners now at 465. The list does not include two new banks, HSBC and First Direct, that have recently activated support for Apple Pay with their systems, bringing the total of major UK bank chains to nine. Currently it is expected that the next country to gain Apple Pay support will be Canada, though negotiations with Chinese institutions continue.


Briefly: Amazon Echo in Staples, Amazon Prime sharing restricted

08/04, 6:49am

Staples starts selling Amazon Echo connected speaker through online store

The Amazon Echo, the network-connected speaker hosting the retailer's Alexa assistant, has gone on sale through a third-party store for the first time. Staples is offering the cylindrical speaker through its website to all customers priced at $180, the same as Amazon. So far, it can only be acquired through the Staples website, with delivery to local stores available as a shipping option, though there is still the potential to sell it from stores directly.


Apple spends $138M on 43-acre San Jose development plot

08/03, 8:09pm

Land purchase near to existing rented San Jose office space

Apple's appetite for property is increasing, with a report claiming it has acquired real estate in North San Jose that it could potentially use for even more office space. The purchase, closed last week according to recently published public records, means Apple now owns approximately 43 acres of undeveloped land in the area, with the deal for 2347 North First St. said to have cost the company slightly more than $138 million to acquire.


Analyst: iMac refresh due in third quarter with KSF-based screens

08/03, 9:20am

Boost to color saturation in iMac display panels, processor upgrades touted

Apple will be refreshing its iMac range with a selection of new processors and better displays sometime in the third quarter, among other predictions from an analyst at KGI Securities. Ming-Chi Kuo suggests the new panels will use an LED phosphor material called KSF, said to provide a significant boost to color saturation and picture quality of the display, though there appear to be some issues with some of what the analyst suggests.


Briefly: Nokia sells Here maps, Windows 10 high adoption rate

08/03, 7:05am

Nokia sells Here mapping arm to car manufacturers for $3.1B

Nokia is selling its mapping business to a collection of German car manufacturers. The Here mapping arm is being picked up by Audi, BMW, and Daimler for €2.8 billion ($3.1 billion,) with the technology likely to be used in in-car navigation systems and to help self-driving research being performed by each of the manufacturers. Despite the sale, the Here team advises that the mobile app version will still be available, as it is likely to help car-based mapping systems and other markets.


Strategy Analytics: Apple now second-biggest mobile phone maker

07/31, 2:54pm

Chinese maker Huawei overtakes Microsoft as Lumia sales drop by 50 percent

A new study by Strategy Analytics has confirmed Apple CEO Tim Cook's claim that iPhone sales were up a staggering 35 percent year-over-year, making Apple the smartphone maker with the second-highest mobile phone shipments overall, including "feature phones." The remaining-but-shrinking market for low-end smartphones and feature phones is what keeps Samsung in first, but Apple's marketshare rose to 10.9 percent share, compared to last year's 8.2 percent.


Google rebuts French global 'Right to be Forgotten' request

07/31, 2:23pm

Right to be Forgotten risks serious chilling effect online if performed globally

Google has responded to France's request for the European "Right to be Forgotten" law to be expanded to cover all Google search pages, suggesting it to be a bad idea for Internet users as a whole. French data protection regulator CNIL's formal notice for delisting of requested links has been declared by Google global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer as a "troubling development that risks serious chilling effects on the web."


Volkswagen now shipping first models with built-in CarPlay support

07/29, 8:04pm

MIB-II infotainment system also supporting Android Auto, VW app suite

As promised roughly a year after CarPlay was unveiled, German car maker Volkswagen is now shipping automobiles that include a next-generation infotainment system called MIB-II that includes support for both CarPlay and Android Auto along with its own proprietary suite of Car-Net apps, the latter of which requires a subscription. The company says that all but its entry-level models will feature the new MIB-II system.


