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Pointers: Record audio from iPad and iPhone

11/27, 9:54am

Granted, it's a niche kind of need

If you have a reason to record audio from your iPad or iPhone, could you let us know? It's not that we think you're wrong, it's more that it's so rarely useful for us that we're curious about use cases. Especially now that we know how to do it. So if you have to record something from an app, say, or a phone call (respecting local laws, of course), or maybe if you have an audio recording and are struggling to get it off the iPad, here's what you need to do.


Apple reportedly switching over to OLED for iPhone panels in 2018

11/27, 7:08am

Report claims Apple likely to move to OLED for mobile devices in coming years

Apple may switch away from LCD for its iPhone displays, in favor of organic LED (OLED) panels in the future, according to a report. It is claimed Apple is considering the move in display technology starting in 2018, but while this may give potential display panel suppliers like LG and Samsung time to fine tune their manufacturing processes to cope, there is the suggestion that LCD may still end up being used in a proportion of iPhones made in that year.


The MacNN Gift Guide for the Traveler

11/26, 8:00am

Whether it's a brief hop or a long haul, you can travel in style

Every family has one member who's always on the road, either for business or personal travel. Whether it's your college-age kid backpacking around Europe, or your on-the-go brother who jet-sets to meetings around the globe. For the MacNN family, that guy is -- me. There's always a certain amount of tech we just have to bring along -- the trick is getting it all in there, yet keeping it light enough to not be a burden. In this Gift Guide, we'll take a look at some of my road-tested travel gear.


Apple enterprise marketshare recovering after annual slip

11/25, 3:36pm

New products, led by iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, provide small boost

The annual refresh cycle that this year introduced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, along with the enterprise-oriented iPad Pro, has given Apple's gently-falling enterprise marketshare a boost ahead of the holiday buying season, with the iOS platform accounting for 66 percent of enterprise device activations in the quarter ending September 30 -- a rise of two percent from the quarter before, according to new statistics from BlackBerry's Good division (formerly Good Technology).


One More Thing 14: Except in Nebraska

11/25, 9:02am

What to get the person who has everything but doesn't listen to OMT

We've been checking our lists twice, chiefly because of syncing issues, and you know how it is. Christmas expands to fill the space you have and nature abhors a news vacuum so in what continues to be a quiet week, One More Thing decks some halls. Wait, is that Christmas or Thanksgiving? It's some holiday or other and we're after celebrating all of them because it's a Grade A excuse to discuss some of the finest technology around.


Forums: iPad and Paper, iPhone, iPhoto and more

11/25, 5:49am

iPad and Paper, iPhone, iPhoto and more

This week in the MacNN forums, members discussed topics ranging from using the iPad with the Paper app to problems importing photos to an iPhone. This week the conversation continued in a thread titled "How to use Paper on iPad" which delves into the topic of using the iPad to create digital art.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 42: the most beautiful one in our history

11/23, 11:01pm

Hand-crafted with rich Corinthian voices for extreme effect

Episode 42 is, first and foremost, a gorgeous-sounding episode. It features Mike and Charles, a good connection, and a fair amount to talk about even in a slow news week. As is the norm with these two, they wander around to various topics, but among the things that are for sure discussed in the repairability (or rather, the lack of it) in the Apple Pencil (and whether anyone should care), what's up with, and more.


Briefly: 100M iPhones in US, $1B in sales in India

11/19, 6:00pm

Nearly one in three Americans owns an iPhone, study finds

A new study (PDF) by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) claims that as of the end of September, more than 101 million iPhones were in use in the United States, a ratio approaching one iPhone for every three Americans. The study further found that of that number, 62 million units -- were recent models from either this year or last. The majority, 58 million, are 2014's iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, with only four million of the latest model sold in the US in the first weekend of availability before the end of the September quarter.


Gartner: Apple rises, Samsung drops in worldwide phone share

11/18, 5:43pm

Apple nearing half Samsung shipments as Android leader stumbles

The latest report by analyst firm Gartner shows Apple's iOS platform increasing its worldwide share to 13.1 percent in the September quarter, an increase in percentage points of 0.6 year-over-year, while Samsung's larger share slipped 0.2 points to 23.7 percent. Though the Android platform as a whole continues to be dominant worldwide -- growing 1.4 percent over the past year to 84.7 percent share -- the rise is seen as having mostly come from Windows Phone losses.