Verizon wireline union votes to strike over possible benefit cuts

07/29, 4:22pm

Healthcare, pension cuts at heart of the labor debate

Verizon wireline workers, including telephone, cable, and FiOS service workers have voted to strike along the east coast of the US should the union see the need during the ongoing contract negotiation. Over 86 percent of the 39,000-strong workforce agreed to the strike, which could come as soon as August 1, the day the existing contract expires.


IDC: iPad still king, but market for tablets shrinking

07/29, 3:19pm

Tablets still reign in enterprise, education, but consumer market lagging

Although Apple CEO Tim Cook remains "bullish" on the future of tablets, Apple and the market generally for tablets is declining as consumers continue to favor large-screen smartphones for tablet-like functions, and as companies struggle to figure out what the replacement cycle for the still-popular devices is or should be, says research firm IDC. According to Apple, it sold 11.2 million iPads (with shipments of 10.9 million) in its fiscal third quarter, down from 13.7 million sold in the previous quarter.


AT&T rails against $100 million FCC fine for misleading customers

07/29, 11:23am

Company redefining 'unlimited' to try to escape fine

AT&T is protesting the $100 million fine it was levied by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for improperly informing unlimited wireless customers of throttling after 5GB of data is consumed in a month. Claiming that the penalty is "an unseemly effort to coerce settlement," AT&T is demanding that the FCC retract the document, and cancel the associated fee, holding AT&T liable for misleading customers.


Opinion: Yesterday's Google+ divorce -- Facebook gets the kids

07/28, 8:23am

Finally you won't be forced to have one

If you have signed up for YouTube, if you've got yourself a Gmail account, or if you have sneezed within 17 miles of a Wi-Fi hotspot, you've been given Google+. We'd say whether you wanted it or not, but did anyone actually want it? Now the service continues -- sans Google+ Photos -- but it's no longer going to be rammed in the direction of your throat. You can safely sign up for Google's more useful and popular services, and not automatically get this plastic toy in the bottom of the box.


Rumor: 10 million signed up for Apple Music in first month

07/27, 8:16pm

Numbers during free trial mean little, conversion rate yet to be seen

In only its first month, some 10 million people have signed on to give the subscription-based Apple Music a try during its three-month free trial period, according to music industry sources that allegedly reflect a figure given to them by Apple itself. While the number doesn't mean much during the free trial period, if one assumed that the number of users trying it out will grow over the summer, established rivals may have reason to worry.


Follow-up: Apple to launch 500 new resellers in India

07/27, 3:06pm

Authorized Mobility Resellers to push iPhones in 12 cities

As part of an expanded push in one of its fastest-growing markets that recently saw the company advertising for a senior government manager, the iPhone maker is now in the final stages of executing a plan to increase its available resellers to around 500 outlets. There are currently around 100 resellers already on board, and the company plans to double iPhone sales in each of the next three years.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 25: My Stupid Cat's Fault

07/27, 1:27pm

PCs outsold by iOS devices, AT&T/DirecTV merger, AAPL vs AMZN and more

Another interesting week at MacNN brings us plenty to talk about on Episode 25 of The MacNN Podcast, ranging from the FCC approval of the AT&T/DirecTV deal for no clear reason (but with a bunch of conditions), to our new column "My Stupid Fault." We also include a full report on Apple's fiscal Q3 and the uncalled-for drop in the stock, the results of our testing of Apple's new third-party SSD Trim support, and more.


Intel Skylake may offer 30 percent battery improvements over Broadwell

07/27, 12:34pm

Internal slides describe performance improvements in next Intel chip generation

Intel's upcoming 14nm Skylake line of processors will be a considerable improvement compared to current-generation Broadwell chips, according to allegedly leaked internal slides. The performance improvements between Broadwell and Skylake will see improvements in many areas, including a 30 percent longer battery life, up to 50-percent better 3D performance, and improved processor performance at lower power, making it especially ideal for notebook-based systems.


Beijing police raid counterfeit Apple iPhone maker, nine arrested

07/27, 10:18am

Android-based clones sold in US, leading to Chinese government raid

Acting on a tip from US law enforcement, Beijing police raided a factory producing fake iPhones and accessories. Nine suspects have been arrested in the scheme, which produced 41,000 fake phones and could have been worth up to $19 million in counterfeit electronics sales.


Comcast will test 10Gbps connection technology in fourth quarter

07/27, 9:13am

Market trial of DOCSIS 3.1 could lead to 10Gbps service launch

Comcast is planning to beat its major competition in the broadband speed arms race, by testing a technology that could offer 10Gbps connections later this year. Faster than the gigabit speeds of Google Fiber and even its own 2Gbps Gigabit Pro service in some areas, Comcast CEO Neil Smit advised that the cable company is going to be performing a market trial in the fourth quarter for DOCSIS 3.1 running at far higher speeds.


Apple, Nike agree to FuelBand suit settlement, Apple paying nothing

07/27, 8:32am

Suit alleged that Apple, Nike knew of FuelBand deficiencies, continued to sell

Apple and Nike have come to an agreement, potentially ending the class action suit against the pair about the Nike FuelBand. Suit BC509363 in the Superior Court of California alleged Apple and Nike of misleading customers on the tracking capability and monitoring accuracy of the Nike FuelBand in marketing materials.


Game Replay: Steam security issue, Nintendo ending TVii

07/27, 5:55am

Gaming news summary for July 27, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's later-than-scheduled edition, China lifts its console sales ban, Nintendo prepares to remove TVii from the Wii U in the United States, and Steam suffers a rare security lapse via its own support system.


US FCC approves AT&T and DirecTV merger, with significant conditions

07/24, 3:18pm

Company must grow FTTP, provide low-income broadband, among others

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has conditionally granted approval of the transfer of control of licenses and authorizations from DirecTV to AT&T. The approval will allow AT&T to acquire DirecTV and merge the two companies into one combined entity.


Report: iOS devices now outsell all Windows machines combined

07/23, 5:09pm

Wintel installed base still larger, but Apple sees expansion headroom still

Apple reached a new milestone with its most recent quarterly report, according to analyst Benedict Evans, in that the combined sales of iOS devices now match annual sales of all Windows devices made by various manufacturers. While not unexpected, the change demonstrates the changing nature of computing in the 21st century, which has become increasingly mobile-centric and cloud-dependent -- two trends that have had significant ripple effects through the entire PC industry.


Apple retains 15th place in latest Fortune Global 500 ranking

07/22, 10:00pm

Takes second place in profits, added $200B to market value

Fortune has published its annual Global 500 company rankings, again placing Apple at 15th place worldwide, behind mostly oil companies, two car companies, arch-rival Samsung, and the top choice Walmart. The survey, which analyses company performance from March to March for the magazine's "fiscal year" figures, pegged Apple's revenue at $182.8 billion, with profits at $39.5 billion -- up seven and six percent, respectively.


Report: Apple Watch captures 75 percent share, outsells all rivals

07/22, 12:42pm

Strategy Analytics estimates first-quarter shipments of four million units

One day after Apple CEO Tim Cook debunked reports that sales of the Apple Watch were slipping by saying in a conference call with analysts that in fact, June sales had outperformed both May and April -- including the original rush of pre-orders, new data from Strategy Analytics claims that not only has Apple handily stolen the crown of top smartwatch seller from Samsung in just its first full quarter, the company has outsold all rivals combined year-to-date.


YouTube subscription service will lack network TV shows

07/22, 11:36am

Existing YouTube stars tapped for new shows, exclusive content

YouTube's upcoming subscription service for normal video clips, alongside the existing version for music videos, will not include content from any major TV networks, a report claims. Instead of offering a more typical video on-demand service, including popular programs available on other paid services, the paid subscription will apparently solely rely on existing YouTube stars and the removal of advertising from its videos in order to attract customers.