JAMF launches free Casper iPad Pro management software trial

11/18, 3:51pm

Apple device management software veterans JAMF extends support to iPad Prop

JAMF Software is making a push to make owners of Apple's iPad Pro aware of its Casper Suite software offerings, and the company is doing so by offering a free trial subscription for owners of Apple's larger iPad. JAMF's new offer includes a free six-month, cloud-based subscription to JAMF's Casper Suite, which has zero-day support for iOS 9, Apple's Volume Purchase Program, and the Device Enrollment Program. 


What's in your Tech Bag -- Mike Wuerthele

11/17, 2:53pm

I think I've said 'you go to war with what you have' a dozen times to staff

Part three of our "What's in your Tech Bag" series is upon us, and it falls to me next to go over my essentials. Here's the thing: because of life circumstances and care taking obligations, I don't get out much. When I do, its generally some sort of crisis involving a technological repair, and I'm rolling heavy with tools and gear specifically for the gig, with one knick-knack for inspiration. We're in luck, though, I've got a recently packed bag to show you.


Canaccord: Apple now taking 94 percent of smartphone profits

11/16, 11:34pm

Samsung plummets to 11 percent as all other manufacturers continue losses

In the latest report from Canaccord Genuity, Apple is now taking 94 percent of profits in the smartphone sector, with archrival Samsung gaining only 11 percent of the profits (numbers add up to more than 100 due to accounting for losses by the other manufacturers). Although actual final sales to consumers of smartphones are difficult to judge from companies other than Apple, shipments in the September quarter totalled more than 320 million units, of which just 14.5 percent were iPhones.


Apple CEO talks diversity, health products, UK Apple Pay

11/12, 1:04pm

Cook's European tour a busy mix of meetings, appearances

On a European tour ostensibly to promote the new iPad Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook has had a variety of meetings -- ranging from his usual unannounced appearances at Apple Stores to meeting with the finance chief of the UK to a speech to students at an Italian university. With the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Cook wanted the government to help speed up adoption of mobile payments; in various UK newspaper interviews, he hinted at further health products, and in Italy, he waxed reminiscent on his own schooldays.


Apple to build R&D facility in Indonesia for iPhone projects

11/12, 11:04am

Move satisfies rule that foreign phones must have percentage of domestic parts

The government of Indonesia has approved an Apple proposal to build a research and development facility in the country, a move that will allow Apple to comply with a government rule that at least 30 percent of components in foreign-made smartphones must be produced within the country. The government allows companies to interpret "components" as either hardware, software, or development, allowing Apple a way to obey the law without having to alter the iPhones.


Hands On: AirServer (PC/Mac)

11/11, 10:17am

Stream video directly from your iPhone and iPad to your computer

Have you ever wondered how so many people have figured out how to record their iPad and iPhone screen? Have you ever wanted to walk a group of people through a new app? Are you a developer looking to make a quick tutorial on how to use their app? Never fear, we've found a super quick, super easy way to do all these things, by utilizing an app called AirServer.


Hands On: Cosmos - Infinite Space 1.0 (iOS)

11/04, 12:07pm

Arcade shooter offers up classic nostalgic gameplay

If you grew up playing arcade games through the 1980s and 1990s, you probably spent a fair amount of time flying through space, shooting enemy spaceships and saving the day. These sort of shooters may not be as prominent today, but thanks to mobile gaming they've seen a surprising comeback. Today, we bring you a shooter that feels like it would be equally at home in an arcade cabinet as it would be in your iPhone: Cosmos - Infinite Space.


Apple releases OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2, tvOS betas to developers

11/03, 1:47pm

Beta version for new Apple TV requires USB-C to USB-A adapter

On Tuesday, Apple released new developer betas of OS X 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2 (both the second betas to be released), as well as a first beta of tvOS, which is presumably numbered v9.1. The new iOS beta comes two weeks after the initial public release of iOS 9.1, and one week after the first beta. The OS X beta, build 15C31f does not mark any changes but continues to ask developers to focus on several key areas. The tvOS beta will require developers to have a new Apple TV as well as USB-C to USB-A adapter in order to install it from a Mac -- the Apple TV itself has no downloading capability for beta releases.