Identity protection firm LifeLock accused of violating 2010 FTC order

07/22, 9:35am

Company again accused of failing to take steps to protect customer data

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today alleged that security firm LifeLock has violated a 2010 settlement with the agency and 35 state attorneys general, by continuing to make deceptive claims about its identity-theft protection services, and by failing to take steps required to protect its users' data. In documents filed with the US District Court for the District of Arizona, the FTC charged that LifeLock failed to live up to its obligations under the 2010 settlement, and asked the court to impose an order requiring LifeLock to provide full redress to all consumers affected by the company's order violations.


Analysis: China continues to be growth engine for Apple

07/21, 11:52pm

Region continues to offset normal summer sales doldrums

Although Apple's conference call with analysts on Tuesday was light on new information, a few facts and figures about China -- Apple's fastest-growing sales region by revenue, and currently buying more iPhones than the US -- came to light. In the most recent quarter, Apple's "greater China" revenues (which include Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Taiwan) jumped 112 percent from the year-ago quarter, to $13.2 billion. That's right, more than double. In a year.


Game Replay: KOTOR II: The Sith Lords on Mac, Batman patch

07/21, 10:50pm

Gaming news summary for July 21, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, a thrice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, Star Wars KOTOR II: The Sith Lords makes its way to Mac ten years after launch, Microsoft faces a class action suit over an Xbox 360 flaw, and an interim patch for Batman: Arkham Knight on PC will be coming next month.


Live Coverage: Apple fiscal year 2015 third quarter conference call

07/21, 4:25pm

Live, up to the minute breakdown of Tim Cook and company's earnings call

While we're not expecting another question about an Apple television set, that doesn't mean that we can't cover the earnings announcement anyway! Starting at 5:00 EDST, join the MacNN team for a live breakdown of figures given by Cook and company, as well as the follow-up question and answer session. The live page found here is now closed, but still available for perusal.


Major job losses expected at BlackBerry, Qualcomm

07/21, 3:20pm

Restructuring effort at Blackberry prompts more job losses

Two major employers in the tech industry are preparing to make significant cuts to its employee numbers in the near future, according to reports. BlackBerry will be shedding staff as it attempts to turn its financial fortunes around, while Qualcomm is reportedly planning to cull a considerable number of positions as part of a review of its current strategy, with up to ten percent of its workforce potentially facing the sack.


Apple, IBM unveil another 10 enterprise apps

07/21, 1:19pm

MobileFirst for iOS partnership now offers 32 vertical apps

The partnership between Apple and IBM that targets the enterprise sector continues a steady stream of new app releases, with 10 more announced on Tuesday that brings the total of the year-old partnership to 32 apps for specific industries. The latest batch include apps designed for managers, business travelers, the mortgage industry, government inspectors, and field technicians and professionals, among others.


Researchers find way to embed fingerprint reader into phone display

07/21, 11:41am

Hidden fingerprint reader could aid removal of buttons from front of smartphones

Flagship smartphones and tablets of the future may not have a visible fingerprint reader on the front of the device, if a technology from one research firm is adopted by manufacturers. Sonovation has worked out a way to bond the fingerprint sensors directly onto the underside of a smartphone's glass display, potentially allowing for a future removal of visible readers, such as the home button on more recent Touch ID-enabled iOS devices.


Verizon meets financial estimates; continues wireless, FiOS growth

07/21, 8:57am

Customer retention percentages, growth eclipse T-Mobile's

Reporting second-quarter 2015 results today, Verizon announced double-digit percentage growth in year-over-year quarterly earnings. More importantly, the company posted 1.1 million net retail postpaid connections added with customer "churn," or turnover, of 0.90 percent -- the lowest in three years. Additionally, the wireless division of the company now has 109.5 million total retail connections, with 103.7 million total retail postpaid connections.


Google, HP side with Samsung in patent battle appeal versus Apple

07/21, 8:19am

Amicus curae brief claims verdict will stifle innovation, hurt consumer choice

Silicon Valley powerhouses are giving opinions on the ongoing Apple-versus-Samsung court battles. In an amicus curae filing, Dell, Ebay, Facebook, Google, and HP are asking the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that Samsung turning over full profits of some phones found in violation of Apple patents would set a dangerous trend, and threaten the entire industry with waves of patent-infringement lawsuits which would stifle innovation, and limit choices for consumers.