Hacking team reportedly wins $1M for browser-based iOS 9.1 jailbreak

11/03, 6:53am

Unpublished iOS 9.1 exploit may be sold to government agencies

An unpublished jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 beta that works within the browser has allegedly been created, but is unlikely to be seen by the general public at all. Zerodium, an "exploit acquisition platform" that buys and sells methods to get around the security of operating systems and other software, claims its iOS 0-day bounty has been won by one hacking team, earning the creators of the exploit $1 million.


Facebook orders product team members to switch from iOS to Android

11/02, 5:56pm

Employees changing from iPhone to Android aids Facebook development

Some Facebook employees are being ordered to switch from using an iPhone to an Android smartphone, for the sake of the social network's development, according to a report. Chief product officer Chris Cox has apparently told members from his team to change their mobile devices, in order for the team to go through what the social network users interact with on a daily basis for themselves and in theory helping to improve related services.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 39: bag full of Werther's

11/02, 3:09pm

Through fire and flames, we delivered the podcast anyhow

After an attack of the Halloween gremlins in staffers' hardware, Episode 39 is ready for your listening pleasure! Mike bowed out, as his hardware ate itself, but join an especially acoustically-challenged and gallivanting Charles, with amazingly stable and problem-free cohort Malcolm, as they chat for a bit over an hour about Apple's fight against extracting data from a suspect's phone, the new Apple TV, and Amazon's purge of the Chromecast and Apple TV from its shelves.


Hands On: JimmyCase iPhone Wallet Case

11/02, 7:46am

Phone case proves sometimes the most simple solutions are best

We hate carrying a lot of things in our pockets. Keys, phone, wallet -- after a while, it just becomes physically uncomfortable and looks pretty sloppy as well. Why not have your iPhone work double duty? That's why we snagged a JimmyCase, an iPhone case that allows your phone to act as a wallet.


Briefly: Apple Watch promotion, iPad Pro debuting Nov. 11?

11/01, 1:12pm

Apple launches limited discount on Apple Watch in CA, MA stores

For a limited time, new iPhone buyers can receive a $50 discount on the Apple Watch Sport or regular models at select stores. The company is trying to incentivize buyers into picking up both devices at the same time with the small price break, though the fact that the promotional offer is only available for a limited time and only in a handful of stores in the Bay Area in California and in Boston, Massachusetts suggests that the program is a pilot for a possible national sale in time for the holidays.


Request for Apple to bypass iPhone security dropped by guilty plea

10/30, 12:08pm

DOJ no longer asking to force Apple to unlock iPhone in drug case

Apple is no longer under pressure from the Justice Department and a New York District Court for refusing to extract data from a suspect's iPhone 5s, as the defendant in the case has pleaded guilty. Jung Feng has admitted guilt on three counts related to the distribution of methamphetamine, effectively negating the need for the DOJ to try and coerce Apple into breaking its own iOS security to help the government with its case.


Apple stops signing iOS 9.0.2 following 9.1 release

10/30, 9:50am

Move prevents downgrading, blocks further jailbreak exploits

As per usual, Apple has now stopped signing code for the most recent previous release of iOS 9, version 9.0.2, as a security measure. The move also effectively blocks users from downgrading to the previous version, which may be needed for jailbreaking. In addition to bug fixes and security updates, iOS 9.1 also introduced several new features, such as support for Unicode 8 and subsequent new emojis, along with the Live Photos feature for owners of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.


Paragon Software announces new USB Storage SDK for iOS and Android

10/28, 9:02am

SDK adds file structure flexibility to connected devices for developers

Paragon Software on Monday announced the release of new software development kits for Android and iOS aimed at making it easier for app developers to add USB storage capabilities to their offerings. The company's new UFSD software development kits are available for iPhones going back three years and for Android devices as early as Android 3.0. 


Apple sells 48 million iPhones in Q4; Macs, strong, iPads declining

10/27, 5:22pm

Macs hit all-time sales record of 5.7 million, Apple Watch growing

In today's quarterly results call for the company's fiscal fourth quarter, Apple revealed it had sold 48 million iPhones, a record for Q4. Strong sales in China and other developing regions helped boost the numbers, along with a short period of availability of the company's newest iPhones, the 6s and 6s Plus. Macs also set an all-time sales record of 5.7million units sold. The Mac figure was all the more remarkable given that the PC industry in general has seen an 11 percent decline.


Judge likens forced iPhone unlock to mandated execution drug supply

10/27, 2:34pm

Controversial parallel between phone unlock and lethal injection made

The judge at the head of the iPhone unlocking controversy court hearings has upped the ante somewhat. In arguments Monday, Judge James Orenstein said that forcing Apple to extract data from a suspect's iPhone 5s would be tantamount to forcing a pharmaceutical company to provide drugs for executions against company mandate.


New predictions paint optimistic picture for Apple Q4

10/27, 1:00pm

Consensus aiming to top upper end of Apple's guidance

A new forecast from analysts and a late prediction from investment firm Cowen and Company have combined to move the needle slightly upwards in terms of the optimism of guesses on Apple's earnings for its fiscal Q4 quarter, which will be reported later today (MacNN will, of course, have live coverage). Compared to a recent polling of analysts by Fortune magazine, the new consensus rises just over the top of Apple's guidance, now at $51 billion in revenue.


Apple's iPhone reclaims top spot in China market

10/27, 10:57am

Samsung falls as local manufacturers compete with Apple

Hours before Apple reveals is fiscal Q4 quarterly results, Counterpoint Research has revealed a new study showing that Apple has retaken the top spot in China's smartphone market, selling seven million units last month to take the title back for the first time since February, and outpacing its previous top monthly sales by more than three million units. Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi will keep pressure on, however, though Samsung's presence in the market has plummeted.


Apple ad blitz for iPhone 6s line continues with celebs

10/26, 11:41am

Actor Jaime Foxx, athlete Steph Curry appear in latest TV ads

Apple's ad campaign for the iPhone 6s line has continued with three new TV ads released this weekend, continuing the "only thing that's changed is everything" theme and expanding the role of actor Jamie Foxx, who had a brief cameo in an ad released earlier this month. The earlier ads focused on the new abilities of the iPhone's 3D Touch feature, currently a true distinguishing feature from other smartphones. The latest ads feature Foxx interacting with Siri, and highlighting the iPhone's new cameras.


Giveaway: Three days left to win an iPhone 6s from MacNN Deals

10/26, 9:17am

Competition to win an iPhone 6s open for just three more days

If you want to own an iPhone 6s without paying for it, you haven't got long left to enter the MacNN Deals giveaway. After being extended by a week, there are now only three days left to take part through our own store, which will provide one lucky winner with the 16GB version of Apple's smartphone worth $650, with the winner also able to select the back cover color of their device.


US DOJ: Apple lacks legal standing to refuse iPhone unlock order

10/23, 1:12pm

Defendant, iPhone model named in federal counter-filing

A federal filing has shed some light on the court matter involving Apple's unwillingness to unlock an iPhone 5s owner's phone running iOS 7. The filing, made yesterday, points out the suspect's name, as well as device type, and notes that Apple has had no problem unlocking devices with court order in the past. Additionally, the US attorneys claim that Apple has no legal standing to decline the search warrant on the basis of tarnishing the brand of the company.


Review: iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, part two

10/23, 8:53am

Looking at the camera, Touch ID, battery life, and more

In the previous part of this comprehensive review of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, we took a look at the two devices' design and build quality, the stunning new 3D Touch display technology, the complementing Taptic Engine, and overall performance compared to the previous year's models. In this second part, we'll cover the new second-generation Touch ID, the battery life of the devices, the connectivity, and take a look at the built-in apps and of course the lifeblood of the entire product, iOS 9. We'll start off today with one of the iPhone's signature features: its incredible, envelope-pushing cameras.


Analyst consensus: iPhones sales grew 24 percent in fiscal Q4

10/22, 5:58pm

Predictions of nearly 49 million units ahead of Christmas buying season

Apple will announce its fiscal Q4 results for the quarter that ended on September 30 this coming Tuesday, October 27, and ahead of that Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt has again rounded up some Wall Street and independent analysts and collected their respective guesses on how many iPhones Apple sold -- for most analysts, nearly the only Apple sales number that matters. The result is that the pundits believe Apple will have yet another record quarter, with sales up 24 percent year-over-year.