Automotive executive, automated vehicle researcher joins Apple

07/21, 7:52am

Former Fiat Chrysler executive heads to Apple, possibly for rumored car project

Rumors of Apple's electric car have been boosted, courtesy of reports that it is bringing on board a senior executive from one automobile manufacturer, as well as a leading researcher in the field of automated vehicles. Doug Betts, previously the head of global quality at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, reportedly joins Apple alongside Paul Furgale, a Swiss researcher that is said to be forming a team for a confidential vehicle-related project.


Briefly: podcasts listeners prefer Apple, Watch buyers happy

07/20, 1:25pm

Podcast audience overwhelmingly on iOS, use default player

A new report by audio platform Clammr that pushes the notion that podcast listening is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream of American culture (due to popular podcasts such as Marc Maron's WTF and Welcome to Nightvale) reports that the vast majority (66 percent) of podcast listeners are on mobile devices, and that 82 percent of that audience are using iOS devices -- with 78 percent using the default Apple player.


Retail chief Ahrendts hints at new back-to-school promotion coming

07/20, 11:43am

Traditional promotion has been MIA so far this year, revamp may be in cards

Traditionally, Apple launches a Back To School promotion in the first week of July (or first week in January for Australia and New Zealand) that offers extra incentives, such as iTunes Gift Cards, on top of the usual educational discounts on hardware ranging from Macs to iPods. The program has not appeared this year, with no reply from Apple to inquiries about the state of the promotion -- but a weekly video to Apple Store staff from retail chief Dame Angela Ahrendts hints that a rethink on the Back To School idea is coming.


T-Mobile agrees to $17.5M FCC fine over national 911 outages

07/20, 7:44am

Loss of 911 service for three hours last year prompts fine, compliance plan

T-Mobile has agreed to pay a fine relating to two 911 service outages that took place last year, with the settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) costing the carrier $17.5 million. The two outages, said to be separate but related, prevented all T-Mobile customers from being able to call the emergency services for a total of three hours on August 8, potentially putting citizens at risk by being unable to get help quickly.


AMD quarterly financials bloody, next quarter not likely profitable

07/19, 2:05pm

Holiday buildup for Microsoft, Sony will help -- but not enough

At the end of last week, chip manufacturer AMD announced revenue for the second quarter of 2015 of $942 million, an operating loss of $137 million, and a net loss of $181 million, or $0.23 per share. Despite claiming that the company is on track, AMD CEO and President Dr. Lisa Su pointed responsibility for the worsening financial condition of the company on "near-term challenges in our PC processor business due to lower-than-expected consumer demand."


Apple files objection to GT Advanced financing plan post-fire

07/17, 5:46pm

Shareholders also suspicious of new moves that could foreclose on furnaces

On Friday, Apple filed an objection in bankruptcy court to a new financing plan brought forward by GT Advanced Technologies, its former partner in sapphire glass production. The new financing report from GT Advanced claims that it has to collect enough insurance money over a fire that damaged the plant Apple owns in May, to cover a $95 million loan agreement for repairs. Apple says that GT Advanced is trying to weasel out of its obligations.


WSJ: FCC plans to reject Dish's $3.3B spectrum auction discount

07/17, 1:09pm

Using smaller companies to bid said to have violated spirit of spectrum auction rules

Dish Network may have to pay the full price for its bids in January's AWS-3 spectrum auction after all, a report claims. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is said to be close to ruling over whether or not Dish is entitled to $3.3 billion in discounts for its $13.3 billion in spectrum bids, as it "violated the broad spirit of the auction's rules" by using two smaller companies instead of bidding directly.


Editorial: whatever happened to 'It Just Works?'