Apple patent application reveals system to protect device displays

10/22, 1:51pm

Retracting bumpers could engage during a fall to protect phone screen

Smartphone displays may become better protected in the future, if Apple puts into production an idea revealed in a recently-published patent application. The "Active Screen Protection for Electronic Device" application suggests a way for a display to avoid being cracked or smashed in the event of a drop or a hard knock, by triggering the appearance of retractable bumpers around the screen that takes the force of the impact instead of the glass.


Sprint ships Continuity-style Wi-Fi Calling following iOS 9.1 update

10/22, 9:54am

Sprint subscribers able to make calls on other iOS devices using Wi-Fi Calling

The upgrade to iOS 9.1 brought more than bug fixes for iPhone owners subscribed to Sprint, with a major alteration to the carrier's existing Wi-Fi Calling service adding more functionality. The carrier has enabled an enhanced version that offers Continuity-style features for calls, namely the ability to make and receive phone calls on another Apple product using the same Apple ID, including the Apple Watch, iPads, and Macs.


Full review: Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, part 1

10/22, 7:10am

Apple revolutionizes mobile UI with iPhone 6s 3D Touch

Since its introduction in 2007, the Apple iPhone has always been considered the benchmark by which all other smartphones are judged. It provided the clearest and most visionary articulation of where mobile technology was headed, but in a shipping product years ahead of its time. It achieved this by a marriage of hardware, software and ecosystem, that has evolved beyond imagination over the past several years. The arrival of each new iPhone always heralds what's next in meaningful new technology, and the new iPhone 6s models are no exception. In fact, in some ways, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are the most exciting new iPhones since the original iPhone. Read the first part of our full review of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to see what has got us so hyped up.


The MacNN Podcast, episode 37: 'Podcast does whaaat?'

10/20, 3:00am

This episode dedicated to the memory of Gary Allen and ifoAppleStore

Yet again, time to set aside an hour and check out the latest episode of The MacNN Podcast, where we geek out about new shiny things from Apple and wonder about the old shiny things, and lament the shiny things that aren't here anymore. From the sadness of saying goodbye to a serious Apple fan to the joy of watching those hilarious new PC commercials, Charles and Mike (and special guest stars William and Malcolm from One More Thing) debrief you on the week in tech.


Apple's iPhone 6s line sells out in 30 minutes in Korea

10/19, 7:10pm

Nearly-instant sellout comes as rivals drop prices, issue new versions

Even two new price cuts from Korea-based manufacturers Samsung and LG could not stop the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus from selling out within minutes on Monday as pre-orders opened for the two latest iPhones on all three of the country's major carriers. All three were assumed to have the same allotment -- 50,000 units each -- though Korea Telecom opened up a second round of reservations later in the day after blowing through its first 50,000 units within 10 minutes.


Giveaway Extension: Win an iPhone 6s from MacNN Deals

10/19, 8:41am

Competition to win an iPhone 6s now open for an extra week

If you wanted to take part in our giveaway to win an iPhone 6s from our own MacNN Deals, you've been given more time to enter, if you haven't done so already. The Competition from our own deals store was originally set to end on Wednesday, but since it has been extended by an extra week, you can now enter the contest anytime until the evening of October 28 to try and get that prize.


Apple Auto: Sync upgrade adds Eyes Free, Pandora for CarPlay

10/16, 8:48pm

Second-generation Sync systems gain Siri Eyes Free after v3.8 update

A new software update for older Ford vehicles from 2011 onwards with the second-generation Sync system installed has added support for Siri Eyes Free, Apple's control and command technology designed for automobile use. Once the version 3.8 software update has been installed (which typically takes about a half-hour), "Siri Eyes Free can be activated by pressing and holding the voice button for at least 3 seconds," the company says.