07/17, 7:48am

Apple's not done the very best of jobs with iTunes

The smart money said if anything were going to go wrong, it would be Beats 1: something live is automatically the most likely to fall over in some way. If someone had already taken that bet, you'd settle for guessing that massive demand would overload the streaming servers. Yet instead, the bit of the Music app and Apple Music launch that caused problems -- and continues to cause them -- is good old iTunes for OS X. We've had iTunes for nearly 15 years, and every thing else in Apple Music for a fortnight but it's iTunes for the Mac that has fallen down and can't seem to get up.


Apple reportedly working with Samsung, Carriers to adopt 'e-SIM'

07/16, 1:26pm

New e-SIM cards lets users switch carriers without changing SIMs

A new form of SIM card may be used in a future iPhone, if reports Apple is working with a mobile telecoms industry association are correct. Apple is reportedly working with the GSMA and a group of other companies in the mobile device market, including Samsung, in adopting electronic SIM cards (e-SIMs), which could allow for users to switch between carriers quickly and easily, without resorting to changing the physical SIM card.


HSBC UK supporting Apple Pay in two weeks, Morrisons takes payments

07/15, 1:34pm

HSBC confirms it will allow its UK customers to use Apple Pay in near future

HSBC will be joining the ranks of other financial institutions in supporting Apple Pay in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. While the British arm of HSBC is slow to join the rest of the banks in providing customers the ability to use Apple Pay with their account, one major supermarket in the country has spoken up, claiming Apple Pay will be usable in all of its stores and petrol stations across the UK.


Briefly: Chevron tests Apple Pay at pumps, Apple leases San Jose space

07/14, 7:20pm

NFC-based contactless systems common at gas stations outside US

Chevron has initiated outdoor, direct-at-pump payments for NFC contactless systems -- including Apple Pay -- for at least one station in San Ramon, California, and promised that a second location in Cupertino -- home of Apple -- is coming soon. The company tweeted the news in response to a customer question asking whether any stations took Apple Pay at the pump. A number of Chevron and Texaco stations support Apple Pay, but only at the cash register in-store.


Analysts: Apple sold 50 million iPhones in fiscal Q3

07/14, 3:08pm

Fortune polls Wall Street and indie analysts for latest guesstimate

As it does every quarter, a collection of analysts from traditional Wall Street as well as independent firms have been rounded up by Fortune's Philip Elmer-Dewitt to put together a consensus estimate on Apple's iPhone sales for the fiscal third quarter for the company, which ended on June 30. While results will be officially reported by Apple in a week's time, the consensus already sets a record-breaking 49.4 million units marker for the quarter.


Apple Pay goes live in the UK, lacks support of some major banks

07/14, 6:33am

NatWest, RBS, Santander among first banks supporting Apple Pay in UK launch

Just as previously rumored, Apple Pay has gone live in the United Kingdom, approximately nine months after it first launched in the United States. Usable with existing contactless payment systems in more than 250,000 retailers across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the service includes support for quite a few banks and financial institutions in the country, though there are a few notable banks missing from the initial launch list.


Report: iPhone now takes 92 percent of industry's profits

07/13, 2:00pm

Samsung profits wither, all other players take steep losses

Even thought it is thought to account for only a fifth of all smartphone shipments, a new report from Canaccord Genuity on Monday says that Apple's iPhone line now takes a whopping 92 percent of all the profits made in the industry. The new figure is up substantially from a year ago, and in likely equal parts reflects the ongoing popularity of the company's iPhone 6 line along with Samsung's recent financial problems.


Comcast Stream Internet TV service launching in Boston this summer

07/13, 12:46pm

Stream offers broadcast TV, but only on home Xfinity connection

Comcast is finally joining the ranks of PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, in providing an Internet television subscription independent of a main cable subscription. Titled Stream, the service will offer customers live TV broadcasts to watch on their choice of device, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, though unlike its main competitors, there appear to be a few snags that may cause some potential customers to look elsewhere.



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