Pointers: using new Magic gear (or other stuff) with older Macs

10/16, 3:37pm

When you can, and when you can't, teach an old Mac new tricks

Today's Pointers is sort of a two-fer on the broad topic of using new gear with older Macs (and by "older," we mean four years or older). We'll talk specifically about the inspiration for this column, the new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 -- but we'll also talk about other types of things you may want to connect to an older Mac, such as new iPhones or iPads, printers, scanners, and other gadgets. Broadly, our advice is "approach with caution," but it can often be done -- with a little bit of important prep work.


Apple will delay iPhone 6s, 6s Plus debut in Turkey over terror attack

10/14, 2:57pm

CEO Cook tweets condolences after bombing kills 97 in capital city

Following an attack thought to be launched by the terror group Islamic State against Kurds in Turkey which left 97 dead in the country's worst-ever terror attack, Apple has confirmed that it will delay the planned October 16 launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the country, and has tentatively pushed the launch back to October 23, though it is unclear if the company will stick to that, as tensions in the country continue to run high. Separately, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a message of condolence following the attack earlier this week.


Pangu team releases first untethered jailbreak for iOS 9

10/14, 11:35am

First iOS 9 jailbreak surfaces weeks after operating system ships

Pangu, a team known for its tools used to jailbreak iPhones, has released what is believed to be the first public untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. Usable on iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch running the current generation of Apple's mobile operating system, the jailbreak tool allows device owners to bypass Apple's own App Store and associated security processes, in order to install apps from third-party stores, such as Cydia.


Giveaway: Win an Apple iPhone 6s with MacNN Deals

10/13, 8:14am

MacNN Deals is giving away a new iPhone 6s in your choice of color

Are you someone who wants to own the latest Apple smartphone, but don't want to go through the upgrade process with your carrier, nor want to pay the off-contract cost? A competition on our own MacNN Deals is offering you the chance to win an iPhone 6s in your choice of color, but you have to be quick to enter as there are only nine days left to take part.


India retailer Croma launching Apple-blessed store-in-a-store program

10/12, 4:04pm

Locations retain same design language, personnel trained by Apple

Apple has launched a pilot program in India, which will bring the store-in-a-store concept to consumer electronics chain Croma. The design identity of the locations will remain the same as in the US locations, and the personnel will be trained by Apple, a departure from the franchise model currently used in the country.


NY Judge asks Apple why unlocking iPhones is 'unduly burdensome'

10/12, 10:44am

Judge historically an advocate for requiring warrant for digital searches

In an attempt to kickstart the discussion about the recent trend of device manufacturers being unable to unlock devices, Magistrate Judge James Orenstein has declared that he will probably not order Apple to unlock a suspect's device, but needs some answers from Apple first. As part of his statement, the judge is asking why it would be "unduly burdensome" for the Cupertino manufacturer to unlock the pre-iOS 8 iPhone.


Briefly: SIM-free iPhone sales start, iOS 9 up to 60 percent adoption

10/09, 12:22pm

Users can now buy factory-unlocked, no-plan iPhone 6s, 6s Plus units in US

As usual, following a month of carrier exclusivity, Apple has now begun selling factory-unlocked, SIM-free versions of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus at full retail price. The units have the advantage of allowing users to pick more customized plans that suit their needs, or change carriers at will, as well as be used in nearly any country globally with local providers. Broadly speaking, buying an unlocked iPhone outright is also generally the least expensive option in terms of total cost of ownership and highest resell value.


Forums: iPhone 6s, Apple TV and more.

10/09, 11:49am

Forums: iPhone 6s, Apple TV and more.

With more iPhone 6s models in the hands of our forum goers, the discussion continues this week in the MacNN forums about this most recent update to the iPhone. Mac Elite "SierraDragon" asked earlier this week if there are "any expectations as to when we may be able to purchase the new Apple TV" with some saying possibly as early as the end of the month.


Apple rolling out new iPhones, Apple Watch to more countries soon

10/08, 7:54pm

Company plans to hit ambitious 130-country goal by end of 2015

A range of new countries will be getting the either the Apple Watch or the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for the first time across the month of October, part of Apple's plan to have the devices in as many countries as possible ahead of the holiday buying season this quarter. The company previously said it intends to have the new iPhones available in 130 countries by the end of the year. The Apple Watch is on a different and likely less-ambitious timetable, but Apple is bringing it to many new markets as well.



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